The war on parents in Canada, Germany and New Zealand

Everyone is complaining about men not wanting to be responsible and get married these days, but no one is paying attention to the incentives that cause men to stay clear of a relationship that is completely regulated by the state. Men don’t want to be coerced to do things.

The problem with the political left is that they never understand what incentives they are creating when they start controlling private interactions between individuals. Take a look at the stories below and ask yourself: is this going to make men and women want to marry and have children?

In Canada:

A Quebec youngster has used the courts to avoid parental discipline in a “landmark” case. The 12-year-old girl, who is too young to be named, went to court to force her father to overturn his decision not to allow her to go on a school trip. Her father had decided to ground her after he found out she had posted photos of herself on a dating website against his wishes.

The sixth grader then took her father to court, arguing that his punishments were too severe.

Madam Justice Suzanne Tessier of the Quebec Superior Court ruled today that denying the girl permission to go on the school trip was an excessive punishment. The girl’s lawyer, Lucie Fortin, said, “She’s becoming a big girl” and described the school trip as “a unique event in her life”, the Globe and Mail reported.

In Germany:

A homeschooling family in Southern Germany spent six hours in a grueling German Family Court session this week with the hopes of regaining custody of their six homeschooled children, who have been held in state custody since January. After the long and confusing session, the Gorbers regained custody of their 3-year-old son. The judge, meanwhile, retained custody of five other Gorber children now being kept in foster care and youth homes pending a court-ordered psychological evaluation of the parents. The court did allow increased visitation for some of the children up from one hour every two weeks that had been permitted since the children were seized in a surprise raid by the youth welfare office (“Jugendamt”) and police.

In New Zealand:

Green MP Sue Bradford’s controversial child discipline bill was tonight passed by Parliament, with only seven MPs voting against it.

The bill removes from the Crimes Act the statutory defence of “reasonable force” to correct a child, meaning there will be no justification for the use of force for that purpose.

But it doesn’t even work because it targets law-abiding people only! (Just like gun control!)

It’s very much like the Democrat party’s complaints about outsourcing. The left caused outsourcing with their interventionist war on “the rich” and “greedy corporations”. We need to move away from noble-sounding intentions fueled by the need to feel superior, and talk about actual incentives and actual effects of policies.

Sex education and taxes

Laura posted on the state interfering with parents’ right to educate their own children about sex:  (CP link)

No, we generally are not in favor of sex ed at school.  If “comprehensive” sex education included what it did when I took it in the early 80s – basic human anatomy, puberty, tab A fits into slot B, birth control methods include the following… even in the conservative evangelical circles I run in, few would object.  That’s all stuff we tell kids at home after we opt them out of sex ed at school- along with the main message of “Don’t do this; it’s not time in your life yet for this.”   What we object to is the attitude that teen sex is normal and inevitable and we should quit squawking about it.  We object to schools teaching bizarre sex practices like fisting.  We object to the theory that teenagers are mindless bags of hormones who can’t be expected to control themselves.

…Our teens are political pawns for the left.  They’re helpless victims of our [= parents’] prudery, children that the government needs to provide for at every turn with health insurance and free college tuition (but don’t deserve an adequate secondary education except when it’s time to raise taxes),  socially and technologically savvy enough to make their own entertainment and political choices free from our censorship,  mature and wise enough to choose abortion (but not give birth), and 18 year old babies who need to be protected from sneaky military recruiters and beer.   The rallying cry may be “it’s for the children!” but the only really consistent position I see in the left is that parents do not know best; government does.

Laura also posted on how socialism takes money away from the family:

When we charge people more to earn money via income taxes, regulations, and similar means, history has proved time and again that people earn less money.  Whether that’s by choice, where people like me purposely throttle back our income in order to pay fewer taxes, or by government fiat, where government takes more money from businesses, the bottom line is that productivity goes down and everybody, including the government, gets less money out of the system.

By the way, I notice that Laura has a new post up at Hot Air’s Green Room, (CP link), on how families can send the socialists a message by cutting off their supply of money, legally. She runs a business, so she knows what she is talking about.

Further study

Recently, I blogged about the myth of “dead-beat Dads”. And about how the feminist state’s discrimination against male teachers is negatively impacting young men. And there is my series on how Democrat policies discourage marriage: Part 1 is here and Part 2 is here and Part 3 is here.

11 thoughts on “The war on parents in Canada, Germany and New Zealand”

  1. :) No! I am not laughing at your situation. Honestly, I feel a tad sorry for you people but I just can’t help but smile.

    Though I am not keen getting married either, my reasons are quite different from yours.

    But can I offer you a suggestion? I know, I just said I am not married but I have a brother and sisters who are handling similar situations quite marvelously. And yes, they are living in one of those countries who’s governments make it a business to interfere in people’s personal lives.

    Teach your children right from a very young age about your faith. Contrary to the general belief, kids are not ignoramus fools who don’t understand anything. In fact, most of them are quite perceptive. If you teach them why it is essential to discipline them and why they should live their lives in a Christian way, they really won’t care about looking out for legal ways to harass you!! My niece who is 11 yrs old willfully rejects harry potter books or anything which is considered fashionable in her age group. She is was doubtful at first of being treated a social pariah by her friends. But once I as her aunt and her parents taught her why it is important to do the right thing, she saw the light. Kids understand. I always believed a good Christian can definitely be a good parent and all these laws would do nothing to your family life. Seriously!!

    And about sex education, it is more essential to teach teenagers to make informed decisions which are ethically right. Now THAT would do them a world of good!


    1. India has a some advantages over the USA now. If we go to a single-payer health care system, it will be a bigger difference. By the way, I could easily pass for an Indian, so you might see me moving there at some point. Where is the best place in India for Christians to have freedom?

      By the way, I have been meaning to ask you, do you know of any good blogs from India that are Christian and politically conservative? I wanted to add one or two to my blogroll.


  2. Well, my sisters don’t stay in India. They are officially Australian citizens. But as for the safest place in India for Christians, the southern states like Kerala, Goa and TN are the best bet. These are the states which have a considerable Christian population. Hindu fundamentalists have no chance in Kerala and TN specifically. North Indians consistently persecute Christians though some north eastern Indian states are considered Christian majority states.


  3. And no, I don’t know any Indian Christian blogs. In fact, it was during one of those searches for good Christian blogs talking about Indian Christians that I found yours.


  4. “Men don’t want to be coerced to do things.”

    Sure, because men are jerks!

    Seriously, one of the qualities that defines a real man is not making excuses. Of course none of the things you mention help, but it doesn’t *make* men do the wrong thing, it only gives them a convenient way out if they decide they’re not interested in doing the right thing in the first place.

    Don’t get me wrong, I agree modern society is on a suicide-mission; I’m just a little concerned about phrasing it in a way that suggests society should be fixing us rather than that we should be fixing society. If guys acted like real men, they’d fulfill their proper role no matter how tough it was (that’s when the tough are supposed to get going, right??), and society never would have got in this mess. Unfortunately, all too many men really are jerks and would rather go along with the cop-out than fight for what’s right.


    1. This is exactly the kind of irrational macho attitude that has led to all of these problems. And these are serious, expensive social problems that affect the most vulnerable people in society: children. We could have stopped it, but we had your attitude: “Yeah! Things are unfair for men! Nothing wrong with that!”


    2. “Things are unfair for men! Nothing wrong with that!”

      Huh, did I leave a word out of my reply or something? That seems to be the exact opposite of what I was saying. Perhaps I was just too curt: it’s important to describe the problems, of course; I just thought it worth pointing out that as far as dealing with it, it’s important to take some personal responsibility, as opposed to waiting for things to just get better.


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