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Ottawa-Carleton District School Board wants to know children’s sexual orientation

From Mercator Net. (H/T Ruth Blog)


A former Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau, once famously quipped: “The state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation.”

Unless, it would seem, the “nation” means schoolchildren ages 12-17, and the “state” is local school board bureaucrats and/or the provincial Ministry of Education. The Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (Ontario, Canada) plans to issue a survey which asks, among other things, for children to disclose their gender (four choices) and sexual orientation (nine choices). Proponents claim the survey is voluntary, but rather than requiring parental permission for the survey to be administered, the onus is on parents to opt out in writing (by Nov. 19), if they do not wish their child to participate.

[…]Although the survey is touted as being anonymous, each form is tagged with a code that can be traced back to the individual child, and, by extension, his or her family. Critics wonder what kind of inferences will be drawn, and who will have access to information that involves the cultural, religious, financial, and educational status of students’ parents.

Now why do you suppose they want to know about the religion of the parents and about whether the child is gay? Hmmmn. And how will the parents’ decision to opt out affect the children’s test scores? Hmmmn.

Anti-Israel union thug assaults Blazing Cat Fur ON CAMERA

Story at Blazing Cat Fur, because he’s the cameraman. (H/T The Other McCain via ECM)

Blazing Cat Fur writes:

Ali Mallah a notorious Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Union Thug Assaults intrepid blogger Blazingcatfur! Mallah, who is also a Vice President of the virulently anti-semitic Canadian Arab Federation, is well known for his anti-Israel derangement and is shown in the video as he attempts to prevent Blazing from filming an anti-Netanyahu protest sponsored by the Leftist Islamofascist alliance in Toronto. The thugs were there to protest Netanyahu’s appearance at the annual Walk with Israel event. More on the protest here.

CUPE is a hard-left anti-Israel union. Every government worker in Canada has to be a member and pay dues to this group of socialist thugs. Blech! They oppose good policies like free trade, traditional marriage and reform of the single-payer health care system.

Remember this is a government union thug attacking a private citizen – it’s worse than the SEIU stuff I posted before. Public sector people don’t actually work for a living (military excluded), so really they just lobby government for pay raises and beat up people who get in their way. Another reason to push for smaller government – we don’t need to have people paid to do nothing except hold protest signs.

Public sector unions should be abolished. Heck, all unions should be abolished.

Gates of Vienna points out that there is a useful comment thread going on at Michael Coren’s blog. Apparently the police didn’t do anything to the Muslim union guy, but instead warned BLAZING CAT FUR to “keep things peaceful”.

Friday night funny: Evangelism, names, unions and capitalism

First video here, for those of you haven’t seen this.

He loves apologetics, too.

He played cornerback in the NFL, and I played cornerback in high school. For one year. Back-up bench warmer.

Second, a video from the BBC here: (H/T Jill Stanek)

And a cartoon from IMAO.us on capitalism:

Commenter ECM sent me this video from Double Plus Undead:

Yeah, these are the kind of people that Obama is kow-towing to now. Newsflash! Democrats are not good people, which is why we shouldn’t be subsidizing their poor decisions with our money. It just encourages them, like feeding racoons.

Three funny Christian videos are here. (H/T Commenter ECM)

Happy Friday!

UPDATE: One more from ECM: Lightbulbs or dimwits! These are pretty funny!