At last! Conservative woman blames liberal women for choosing bad men

The greatest article ever posted on the American Thinker. (H/T Wes Widner)


The saddest thing about the whole sordid, societally humiliating Weiner affair, is that it highlights once again the morally-schizoid nature of the modern liberal woman.  I’ve known many of these women — a great many — and it never ceases to confound me how smart women can be such ridiculous fools when it comes to choosing men.

On the one hand, liberal women believe wholeheartedly in the idiotic social construct they call, “sexual liberation.”  They pride themselves on losing their virginity, as though that “accomplishment” had ever been above the challenge-scale of an alley cat in heat.

These liberal women I’ve known, having given away their female V-card over and over and over again, all the while scour their host of intimate “trial runs” searching for that mythical, Hollywood-construct, Mr. Right.  This Mr. Right guy, for whom they are searching, is known to them up front as even more sexually-liberated than they, but this little factoid seems not to register in their liberated little heads as they frantically search for the equally mythical family home with the white picket fence, which somehow never gets hit by any of life’s roving tornadoes.  One can almost hear them say in unison, “And they all lived happily ever after.”

[…]Evidently, the liberal woman is capable of the most severe form of psychological denial known to humankind.  Certain that one of the men with whom she has copulated without strings will suddenly morph into a faithfully monogamous creature the minute she can convince one of them to say “I do” in front of a few witnesses, the liberal woman marches blindly down the aisle towards near-certain, adulterous doom.  Yet, no amount of honest reason can dissuade liberal women from this self-destructive, moral myopia.

What other term but “morally schizoid” could possibly describe this blatantly contradictory tendency among liberal women?

Having spent their youth casually throwing their own sexual morality to the winds of fairytale “liberation,” these liberal women still steadfastly cling to the faithfully monogamous ideal for that sometime-later moment when they actually do desire all the traditional things — the husband, the kids, the white picket fence — those pesky female-nature embedded longings, which coincidentally ensure the continuation of the human race.

But these liberal women somehow — in perfect schizoid manner — convince themselves that once married, they will be the gratuitous beneficiaries of the monogamous respect they still desire, but have never once demanded or deserved.  Intuitively, women know that strict monogamy provides the only real security for themselves and their own offspring.  Yet, they continue themselves to spurn the demands of monogamy until the very last minute, believing that fidelity springs forth naturally in miraculous profusion among all “married” humans.  Such pure poppycock can only be explained as a mental disorder.

[…]Any woman, who still believes that males are naturally monogamous and that a wedding ring is anything more than a little band of gold, needs to take a long, hard look at the sham of a marriage on display between Congressman Weiner and his wife of less than one full year.  Afterwards, if said woman still does not see the lifelong value in chastity before marriage and a pair of shredder scissors in the kitchen drawer afterwards, she needs to take a very large bucket of ice cold water and dump it upon her own head.


I recently provided the male perspective on liberal women’s poor decision-making about men and marriage.

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6 thoughts on “At last! Conservative woman blames liberal women for choosing bad men”

  1. Unfortunately, I’ve known some conservative women to also fall prey to their baser natures, alas.

    A woman is a most splendid weapon–either for God’s use or the Devil’s.


    1. And the same for men. Look at Governor Sanford. But it’s rarer because it’s inconsistent with their (stated) beliefs, which you have to test if you are trying to marry them.


    2. There’s a stark difference between one who succumbs to temptation and one who simply regards temptation as another choice morally benign. I’d wager the conservative woman more generally falls in with the former, and the “liberated” woman the latter.


  2. A lot of conservative women are “liberated.” And a lot of women who make bad choices are conservative. You really can’t make this into a partisan issue because it isn’t one.


    1. Of course we can. Conservatives are less likely to be of the “liberated” type in the sense that they, like philandering men, are promiscuous. They don’t see liberation in that light. They simply acknowledge that they can do whatever they set their minds to doing. They don’t necessarily want to be like me or want to experience their male shortcomings.

      There’s also a difference between making bad choices and learning from it and making bad choices repeatedly because one won’t. This isn’t partisan, but what motivates the bad choice can be. If one starts from a conservative position, the bad choice isn’t based on believing a bad behavior is morally good or neutral. A liberal will begin from a less moral position (based on traditional notions) which expands her pool of bad choices from which to choose.


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