Public school punishes boy for writing editorial critical of gay adoption

From Fox News.


A 15-year-old Wisconsin boy who wrote an op-ed opposing gay adoptions was censored, threatened with suspension and called ignorant by the superintendent of the Shawano School District, according to an attorney representing the child.

[…]Wegner, a student at Shawano High School, was asked to write an op-ed for the school newspaper about whether gays should be allowed to adopt. Wegner, who is a Christian, wrote in opposition. Another student wrote in favor of allowing gays to adopt.

[…]After the op-ed was published, a gay couple whose child attends the high school, complained.

The school immediately issued an apology – stating Wegner’s opinion was a “form of bullying and disrespect.”

“Offensive articles cultivating a negative environment of disrespect are not appropriate or condoned by the Shawano School District,” the statement read. “We sincerely apologize to anyone we may have offended and are taking steps to prevent items of this nature from happening in the future.”

But Staver said what the school system did next was absolutely outrageous. He said the 15-year-old was ordered to the superintendent’s office where he was subjected to hours of meetings and was accused of violating the school’s bullying policy.

“The superintendent called him ignorant and said he had the power to suspend him,” Staver said. “He’s using his position to bully this student. This is absolutely the epitome of intolerance.”

Staver said the boy’s parents were never notified.

At one point, Staver said the superintendent gave him a chance to say he regretted writing the column.

“When Mr. Wegner stated that he did not regret writing it, and that he stood behind his beliefs, Superintendent Carlson told him that he ‘had got to be one of the most ignorant kids to try to argue with him about this topic,’” Staver said.

At that point, Staver said the superintendent told the boy that “we have the power to suspend you if we want to.”

The superintendent allegedly told Wegner that he was personally offended by Wegner’s column.

Thoughtful Christians need to understand that their values are never going to be reflected in a secular public school system. Many public schools are run by unionized teachers and administrators who must support big government, because the bigger the government, the bigger their salaries. Quite often, public schools don’t focus on making children educated so they can get jobs and be independent – they focus on making them favor bigger government.

Christians should not support parents being forced to pay into a failing public school system. Many Christian parents favor homeschooling and private schools. Why should they be forced to pay for failing public schools like the one in the story above? It’s important for Christians to think clearly about education. Christians should favor school choice, a system in which parents get a voucher from the government and then can freely choose any school they want. If parents have the right to choose their school from many options, then schools will have to compete to provide what parents want.

3 thoughts on “Public school punishes boy for writing editorial critical of gay adoption”

  1. Of course this situation is terrible, but I have to say, this 15 year old kid showed some real courage. He didn’t back down, and didn’t allow himself to be bullied. This is great for someone so young. I hope he becomes an apologist …


  2. “Why should they be forced to pay for failing public schools like the one in the story above?”

    Good question. It has ever been thus. Even when I, as a kid, went to private Christians school on my parents’ hard-earned dime, they were still required to pay taxes to support the public school system. And I doubt that the school voucher system will ever gain public favor since it encourages Christians to do what they deem best.

    The kid did well. But I wonder when Christians will see this kind of thing like the early Church did — “Then they left the presence of the council, rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer dishonor for the Name” (Act 5:41) — rather than something over which we need to go to court.


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