Canadian elementary schools vote to promote gay activism during Gay Pride month

Kathleen Wynne and Justin Trudeau
Ontario governor Kathleen Wynne and Canada’s president Justin Trudeau

The Daily Wire reports on the latest gay rights story from Canada:

Every elementary school in Ontario, Canada, will be forced to fly the gay pride flag for at least one week in June, which is Pride Month in the province.

[…]”The rainbow flag, symbol of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities, will fly in front of all public elementary schools for at least one week during Pride Month in June,” reported Windsor Star.

Greater Essex County District School Board vice chairman Julia Burgess, who introduced the motion, said the flag will let students know that “we have their back.”

Julia’s motion to force all elementary schools to promote the gay activist agenda was supported by 9 out of 10 school board trustees.

The lone dissenter was swiftly shut down by by chairwoman Jessica Sartori:

Linda Qin, the sole trustee to question the mandate explained that the flag might confuse such young children, particularly with concern to gender identity.

[…]Qin was told her time was up, according to Windsor Star, and was cut off by chairwoman Jessica Sartori.

“Who wouldn’t be proud to fly that flag?” an emotional Sartori asked, who said she flies the gay pride flag at her home.

It’s important to note that not only will there be no opt-out for schools, but there is also no opt-out for parents. Parents have to pay mandatory taxes for the salaries of public school teachers and administrators like Julia and Jessica.

Julia and Jessica didn’t do difficult STEM degrees in college. And when they graduated, they couldn’t find jobs programming software in the private sector. Since they needed something to do, being proper feminists, they decided to spend their days pushing their progressive values onto other people’s children, at taxpayer expense. It sure beats getting married and having to raise children of your own under the leadership of a provider husband. The public schools of every country are filled with women like Julia and Jessica, who think that their feelings-based method of evaluating religion and morality should be pushed onto everyone else’s children.

Daily Wire notes that this is not the only school district doing this:

As noted by LifeSiteNews, Peel District School Board similarly voted in May to fly the gay pride flag. “The board was lobbied by Pride Employee Resource Group (PERG) and heard emotional appeals in favor of raising the flag from parents of ‘gender-creative’ children and homosexual parents in a May meeting packed with LGBT activists wearing pink,” reported the outlet.

What will happen to parents who oppose having their children indoctrinated by radical leftists, at their own expense? Well, the province of Ontario thinks that dissent from their agenda is “child abuse”, so they will seize the children of those parents.

The Daily Caller explains:

Ontario passed a law Thursday that gives the government the right to take away children from families that don’t accept their kid’s chosen “gender identity.”

Parents who oppose or criticize the LGBT agenda will be considered potential “child abusers” and may have their children taken away by the state, according to the new bill. If the parents are ruled to be abusers by failing to wholeheartedly support their child’s gender choice, that child “can be removed from that environment and placed into protection where the abuse stops.”

[…]The old law allowed parents to “direct the child’s education and religious upbringing” but now says a parent must influence a child’s education and upbringing “in accordance with the child’s or young person’s creed, community identity and cultural identity.”

It passed 63-23.

I think it’s important to remember who is behind all of the recent education policies in Ontario. His name is Ben Levin. Remember him?

Life Site News reports.


Ben Levin, the man who “appeared to have it all,” was today sentenced to three years in prison for three child pornography offences.

[…]A member of Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne’s transition team, Levin was deputy minister of education in 2009 when he and then-minister of education Wynne developed the “equity and inclusive education strategy,” part of which was the 2010 radical sex-ed curriculum shelved by then-Premier Dalton McGuinty after parental backlash. The 2015 sex-ed curriculum is virtually the same as the 2010 version.

[…]The curriculum, to be rolled out this September, prematurely sexualizes children by introducing homosexuality in Grade 3, masturbation in Grade 6, and oral and anal sex in Grade 7.

[…]Levin himself claimed in a 2010 interview: “I was the deputy minister of education. In that role, I was the chief civil servant. I was responsible for the operation of the Ministry of Education and everything that they do; I was brought in to implement the new education policy.”

[…]Levin pled guilty on March 3, 2015, to three of an original seven child pornography related charges.

McArthur related how in 2010, Levin created a profile on an “alternative sexual lifestyle networking site” frequenting chat-rooms on “incest” and “teens.” He subsequently “came to the attention of three undercover officers.”

In the course of sex-chats with these officers, Levin “wrote a story detailing the violent sexual abuse of a child” and “counseled another officer, posing as a young mother, to sadistically sexually assault her eight-year-old daughter.”

[…]He “collected child pornography over two years.

[…]Levin also had a list of about 1,750 online contacts with whom he communicated on “subversive sexual interests,” primarily “sexual contact between parents and children.”

In his sex-chats, Levin “normalized the subject of the sexual touching of children.”

[…]The “sadistic overtones to the counseling adds a disturbing dimension to the offence,” McArthur stated, noting that psychiatrist Dr. Julian Gojer testified that Levin had a “pedophiliac interest in children” which was “intense” for three to four years. Gojer stated Levin “had sadistic impulses that seemed interwoven with his pedophilic interest” and “was on the extreme end of the sadomasochistic spectrum as it relates to the sexual abuse of children.”

I don’t think that it is a stretch to say that his views on sexuality and children reflect the broader views of Canadian progressives as a whole, and their allies in the public schools. The difference is that he just got caught.

What makes these Ontario liberals any different than the Democrat liberals we have in America? Nothing. They’re the same ideas as American Democrats hold to, but Canada is just further along at implementing them.

11 thoughts on “Canadian elementary schools vote to promote gay activism during Gay Pride month”

    1. Yeah, I think many individual gay people like Dave Rubin do more good than many straight conservatives. My article is more about the schools choosing to promote a Ben Levin agenda rather than a Dave Rubin agenda, instead of letting parents teach their kids.

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  1. What happened in Ontario since 2010 has also happened in various ways in Alberta and BC and leftist activists across Canada are pushing their agendas provincially.

    It is well overdue time for Christian parents to get serious about empowering their own kids to form clear biblical convictions concerning sex. Some are beginning to read with their kids the books in the new “Growing Up In Christ” series of age-graded books beginning with pre-readers (see

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    1. I’m doing British Columbia in tomorrow’s post. And making the link between government-run health care and the gay rights agenda. So many conservative Christian voters in Canada thought that giving control of health care to the secular government was a great idea. Any Republican voter in the USA could have explained to them the danger with giving government so much power. But Canadians were so desperate to distinguish themselves from their “crazy, gun-toting capitalist” neighbors to the south that they decided to embrace full-on socialist single payer health care. Well, wait until tomorrow’s post to see how that worked out for Christian parents.

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  2. In my former hometown, a transgendered activist read a book to a group of gradeschool kids at the public library a few months ago. I just want to leave this planet.

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    1. Just so you know, the libraries and libray associations on America are extremely far to the left, e.g. – the MLA. Public libraries are run by progressives for progressives, and at taxpayer expense.

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  3. Ever wonder why the gay pride flag is rainbow-colored? It’s sending the message that there are no moral absolutes. If it feels good, do it. Whatever works for you. Be true to yourself. Every tired, worn-out liberal trope from the hippie 60s, come of age.

    Moral relativism was garbage then and it is now. Want proof? A relativist will say that there’s no such thing as right or wrong (like homosexuality), until you tell him that such activity is sin. Then YOU’RE wrong/intolerant /evil, etc. for being judgmental. Which is the greatest sin of all.
    Such blindness. So sad.


  4. Some of the. Progressive acts in Ontario may be rolled back. The election not long back had the liberals defeated by Conservatives under Doug Ford and they want to roll back the sex Ed program to the old one.

    I am not from Ontario so I don’t know if that happened yet or not. Haven’t paid attention, but glad to see Wynne go down. The Alberta ndp gets defeated when they call an election soon.

    And hopefully Ont and Quebec vote to defeat the federal liberals in Oct


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