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New study finds that fathers should play with children and mothers should care for them

Found here in the Courier and Mail.


A study suggests that couples have a stronger relationship when the father spends more time playing with their child.

But when he participates in care-giving such as giving baths, parents undermine each other.

The study in the Journal of Developmental Psychology involved 112 couples with four-year-olds.

They were asked how often they played with their children and were involved in care-giving.

The US researchers looked for signs of supportive co-parenting, and for evidence of couples criticising or trying to “outdo” each other.

A year later the couples took part in a similar activity and results showed when fathers played more with their child at the beginning of the study, the couple showed more supportive co-parenting in the second session.

But when fathers took part more in care-giving, the couples showed lower levels of supportive co-parenting a year later.

It’s a small study, so I would like to see another one that is bigger.


Stephen Harper sings Beatles song while playing piano

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper

UPDATE: Did you see the video of the testimony of Canadian free speech activists Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn against Section 13.1 of the censorship act in Canada? I linked to it here.

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ToryNinja notified me about this video of Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper singing and playing the piano in a comment, but it deserves a post.  The song is “With a Little Help from my Friends” by the Beatles. He plays the piano very well while singing!

Blue Like You has a lot more here.

Everyone from the mainstream media to the blogs are talking about it. He is getting a lot of accolades from some traditionally nasty places. The Canadians are just thrilled with their conservative prime minister. He’s an economist, so he knows how to run the country. I wish he was my President! When you look at the jobs lost during the current recession, it’s quite clear that we are doomed.

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