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Why do law-abiding Americans insist on owning guns?

I’m not originally from the United States, and when I go back home to visit, one of the questions that I get asked a lot is “why do Americans own so many guns?” So in this post, I wanted to look at some stories from the United States about crime and gun violence and see why so many Americans own guns.

My favorite writer on these issues is Amy Swearer, who writes for the Daily Signal. I find that her articles are useful for explaining to people who don’t own guns, or want to ban guns, why it might be a good idea to own a gun, and to know how to use it.

The first article to see is a review of 10 examples of defensive gun use from April 2022.

She writes:

Almost every major study on the issue has found that Americans use their firearms in self-defense between 500,000 and 3 million times annually, according to the most recent report on the subject by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The examples below represent only a small portion of the news stories on defensive gun use that we found in March. You may explore more by using The Heritage Foundation’s interactive Defensive Gun Use Database.

Here are a couple of the examples:

  • March 4, Longview, Texas: A woman armed with a rifle shot and wounded a man who forced his way inside her home, police said. The woman had told the man—who neighbors say had a history of criminally trespassing in area homes—to get off her porch. But he refused and tried to smash in her sliding glass door with his fist, according to police, who arrested the wounded man. The county sheriff praised the woman’s actions as “an excellent example of the importance of our Second Amendment.”
  • March 22, Orlando, Florida: A female veteran working as an Uber driver arrived at a customer’s pick-up location and saw him physically assaulting his girlfriend, police said. The driver decided to give them a ride despite the man’s violent actions because she didn’t want to leave the girlfriend alone with her assailant. When the couple got into the car, the man passed out drunk in the back seat while the Uber driver spoke with the girlfriend. When the man woke up and assaulted both his girlfriend and the driver, police said, the driver stopped the car and demanded that he get out. The driver shot and wounded the man after he shoved his girlfriend to the ground and advanced on the driver in a threatening manner.

It’s especially important for people living in blue cities or blue states to arm themselves, because the police forces in these areas have had their budgets slashed by Democrats. “Defund the police” sounds so good, but it just gets a lot of peaceful, law-abiding people killed.

And here is one from March 2022:

  • Feb. 9, Portland: A homeowner had started his car remotely from inside his house when he realized that someone was trying to break into the car, police said. Wielding a firearm, the homeowner confronted the would-be thief and held him at gunpoint while his wife called police.

Like Amy said, the use of guns defensively happens many, many times in America. But in cities that have strict gun laws, like Chicago, Washington D.C., Baltimore, and BUFFALO, criminals can run wild. No one in blue states can stop them except the police, and the police have been defunded and defanged by the secular left.

The peer-reviewed research

Whenever I get into discussions about gun control, I always mention two academic books by John R. Lott and Joyce Lee Malcolm.

The book by economist John Lott, linked above, compares the crime rates of all U.S. states that have enacted concealed carry laws, and concludes that violent crime rates dropped after law-abiding citizens were allowed to carry legally-owned firearms. That’s the mirror image of Dr. Malcolm’s Harvard study, which shows that the 1997 UK gun ban caused violent crime rates to MORE THAN DOUBLE in the four years following the ban. But both studies affirm the same conclusion – more legal firearm ownership means less crime.

One of the common mistakes I see anti-gun advocates making is to use the metric of all “gun-related deaths”. First of all, this completely ignores the effects of hand gun ownership on violent crime, as we’ve seen. Take away the guns from law-abiding people and violent crime skyrockets. But using the “gun-related deaths” number is especially wrong, because it includes suicides committed with guns. This is the majority (about two thirds) of gun related deaths, even in a country like America that has a massive inner-city gun violence problem caused by the epidemic of single motherhood by choice. If you take out the gun-related SUICIDES, then the actual number of gun homicides has decreased as gun ownership has grown.

For a couple of useful graphs related to this point, check out this post over at the American Enterprise Institute.

Knight and Rose Show – Episode 5: Strategies for Making More Effective Christians, Part 2

Welcome to episode 5 of the Knight and Rose podcast! Last week, we talked about some ways for churches to build more effective Christians. In today’s episode, we continue our discussion. If you like this episode, please subscribe to the podcast, and subscribe to our new Youtube channel. We would really appreciate it if you left us a 5-star review on Apple iTunes / Apple Podcasts.

Podcast description:

Christian apologists Wintery Knight and Desert Rose discuss apologetics, policy, culture, relationships, and more. Each episode equips you with evidence you can use to boldly engage anyone, anywhere. We train our listeners to become Christian secret agents. Action and adventure guaranteed. 30-45 minutes per episode. New episode every week.

Episode 5:

Episode 5 Summary:

Last week, Wintery Knight and Desert Rose started discussing strategies for building effective Christians. This episode completes the discussion. We talked about normal Christian life, especially about not always being “nice”, and about expecting discomfort and opposition. We talked about having a mission. We talked about having integrity at school and at work. We talk about growing by watching debates and reading good books. We made fun of popular Christian books.

Speaker biographies

Wintery Knight is a black legal immigrant. He is a senior software engineer by day, and an amateur Christian apologist by night. He has been blogging at since January of 2009, covering news, policy and Christian worldview issues.

Desert Rose did her undergraduate degree in public policy, and then worked for a conservative Washington lobbyist organization. She also has a graduate degree from a prestigious evangelical seminary. She is active in Christian apologetics as a speaker, author, and teacher.


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How the Biden administration Democrats used woke evangelicals to lie to churches

Megan Basham is an evangelical Christian writer who has gotten my attention by her challenges to anti-conservative evangelicals, such as David French, Russell Moore, Tim Keller, etc. She’s written some amazing articles for the Daily Wire, but her latest is the most important one yet. In it, she talks about how Biden Democrats used woke evangelicals to spread propaganda to conservative churches.

Here’s the article:

In September, Wheaton College dean Ed Stetzer interviewed National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins on his podcast, “Church Leadership” about why Christians who want to obey Christ’s command to love their neighbors should get the Covid vaccine and avoid indulging in misinformation.

[…] Stetzer is… the executive director of the Billy Graham Center and the editor-in-chief of Outreach media group. He was previously an editor at Christianity Today and an executive director at LifeWay, one of the largest religious publishers in the world. That’s to say nothing of the dozen-plus books on missions and church planting he’s authored.

During their discussion, Collins and Stetzer were hardly shy about the fact that they were asking ministers to act as the administration’s go-between with their congregants. “I want to exhort pastors once again to try to use your credibility with your flock to put forward the public health measures that we know can work,” Collins said. Stetzer replied that he sometimes hears from ministers who don’t feel comfortable preaching about Covid vaccines, and he advises them, in those cases, to simply promote the jab through social media.

“I just tell them, when you get vaccinated, post a picture and say, ‘So thankful I was able to get vaccinated,’” Stetzer said. “People need to see that it is the reasonable view.”

[…]Stetzer… ended the podcast by announcing that the Billy Graham Center would be formally partnering with the Biden administration. Together with the NIH and the CDC it would launch a website,, to provide clergy Covid resources they could then convey to their congregations.

Much earlier in the pandemic, as an editor at evangelicalism’s flagship publication, Christianity Today (CT), Stetzer had also penned essays parroting Collins’ arguments on conspiracy theories. Among those he lambasted other believers for entertaining, the hypothesis that the coronavirus had leaked from a Wuhan lab. In a now deleted essay, preserved by Web Archive, Stetzer chided, “If you want to believe that some secret lab created this as a biological weapon, and now everyone is covering that up, I can’t stop you.”

Only two days before Stetzer published his essay, Collins participated in a livestream event, co-hosted by CT. The outlet introduced him as a “follower of Jesus, who affirms the sanctity of human life” despite the fact that Collins is on record stating he does not definitively believe, as most pro-lifers do, that life begins at conception, and his tenure at NIH has been marked by extreme anti-life, pro-LGBT policies. (More on this later).

Megan has a lot more to say about other pious, charismatic useful idiots in the article.

Joe Carter

Here’s Joe Carter, who writes for the woke evangelical publication “The Gospel Coalition”:

Certainly The Gospel Coalition, a publication largely written for and by pastors, didn’t probe beyond the “facts” Collins’ offered or consider any conflicts of interest the NIH director might have had before publishing several essays that cited him as almost their lone source of information. As with CT, one article by Gospel Coalition editor Joe Carter linked the reasonable hypothesis that the virus might have been human-made with wilder QAnon fantasies. It then lectured readers that spreading such ideas would damage the church’s witness in the world.

Joe Carter has been far-left for some time. Another person who climbed the church hierarchy through piety and charisma, but doesn’t know anything about the real world.

Russell Moore

If you’re looking for the truth about how to handle a virus, you won’t get it from a pious, charismatic pastor:

[T]he Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), an organization funded by churches in the Southern Baptist Convention, the largest Protestant denomination in the U.S.

While a webinar featuring Collins and then-ERLC-head Russell Moore largely centered, again, on the importance of pastors convincing church members to get vaccinated, the discussion also moved on to the topic of masks. With Moore nodding along, Collins held up a basic, over-the-counter cloth square, “This is not a political statement,” he asserted. “This is not an invasion of your personal freedom…This is a life-saving medical device.”

You can read more about this in the latest announcement from the Centers for Disease Control. I’ve talked about Russell Moore often on this blog. I’m not sure how someone this far to the left was able to climb to the top rungs of the Southern Baptist hierarchy.

Tim Keller

Megan writes:

Former megachurch pastor Tim Keller’s joint interview with Collins included a digression where the pair agreed that churches like John MacArthur’s, which continued to meet in-person despite Covid lockdowns, represented the “bad and ugly” of good, bad, and ugly Christian responses to the virus.

Haven’t paid any attention to him recently because of his views on evolution, socialism, and critical race theory.

Hugh Ross

Although I am an old-Earth creationist like Hugh Ross, I was surprised to see him endorse a pro-abortion, pro-LGBT theistic evolutionist like Francis Collins:

Hugh Ross Francis Collins
Hugh Ross loves Francis Collins

I don’t think anyone would call Hugh Ross a very politically-aware person, but this was ridiculous. Francis Collins isn’t automatically a good person just because he has elite degrees and political power. Elite degrees and political power are great, but they don’t automatically make you a good Christian. Hugh Ross has never been very intelligent about policy or politics. He was careless about Collins and it is a huge mistake.

Further reading

If you don’t know much about Francis Collins, you should read this article about him from Evolution News. They go over his record on abortion, experimenting on aborted babies, LGBT activism and theistic evolution.

Oh, and here are some other names Megan names in a tweet:

D. French is David French, who used to write for National Review, which has also lurched to the left.

Please don’t listen to these people. They’re wolves.