MUST-LISTEN: Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse in her greatest podcast EVER!

UPDATE: You can listen to Dr. J’s new podcast on basic economics as well.

This one is the best podcast she has ever done, in my opinion.

The MP3 file is here. (31 minutes, 14 megs)

Listen closely to avoid missing anything!


  • same-sex marriage in California and recent court decisions
  • the purpose of marriage
  • is marriage child-centered or adult-centered?
  • family courts awarding parental rights to non-parents
  • why the secular left wants to break down the connections between sex, reproduction, marriage and parenting
  • how the destruction of family leads to the marginalization of the male roles of husband and father
  • why fathers matter in the family
  • how no-fault divorce and unfair family courts destroy families
  • making your case on to university students
  • how the breakdown of the family necessarily expands the power of the state into our private lives

I’ve listened to this three times already! I love it! This podcast is for men and women. Men will love this podcast.

Best line: “This actually is the social worker and family court full employment act”.

The Father’s Day page she mentions is here.

I refuse to get married to anyone who isn’t as passionate about all of these social issues as Jennifer Roback Morse. How do single women expect to be able to attract a husband when they don’t know anything about these issues and vote Democrat? That just drives men away from marriage! Women need to speak and write passionately about these issues. Abortion is not the only social issue that matters.


The Ruth Institute accepts donations. I sent her TWO already this year. She does on-campus events, just like William Lane Craig. If you want to have an impact on the university, she should be considered for funding.

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