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Ruth Institute to host conference on the defense of marriage

Cloning her would solve the marriage problem
She can teach you to defend marriage

Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse is the foundress of the Ruth Institute, and she is planning a conference to train the next generation to be marriage champions.

Link to the conference details is here.

Some details:

Where: Murrieta Hot Springs, CA
When: August 12th – 15th, 2010
Who: You, if you apply – application deadline is May 21st!
Cost: Free, if your application is accepted

If you guys like William Lane Craig debates, Dr. Morse is the William Lane Craig of the marriage debate.

Some recent podcasts featuring Dr. J

1) Interview with Marvin O’Lasky at the King’s College in New York.

The MP3 file is here.


Marvin Olasky, provost of New York City’s The King’s College and editor-in-chief of WORLD Christian Magazine, interviews Dr J on a wide range of topics relating to marriage and family.  Afterward, she takes student questions.

2) Debate at the Commonwealth Club.

The MP3 file is here.


The Commonwealth Club of California hosts a speaker panel to discuss same-sex marriage, both in the context of the state and federal challenges through the courts and more generally in society and culture.  The four panelists are Molly McKay, media director for Marriage Equality USA; Jennifer Roback Morse, president and founder of the Ruth Institute, Therese Stewart, Chief Deputy City Attorney, San Francisco; and Kevin Snider, attorney for the plaintiffs in the federal court case over Prop 8, and Chief Counsel of the Pacific Justice Institute.  Doug Sovern, broadcast journalist of “Sovern Nation” and 3-time winner of the AP’s “Reporter of the Year” Award for California, moderates.

I listened to both of these and they are AWESOME. You men should listen to the interview, where she has specific things to say about men and marriage. It is a major concern to me that more women do not defend marriage like Dr. Morse. If a woman wants to get married, then she needs to defend marriage like Dr. Morse. And that means understanding what marriage is about!

By the way, Dr. Morse is on Facebook. As am I.

Podcasts featuring Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse

Dr. J integrates fiscal conservatism with social conservatism
Dr. J integrates fiscal conservatism with social conservatism

I have become increasingly impressed with Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, so imagine my joy when I saw that she is being regularly featured on the Lutheran radio show “Issues, Etc”, with Todd Wilken. Check out these short podcasts on your lunch break, I listened to them TWICE.

Is Marriage Worth It? (MP3 file, 10 minutes)

This is a very good primer on marriage, and whether narcissistic men and women have what it takes to be married. Dr. J also explains what the purpose of marriage is.

Are Fathers Necessary? (MP3 file, 21 minutes)

One of the best things about Dr. J is that she understands men and values men. She talks about same-sex marriage in this podcast, as well.

The Future of Marriage (Mp3 file, 10 minutes)

She explains how the secular left would like to be the ones raising your children, so they would love to break up the family unit. You can really see her libertarian economics streak coming out in this one.

I once e-mailed her to get her thoughts on no-fault divorce, and she mailed me a hardcover book featuring a book chapter where she argued against no-fault divorce. It was a great chapter because she understands men and defends us capably. She’s brilliant and she’s a stay-at-home mom! I just ordered her “Smart Sex” book last week. When you e-mail her, she takes time to talk with you back-and-forth.

My previous post on Dr. J featured a lecture on love and economic policy and a great paper on feminism that she presented to university students.

By the way, there was a pretty good fight on the blog about marriage and sex between me and theobromophile, a pro-life feminist. Leave a comment! The wonderful Andrew and Jen, as well as Madeleine from MandM in New Zealand all left comments.

About the speaker

Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Senior Fellow in Economics at the Acton Institute and regular contributor to National Review Online and The National Catholic Register, received her Ph.D. in economics from the University of Rochester. Until recently, she was a Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution. She has been on the faculty of Yale University and George Mason University, and is the author of Love and Economics: Why the Laissez-Faire Family doesn’t work.

Featured blog: Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse

One of my favorite topics is the interplay between economics and marriage. And the best blog on the topic is Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse. She has excellent credentials as a sound fiscal conservative and a staunch social conservative. She is not only solid on abortion and traditional marriage, but she is one of the few people with enough vision to know the damage caused to the family by no-fault divorce and big government, as well.

Note to you young men who are thinking of marrying: marry someone like Dr. Morse, who understands how economic policy affects the marriage. Regular readers will know how I regularly gush over Michele Bachmann’s attempts to try to wrestle with Democrats to cut spending. That is how wives ought to be – defending their family from high taxes and regulations.


Here is one of the papers from Dr. J that I really liked. (the PDF version is better!)

In the paper, she addresses many topics related to feminism:

  • work/parenting balance
  • no-fault divorce
  • marriage vs. cohabitation
  • domestic violence
  • fertility
  • single-mother subsidies
  • income disparities
  • recreational sex
  • power struggles in marriage

She also discusses remedies from a Catholic perspective. (Note: the Wintery Knight is a proud evangelical Protestant)

Dr. J’s full list of articles is here.


Here is a 30-minute lecture version of that paper by Dr. J, if you prefer watching and listening to reading. The title is “Freedom, the Family and the Market”.

The description of the lecture is:

“The socialist ideal of equality has played an independent role in the breakdown of the family. Socialism has attacked the family directly, and has adopted policies that have led to demographic collapse. Christianity and capitalism offer more appealing solutions to the problems socialism claims to solve.”

I highly recommend this lecture. It’s as good as William Lane Craig, just on a different topic. This lecture is especially suitable for men.

Here’s her bio:

Born into a Catholic working class family, Dr. Morse earned a doctorate in economics during her twelve year lapse from the faith. A committed career woman before having children, she taught economics for fifteen years at Yale University and George Mason University.

The devastating experience of infertility brought her to her knees and back to the practice of the Catholic faith. In 1991, she and her husband adopted a two year old Romanian boy, and gave birth to a baby girl. She left her full-time university teaching post in 1996 to move with her family to California. She is now a part-time Research Fellow at the Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty.

Dr. Morse writes about the family and the free society. Her first book, Love and Economics: Why the Laissez-Faire Family Doesn’t Work, shows why the family is the necessary building block for a free society and why so many modern attempted substitutes for the family do not work. Her second book, Smart Sex: Finding Life-Long Love in a Hook-Up World, exposes the sexual revolution’s fraudulent promise of freedom and points the way to the most thrilling adventure of all–life-long love.

Her public policy articles have appeared in Forbes, Policy Review, The American Enterprise, Fortune, Reason, the Wall Street Journal, Vital Speeches,
and Religion and Liberty.

Dr. Morse’s scholarly articles have appeared in the Journal of Political Economy, Economic Inquiry, the Journal of Economic History, Publius: the Journal of Federalism, the University of Chicago Law Review, and the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy, Social Philosophy and Policy, The Independent Review, townhall.com, and The Notre Dame Journal of Law Ethics and Public Policy.

I know I don’t have to tell you George Mason University is home to Walter Williams, one of my two favorite living economists, whose work I often feature. GMU has the best economics school in the entire nation, featuring 2 Nobel prize winners. (Their only black mark is their shoddy treatment of intelligent design theorist Dr. Caroline Crocker).