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How objective are scientists about their research, given their political views?

Hot Air linked to this Pew Research poll about the beliefs and attitudes of researchers in the scientific fields.


More than half of the scientists surveyed (55%) say they are Democrats, compared with 35% of the public. Fully 52% of the scientists call themselves liberals; among the public, just 20% describe themselves as liberals. Many of the scientists surveyed mentioned in their open-ended comments that they were optimistic about the Obama administration’s likely impact on science.

For its part, the public does not perceive scientists as a particularly liberal group. When asked whether they think of scientists as liberal, conservative or neither in particular, nearly two-thirds (64%) choose the latter option. Just 20% say they think of scientists as politically liberal. However, a majority of scientists (56%) do see members of their profession as liberal.

Most scientists had heard at least a little about claims that government scientists were not allowed to report research findings that conflicted with the Bush administration’s point of view. And the vast majority (77%) says that these claims are true. By contrast, these claims barely registered with the public – more than half heard nothing at all about this issue. Only about a quarter of the public (28%) said they thought the claims were true.

Both scientists and the public overwhelmingly say it is appropriate for scientists to become active in political debates about such issues as nuclear power or stem cell research. Virtually all scientists (97%) endorse their participation in debates about these issues, while 76% of the public agrees.

I think it helps to make the point I was making earlier about the fraudulent science used to support global warming and Darwinian evolution. Many scientists have an agenda. They get paid by the government. The bigger government is, the better they get paid. Therefore, many are Democrats. Scientists tend to be biased in favor of material entities and explanations. Morality is non-material. Scientists therefore tend to resent the idea that moral claims are knowledge. They prefer to have autonomy from non-material moral rules. Therefore, many are atheists.

There are some dissenters of course. But these are rare.

Economist Thomas Sowell explains the housing boom and bust

My favorite living economist!

The links below will take you to streaming videos.

  • Part 1 (7 minutes) The economics of the housing boom.
  • Part 2 (6 minutes) The politics of the housing boom.
  • Part 3 (6 minutes) The origins and unique features of the housing bust.
  • Part 4 (6 minutes) The pitfalls of New Deal thinking.
  • Part 5 (9 minutes) The economic proposals of the Obama administration.

Thanks to ECM for notifying me about these videos!

About Thomas Sowell

Thomas Sowell has studied and taught economics, intellectual history, and social policy at institutions that include Cornell, UCLA, and Amherst. Now a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, Sowell has published more than a dozen books. His latest book is The Housing Boom and Bust.

Full bio is here.

Why don’t thoughtful Christians vote for Democrats?

Over at 4Simpsons, Neil takes a United Church minister to task for upholding the policies of the Democrats. I thought it was a great summary of why Christians should not be voting for the Democrats. We cannot live authentic Christian lives when our money is taken from us and spent by a secular-leftist state that has no sympathy for our Christian goals and ideals.

We need to keep our own money, have a choice of employers, a choice of service providers, and our fundamental freedoms must be secured by unbiased courts that strictly interpret the law. At a minimum, I need to be able to choose how my children are educated. I will not marry or have children if the state is going to confiscate my money and indoctrinate my children.

Anyway, here is Neil’s post, and I’ll cite you an excerpt.

No, Democrats support socialism and job and wealth destroying policies.  Some of them have good intentions but know nothing about history, economics or basic human nature.

Democrats support unrestricted destruction of the “least of these,” the unborn.

Democrats ignore the incredible success of the United States and capitalism, which has done more to lift people out of poverty than any other -ism.

Highly recommended, especially the last paragraph. There is only one group of people that can cause me to become upset, and it is fake Christians who are lazy, ignorant and cowardly.