MUST-READ: Why our schools are failing boys

An article from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.


According to the federal department of human resources and skills development, 18 per cent of young men 18-24 were in university in 2005-06. The equivalent figure for young women was 28 per cent.

At the same time, the high school dropout rate for male students has remained consistently higher in recent decades than that for girls, another indicator that our education system is failing our boys.

[…]I am blaming “the system” for this because we shouldn’t be blaming young male students for the difficulties they face in what is arguably an increasingly female-programmed educational culture.

[…]”Classrooms keep getting set up more and more around the verbal and less around the kinesthetic and active,” says Michael Gurian author of Boys and Girls Learn Differently. “They are increasingly becoming environments that favour the girls’ brain.”

And as enticing as the notion may be to some radical feminists, we simply cannot re-engineer the male brain. From a teacher’s perspective, at least, boys and girls are simply different.

[…]In fiction, they like text that is funny and they like material with action and description. They also seem to like to solve problems.

So why do we not treat this male brain as a springboard from which we can set the groundwork for a new generation of male scientists, engineers, teachers, journalists and businessmen? As a change from our current one-size-fits-all approach.

Please, read the whole thing. This is a news story in the state-run media of a secular Marxist-feminist welfare state, people. HOLY. SNARK.

(Actually, CBC is less crappy than other state-run media like NPR, BBC and ABC – just look at this recent CBC article by Rex Murphy that ECM sent me about Harper’s decision to prorogue the Parliament)

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6 thoughts on “MUST-READ: Why our schools are failing boys”

  1. I wouldn’t be as generous to Mr. Murphy for I believe the real reason Harper prorogued Parliament was so he’d be able to appoint some new Conservative senators and gain control of the Senate. Finally being able to enact some of his agenda legal and otherwise, rather than it being either impeded or attenuated by the feckless Senate. Yet there was no mention of this in Murphy’s illiberal piece.


  2. The schools aren’t failing the boys, the boys are failing themselves.

    Men – look at yourselves first and get yourselves re-aligned with todays world. Stop blaming the system and stop blaming women.


    1. Oh shut up, will you? It’s a fact that the education system plays more so to the female education progression mind set than the males. We are yet to have a school system that plays in to the male gender’s best way of progression, and because the ducation system refuses to actually do some changing for the male gender’s sake, males will obviously fail in education. Why is it that there are less males in education and doing worse in the education system as they used to be? Oh, did the male gender just happen to stop doing good simply because it doesn’t want to?

      Just like women don’t do good in PE unless it is fixacted on a way females can actually contribute to the lesson, but in order for that to happen, males have to do less in PE than they are capable of for the female gender’s sake. If PE had females playing to the level males do, in the way they progress in PE, they wouldn’t pass PE at all, and it’s the same situation for other subjects.

      Let me give you an example. I was terrible in school, my English, math, history, etc. They had years to help me develop. It resulted in me bunking off school my last year. Then, after I realized that I need to learn and progress, I became far better at the things the education system was supposed to teach me, which I taught myself. They had years to do this, and I was considered one of the dumb kids. I educated myself for two to three months, and then went back in to education. When I went back in education, I was considered one of the smartest in class. I got that far in two months of self education that the education system had years to do. That is a fine example of which the education system fails males.

      The education system has taken away nearly everything that males strive on to progress. They have taken away one being competition; everyone’s a winner, nobody is loses, so what do males have to strive on? Success by winning? Nope.

      Males at a young age need to burn off energy, far more than females, that’s a fact, science shows that, yet it isn’t taken in to consideration for helping male children progress. They split the two up rather than linking the two together, so that they are linking lessons with practical work, but are instead made to sit down and listen…Great way to teach hyperactive, energetic kids that can’t sit in their seat for two minutes due to their genes, right? Making such people sit and read when they have such energy they are trying to get out?
      So since they are being taught in a way that not only bores them in education, but stops them from learning, they are brought up less educated and less happy with the idea of being educated, all because the education system doesn’t educate them in the way males best learn from, but do the complete opposite; makes them learn from a way they learn the worst from.

      I could go on, but I’m not sure how long a comment this allows me to go on for, so that’ll have to do.


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