Why did unmarried women prefer a Democrat candidate by 42 points in Virginia?

First, the numbers from the recent Virginia gubernatorial election, courtesy of the leftist Washington Post.

There were poll numbers floating around in the days leading up to the election that suggested McAuliffe would absolutely swamp Cuccinelli among female voters and, in so doing, win a convincing victory.  But, according to exit polls, Cuccinelli only lost female voters by nine points — identical to the losing margin for Mitt Romney among women in Virginia in the 2012 presidential election. (Romney lost women nationally by 11 points to President Obama in 2012.)

Where Cuccinelli did get swamped, however, was among non-married women where he lost by a massive 42-point(!) margin, according to preliminary exit polling. While Romney didn’t fare that poorly in 2012, his 29-point loss among non-married women in Virginia was more than double his losing margin among women more broadly in the Commonwealth.

Here’s the two-pronged problem for Republicans: 1) They aren’t winning married women by nearly enough to make up for their huge deficits among unmarried women and 2) There aren’t that many more married women than single women in the electorate to make up the margins.

So, the fact that married women accounted for 35 percent of the overall electorate and Cuccinelli won them by nine points was more than offset by the fact that single women comprised 18 percent of the electorate and he lost them by six touchdowns.

(Worth noting: The married/unmarried divide isn’t just among women.  Cuccinelli won married men by six points but lost single men by 25.)

When you vote for a Democrat, you are voting for legalized abortion through all 9 months of pregnancy, gay marriage, banning guns, higher taxes and massive government spending. So how does the Democrat Party convince women to vote for those policies? Well, you can see how by looking at these official pro-Obamacare ads that are marketed to unmarried women. (H/T Amy)

OMG he's hot! Obama will give you condoms to have sex!
OMG he’s hot! Obama gives you condoms to have sex with him!

Who did this?

Got Insurance is a project of the Thanks Obamacare campaign, created by the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative and ProgressNow Colorado Education to educate everyone about the benefits of the Affordable Care Act.

See, that man is good-looking, but he has no intention of marrying that woman. He has no STEM degree, no self-control, no earned income, and desire to raise children. But she wants to have sex with him because OMG he’s hawt!!!1!, and thankfully her Obama is right there with the birth control pills and condoms to make this “work”. She is so excited to have Obamacare-sex with the hot guy! And who knows, maybe he will call her the next day and ask her what her name was.

Now you might think that appealing to unmarried women like this would not work, but actually it does work. It works because this is how unmarried women see themselves. They want to binge drink. They want to prefer men based purely on appearance and fun. They don’t want men who can protect, provide and lead morally and spiritually. They don’t want men who are “sexist” (chivalrous) and judgmental (honorable). They want to be free to act on their feelings spontaneously and then kill unborn children who get in the way of that. And they want high-earning married men to pay for the condoms through taxes. And if things don’t “work out” with the “hot guy” then they can just blame him for being a cad, and blame the alcohol they drank for making them choose that cad. It wasn’t their fault, so thank socialism that taxpayers are going to pay for it.

The Democrat Party offers unmarried women free condoms and subsidized abortions, so they can more easily engage in recreational sex, and unmarried women respond to that by electing Democrats. According to exit polls, unmarried women like Sandra Fluke voted more than 70% for Obama in 2008 and 2012. This is not my opinion, this is fact. Feminists vote Democrat, and this is feminism in action. Drink like a man. Have sex like a man. Force pro-life doctors to kill the babies. Make pro-life taxpayers pay for the abortion. That’s what unmarried women are voting for – in droves.

Application for Christians

And that’s what is facing marriage-minded men today when they look at unmarried women. That’s an attractive woman in that photo up there. Christian leaders and pastors look at a woman like that with a college degree and a job, and they say to Christian men “you need to man up and marry that fine Christian woman!”. There is almost no expectation among Christian leaders that Christian women be informed about politics, economics, apologetics, and so on. If they look good, then they must be good. And they must vote good. Except they are not and they do not.

The fact is that unmarried Christian women are often very much like unmarried non-Christian women. They believe the same. They vote the same. They watch the same TV and movies. They read the same books. They have plenty of sexual experience – if not from hook-ups, then from preferring non-Christian men to Christian men. We really need to be training unmarried Christian women to be far better at morality, politics, economics, apologetics and so on. Right now, from what I have see in the church, they are woefully inadequate for marriage. We need to look beyond the winsome appearance of Christian women, and make a right judgment about what’s underneath skin level. Instead of being guided by our eyes, and accepting a bare confession of faith, we need to look deeper – for an informed Christian worldview and actions that are consistent with that worldview.

It’s good for Christian men to treat unmarried women nicely, but unless they are qualified to be treated nicely, it does more harm than good. When an unmarried woman is engaging in behaviors that are destroying the lives of born and unborn children, and tearing the fabric of society with government debt, no-fault divorce and single motherhood, then the good man has to make a stand and say “What you are doing is evil.” Unfortunately, many Christian leaders don’t want to do that, so it’s up to regular rank-and-file Christian men to do it.

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23 thoughts on “Why did unmarried women prefer a Democrat candidate by 42 points in Virginia?”

      1. Oh, goodie! You get five times to ruin somebody else’s life!
        Seriously, when I commented on a post that women should be responsible for their own actions (that includes getting drunk). I was told that I was being “offensive” to rape victims. I would think those feminists out there would be the ones offensive, as claiming false rape delegitimizes actual rape victims.


  1. “Christian women be informed about politics, economics, apologetics, and so on.” I especially agree with this. It is safe to say that most Christians these days cannot reasonably back up their faith.


    1. Great post, Lovely – thank you!

      And WK, Your statements

      “She is so excited to have Obamacare-sex with the hot guy! And who knows, maybe he will call her the next day and ask her what her name was.”

      have now entered the Unofficial WK Hall of Great Quotes!


      1. I agree—this one was read out loud to Hubby, who was also cracking up. “Obamacare-sex”. Haha! “Her Obama is right there…”

        It’s almost as if the government is trying to destroy marriage before it even starts. But I’m just crazy.

        (All of that said—WK, not ALL Christian women are such as you describe. It certainly seems that way at times, but some still hold to the truth and live that way.)


  2. Went looking at a bunch of those Obamacare ads with my one of my daughters. We thought they had to be spoofs at first. They are creeeeeeepppppyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

    Even the few Obama supporters I know aren’t fans of them.


  3. Wintery Knight, Pres. B.O. is making it difficult for you to find a chaste unmarried woman to marry. He is promoting sins against chastity. This is the end of our civilization as we know it. It’s gone. A U.S. President promoting hook-ups. I am going to faint. No wait, I won’t faint. I think I’ll write a scathing blog!
    God bless you. Susan Fox (Do I get points for being a pro-life woman who doesn’t vote for empty-headed democrats?)


      1. Chauvinist. You think I think this way because my husband has me under his thumb! Actually, for a short period of time before I met my husband, I was a Democrat! But I was rabidly pro-life, and once I understood that Jimmy Carter’s “I’m personally against abortion” was just a ruse to act pro-abortion, I left the party forever. Now I am evolving out of the Republican Party. I give our money to the Tea Party so they can unseat weak Republicans in the primaries.


          1. Now you are calling me old! I’ll pray for you to meet a good-looking chaste conservative lady. Have you tried meeting young women who have been home-schooled? They don’t evidence any of the problems you are speaking about. I know you don’t want to find a Catholic, but young women from colleges like Ave Maria University and Christendom are both immensely smart and conservative and chaste! And cute! Susan Fox http://www.christsfaithfulwitness.com


          2. Yes I have. They don’t have any of the way problems I mentioned. Its like going back in time to when women were nice and liked to get along with men and do things together.


  4. I wish Christians cared as much about important and troubling cultural problems as they did about worship music and feeling good.

    It might be that we’re about to experience a separation of nominal Christians from those who actually believe what they say they believe. It will be interesting to watch.


  5. Josh, the Christians here do care about cultural problems. But I know what you’re talking about. We have Catholics who hide in the Church, clean it, distribute communion, read, teach catechism. Those are all great things to do, and I do them too. The Catholic Church teaches that the lay person is called to go into the world (not just the sacristy). We are to engage the world, but that can be very frightening for some. The call to holiness is universal. That means it’s for everybody. Susan Fox http://www.christsfaithfulwitness.com


    1. Oh, I know the Christians here (and on many sites) care about these sorts of problems.

      I think the majority of Christians are nominal – and that at a challenge they’ll change their title to preserve what they like about life. If anything, I think times like these with rapid cultural changes help people be honest about what they really believe – no more hiding behind false claims! Ultimately, I think that makes it easier to talk to them, because you don’t have to first clear away the misconceptions.


  6. Wintery Knight you should marry me! (J.K!) Do you realize how hard it is to find Christian men who are conservative, theologically sound, compliminatarians? It’s really hard! I don’t believe that you should compromise as a man for a woman who murders babies without remorse or who doesn’t believe in being soft and lady-like. I wouldn’t marry a man who supports abortion or one who wanted to pierce his ears and wear a skirt. Yet your critics call you “intolerant”. I came to this blog for other reasons but the content you have here is very good. I think this ad is kind of sexist towards men too…


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