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Recent legislative activity by Trent Franks and Jim Demint

I was listening to Mike Pence guest host “The Washington Watch Weekly” radio show recently, which is normally hosted by the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins. And he introduced me to a real pro-life Congressman named Trent Franks. He had Franks on the show and he really seemed to like him. So, I checked up on Franks and added him to my blogroll.

And then I noticed this news story on OneNewsNow.


Congressman Trent Franks of Arizona has introduced the “Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act.” If passed, the bill would ban race- or gender-selection abortions.

Attorney Steven Aden of the Alliance Defense Fund tells OneNewsNow his organization helped write the bill that is being referred to as “PreNDA.”

“Sex-selection and racially-motivated abortion is an immense problem in America and internationally,” the attorney explains, “and Congressman Franks’ bill would prohibit the performance of such abortions, the funding of them, or promoting them.”

That’s good news.

And remember how the Heritage Foundation was worried that the porkulus-1 spending bill would nationalize health care? Well, check out this proposed amendment by Senator Jim Demint.


Senator DeMint is offering an amendment to the budget resolution that would prevent any legislation from being passed with less than 60 votes that would eliminate the ability of Americans to have freedom in their health care choices. If passed, the amendment would reinforce President Obama’s campaign promise to protect the ability of Americans to keep their health care plan and choice of doctor, regardless of changes made to the health care system.

So, we’re seeing some advocacy on two fronts: social issues and fiscal issues.