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Michele Bachmann: her latest embarassing gaffe caught on video

Yes, our good friends in the mainstream media are so professional – they really know how to be fair and balanced, and to focus on the policy issues. That’s why we have such a great economy and such a low employment rate now – because they carefully vetted Obama’s voting record and accomplishments and then we were able to choose the candidate who had the best record on economic policy and job creation.

Here’s the latest poll from Iowa.


According to a Magellan Strategies poll of 1,024 likely 2012 Iowa Republican Caucus goers, released this week, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) has a firm lead over fellow candidates Mitt Romney, Herman Cain and Tim Pawlenty. Bachmann’s double digit lead also placed her well ahead of Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum.

Bachmann, who was born and raised in Waterloo, Iowa, grabbed 29 percent support in the poll. Romney, a former Massachusetts Governor and runner up in this poll, grabbed 16 percent support. Both Pawlenty and Cain grabbed 8 percent support in this poll, while Paul, Gingrich and Santorum finished with five percent support or less.

A strong finish in the Iowa Presidential Caucus would be a big win for Bachmann or any of the other candidates, because Iowa is the first state in the nation to hold its caucus. New Hampshire is another important state for Bachmann and the other GOP candidates, because New Hampshire holds the first primary election every four years.

While Romney is still the frontrunner in New Hampshire, Bachmann has polled well in New Hampshire in recent weeks. An American Research Group poll, released on Thursday, shows Romney with 29 percent of the Republican vote, while Bachmann snags 16 percent of the Republican vote. This poll also had Cain, Paul, Pawlenty, Sarah Palin, Jon Huntsman and Rudy Giuliani grabbing less than 10 percent of the Republican vote. Giuliani was the third place finisher in this poll with 9 percent of the Republican vote.

You can find out more about Michele Bachmann in the links below, stuff the mainstream media will never tell you.

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The worldwide war on baby girls

This article is from the left-wing magazine The Economist, which is pro-abortion and pro-Obama.


Gendercide—to borrow the title of a 1985 book by Mary Anne Warren—is often seen as an unintended consequence of China’s one-child policy, or as a product of poverty or ignorance. But that cannot be the whole story. The surplus of bachelors—called in China guanggun, or “bare branches”— seems to have accelerated between 1990 and 2005, in ways not obviously linked to the one-child policy, which was introduced in 1979. And, as is becoming clear, the war against baby girls is not confined to China.

Parts of India have sex ratios as skewed as anything in its northern neighbour. Other East Asian countries—South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan—have peculiarly high numbers of male births. So, since the collapse of the Soviet Union, have former communist countries in the Caucasus and the western Balkans. Even subsets of America’s population are following suit, though not the population as a whole.

The real cause, argues Nick Eberstadt, a demographer at the American Enterprise Institute, a think-tank in Washington, DC, is not any country’s particular policy but “the fateful collision between overweening son preference, the use of rapidly spreading prenatal sex-determination technology and declining fertility.” These are global trends. And the selective destruction of baby girls is global, too.

Boys are slightly more likely to die in infancy than girls. To compensate, more boys are born than girls so there will be equal numbers of young men and women at puberty. In all societies that record births, between 103 and 106 boys are normally born for every 100 girls. The ratio has been so stable over time that it appears to be the natural order of things.

That order has changed fundamentally in the past 25 years. In China the sex ratio for the generation born between 1985 and 1989 was 108, already just outside the natural range. For the generation born in 2000-04, it was 124 (ie, 124 boys were born in those years for every 100 girls). According to CASS the ratio today is 123 boys per 100 girls. These rates are biologically impossible without human intervention.

The national averages hide astonishing figures at the provincial level. According to an analysis of Chinese household data carried out in late 2005 and reported in the British Medical Journal, only one region, Tibet, has a sex ratio within the bounds of nature. Fourteen provinces—mostly in the east and south—have sex ratios at birth of 120 and above, and three have unprecedented levels of more than 130. As CASS says, “the gender imbalance has been growing wider year after year.”

Make no mistake. Pro-choice is anti-woman.

How Obama harms the very people who voted for him

Sonja Schmidt from PJTV explains. (H/T Lex Communis)

Here are the 3 points from the video:

  1. Obama was supported by anti-woman, pro-drug, pro-violence rapper Ludacris during his campaign
  2. Obama supports welfare programs that replace fathers with government social programs
  3. Obama supports abortion, which has killed millions of black babies since 1973

A vote for a Democrat is a vote against family, marriage and children. Period.

The more money is transferred to single mothers, the less women need to be careful about who they sleep with. Big government creates fatherlessness. Big government destroys the family.