Police handcuff and arrest black pastor for preaching plain gospel message

Four white Canadian police officers arrest black pastor
Four white policemen arrest black pastor for preaching the gospel

I try to stay informed about countries that are more advanced on the path of secular leftism, such as Canada and Venezuela. Canada is about 10 years ahead of us down the path of secular leftism. They legalized same-sex marriage 10 years before we did. They started persecuting Christian businesses 10 years before we did. And now they’re arresting Christian pastors.

Consider this article from the Christian Post:

Pastor David Lynn of Christ Forgiveness Ministries was arrested on June 4, 2019 for preaching the Gospel publicly in Toronto, Canada.  The neighborhood he was preaching in was Church-Wellesley Village. This neighborhood is known to be a place where many of the LGBTQ community in Toronto reside. His ministry is currently on an outdoor preaching tour throughout the 22 districts of Toronto. June 4, happened to be the day they scheduled for that district.

It is not uncommon for someone to think “open-air preaching” and “LGBTQ neighborhood” and immediately jump to thoughts of preachers condemning homosexuals to hell. However, Pastor Lynn’s preaching was some of the most loving and gracious preaching I have ever seen and heard. Which is why it is outrageous that he was arrested.

You can even watch the whole video here:


The entire time of preaching was livestreamed via Facebook and can be found on YouTube. Throughout the video, it is surprising to see the reaction of those who were listening to Lynn’s preaching. The more love he poured out, the more hate and resistance he received. As anyone can see if they view the video, Pastor Lynn was respectful and kind throughout all of his time preaching. As he shared the Gospel, he also made statements like “We are here to tell you that we hate nobody.” He emphasized God’s love again and again.

He proceeded to ask those protesting him if they would be willing to tolerate him as a Christian. But those listening were unwilling to dialogue, and many asked him to leave the street corner.

Throughout the encounter he was very calm and collected, not entering into any disrespectful or condemnatory dialogue.

Canada does have hate speech laws. However, there is no way that his preaching could be deemed as hate-speech. Lynn stated while preaching, “Everyone is accepted….and that is what we preach as Christians.”

This pastor was very careful to avoid singling out any particular group as “sinful”. Instead, he said that everyone is sinful, and everyone needs forgiveness for their sin. That is the standard Christian view.


In order to not make anyone listening feel singled out, he said “Jesus died for the sinner…. Every heterosexual has sin. Every homosexual has sin. Sin is when we violate the laws of God….” He did not target any particular group of people or single out homosexuality.

He was assaulted by the people who disagreed with him, but the police didn’t arrest them – they arrested him:

Though he was very loving throughout the entire encounter, tensions escalated, and people began to form a mob of protest around him. As he tried to walk away from the most adamant protesters, they crowded in on him and would not let him move. All throughout the encounter, as he tried to walk away from them, they pressed in on him and blocked him. At times, they even pressed their bodies against him, which in technicality is assault.

When the police arrived, rather than dealing with those that were assaulting Pastor Lynn, the police blamed Lynn for creating a disturbance of peace. Even upon his request to deal with those who had assaulted him, the police would not listen to him.

You can clearly see that in Canada, the police don’t care about basic human rights. Those policemen have been taught secular leftism. They don’t know anything about “human rights”. They only know that to keep their jobs, they must do as the secular leftists in power tell them. The laws are not based on morality. The laws are based on the need for the secular leftist elites to be able to do what they need to do without anyone disagreeing with them. The police aren’t the guardians of the moral law, they’re just hired muscle there to enforce the will of the secular left.

Rights like free speech and religious liberty DO NOT EXIST in Canada. Christians and conservatives have a duty to pay taxes to their secular left overlords, but they don’t have a right to disagree with their secular left overlords. They don’t have a right to live their lives as Christians, and run their families as Christians. If they try to act like Christians, then they wind up in front of a Human Rights Commission, or a criminal court, or in a jail cell.

And there is no freedom of the press in Canada. If a Canadian tries to expose any of the abuses of human rights to the public, the courts will send the police to their door to arrest them. You see, they want to suppress the human rights of those who disagree with them, but they don’t want anyone to know about it. They want people to believe that Canada is as free as the United States, so they don’t want reports about their heavy-handed totalitarianism to get out to the rest of the world. This suppression of the truth by force has always been the standard operating procedure of the secular left – in every country where they have seized power.

If you don’t want this for America, then you have to vote against the secular left, and do your part to persuade others not to vote for them.

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10 thoughts on “Police handcuff and arrest black pastor for preaching plain gospel message”

      1. There are no such as human rights in Canada, Australia or anywhere else in the British Commonwealth. What Canadians, Australians and others have are privileges granted by their Parliaments.
        This was a major reason for the American Revolution, which produced the United States of America.

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    1. However, once it was learned that the uproar was over a question of religion, the officer in charge converted his arrest into protective custody on the request of Paul’s nephew, who advised the officer that the leading Jews had sworn not to eat or drink until after they had murdered Paul.
      If Paul had not been a Roman citizen the officer likely would have handed him over to the Jews.

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      1. So many people wearing the name of Christian have been zealous for doctrines either not found in Scripture or overtly condemned by Scripture! If all of that energy and self-sacrifice had been put to serving God instead of the doctrines of men, where would Christianity be today?
        Saul of Tarsus was zealous for the law of Moses after Jesus Christ abolished it on the cross. He was ignorant but all it took to fix his ignorance was to be correctly informed. Once informed, he was zealous for Christ as he had been for (the law of) Moses.
        This is why he could honestly say that his conscience was clear when he was persecuting and murdering Israelite Christians. His conscience was not correctly informed during that period.


  1. It would be awesome if the Toronto Raptors won the NBA Championship, and in one of the post-game interviews, one of the Raptor players said that he is thankful to God for the victory, … and that he is praying for Toronto Pastor David Lynn!


  2. Well said! I wonder if we Christians were all as bold as Paul, if we might not only see more persecution, but more souls saved!


  3. It would be awesome if the Toronto Raptors won the NBA Championship, and in one of the post-game interviews, one of the Raptor players said that he is thankful to God for the victory, … and that he is praying for Toronto Pastor David Lynn!

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  4. One of the best books for real insight into this situation is:
    The Third Reich in History and Memory Kindle Edition

    It is NOT a Christian book/Kindle, but really shows how nazism took hold of Germany and how rights, liberty and democracy were slowly eroded. It gives a great background to what is happening to Christian, by the LGBTA+ groups.


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