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MUST-READ: A good example of a mother parenting her boys

I have such a good story to tell you all from the dentist’s office. I was in the waiting room waiting to be called in this morning, and this woman came in with 3 boys. They seemed to be 2,3 and 5. The two youngest boys started climbing on furniture and the oldest boy started getting interested in the computer in the lobby. The mother told the boys not to start anything big because they were leaving right away.  Then she went to talk to the receptionist.

The youngest boys kept playing on the chairs, but the oldest boy was trying to figure out how to make icons open on the desktop of the Windows PC. Meanwhile, the mother got a document from the receptionist, and then she called to the boys that it was time to leave. The two youngest boys stopped climbing on chairs and they ran over to her, but the oldest was trying to figure out the computer. And do you know what the mother did?

(Try to think what you would do in this situation before continuing to read)

Well, she said to the eldest boy in a normal voice:

“Hey we’re all leaving to go out to the car now and I need you to carry this important document for me so that it doesn’t get bent or lost on the way to the car.”

The kid just shot out of his seat, raced over to her and took the document carefully from her with both hands. And out they went, with the two youngest boys trying to push the door open for her.

Anyway, I just want to say that I want to have a son or two, and I want to see my wife treat my boys like that. I want her to understand men so well that she can get them to do what they ought to do for her (and for other women) without nagging, controlling or threatening. This is how women get men to do what is good for men.

This was perfect mothering. She understands how to appeal to the male nature. In time, those boys will grow up to trust women. They will find serving women natural. She is already treating them like grown men, instead of little boys! She’s not ordering around – she’s appealing to their male natures – their desire to be depended on and trusted by women. Women need to do a better job of studying men so they know how to do this.

I once saw Andrew’s wife Jen resisting being hugged by her eldest son and telling him to go to his father. He was at the age when he needed to start to do that – she knew all about it because she’s read books like “Bringing Up Boys” by James Dobson. She’s a well-informed professional stay-at-home mother. And her husband loves her and appreciates her very much! Their children are amazing because they have a plan for how to bring them up.

Over 10,000 Minnesota tea partiers cheer Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin

Rep. Michele Bachmann speaks to over 10,000 supporters in Minnesota

Here’s the story from TwinCities.com.


Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin joined Congresswoman Michele Bachmann on a Minneapolis stage Wednesday, holding a raucous campaign rally of more than 10,000 fans that exceeded the size of many presidential whistle-stops.

Bachmann, an outspoken conservative whose national profile has made her a target of Democrats, is seeking re-election in what is expected to be one of the most expensive congressional races in the country. Palin, another conservative darling who infuriates Democrats, came to Minnesota to offer her endorsement and help raise money.

Calling Bachmann a “fireball,” Palin asked the cheering crowd, “What do you say, Minnesota? Will you do the rest of the nation a favor and elect Michele Bachmann?”

Waving signs and cheering loudly, women seemed to make up a substantial part of the crowd at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

[…]The Bachmann campaign initially planned a much smaller event, but demand grew so that the Republican Party of Minnesota — which teamed with Bachmann to stage the event — eventually handed out more than 10,000 tickets.

“I’ve been to presidential campaign rallies that drew fewer people,” party Chairman Tony Sutton said.

[…]The two women overshadowed another speaker, Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who has been laying the groundwork for a potential presidential campaign. Bachmann and Palin are both national figures who share an appeal among followers — that their words are the unvarnished, unwavering truth.

“Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin are galvanizing the conservative movement across this nation,” Sutton said.

There’s something about hearing Michele speak that men really, really like:

Bill Birckweg, of Brooklyn Park, took a day off from work to attend the Bachmann rally.

He arrived at the convention center at 9:30 a.m. and dashed in when the doors opened at noon to stand in the front row next to the stage.

“I’m an independent conservative, and I’m here to support Michele Bachmann,” Birckweg said. “She’s being targeted by the national Democratic Party. All she has done is stand up for American values. That’s what I stand for.”

Michele’s definitely a grassroots candidate who would shake up Washington if she were to be elected President in 2012.

Meet your future President, America

And from Fox News. (H/T Dad)


When Rep. Michele Bachmann grabbed the microphone and electrified a crowd of Tea Party loyalists in her home state of Minnesota on Thursday, her words — as well as a few other characteristics — bore striking similarities to another galvanizing force within the movement: Sarah Palin.

[…]”They’re both moms so there’s a lot of similarities,” said Annette Bystrom, who traveled from Ellsworth, Wis., to hear Bachmann speak. “They both stand for God, the truth and their families.

[…]”I am the chief coupon-clipper at our house,” she told a cheering crowd of 200 conservative activists outside the Minnesota state capitol. “Whoever balances the checkbook knows we gotta bring in at least a little bit more than what you put out.”

Bachmann went on to say that she and her husband, parents of five biological children (the same number as the Palins) as well as 23 foster children, “always bought used cars” and “clothes in consignment stores.”

“We’ve lived like all of you live because we balance the checkbook,” she boomed.

You can read more about her in World Net Daily, Atlas Shrugs, and World Magazine. These stories really explain why everyone, especially men, like her so much. She’s my favorite Congresswoman, and I would be very happy if she were elected President. A good start would be for her to be selected as House Majority Leader in November, when the Republicans regain control of the House of Representatives.

We need to put a normal person like Michele in charge of the country – someone who knows what it is like to homeschool children, run a business and clip coupons. Rich liberal socialists like Barack Obama have got to lose the next election to ordinary people.

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MUST-READ: Moderate George Will lauds the virtues of Michele Bachmann

Representative Michele Bachmann
Representative Michele Bachmann

Story by George Will in the Washington Post. (H/T Muddling Towards Maturity)


When Marcus Bachmann came home that Saturday evening in 2000, he checked the telephone answering machine and was mystified by the many messages congratulating his wife for something. “Michele,” he said, “do you have something to tell me?” She did.

The state senator from her district in suburban Minneapolis-St. Paul had been in office for 17 years, had stopped being pro-life and started supporting tax increases, so that morning Michele Bachmann had skipped washing her hair, put on jeans and a tattered sweatshirt and went to the local Republican nominating caucus to ask the incumbent a few pointed questions. There, on the spur of the moment, some similarly disgruntled conservatives suggested that she unseat him. After she made a five-minute speech “on freedom,” the caucus emphatically endorsed her, and she handily won the subsequent primary.


Thanks so much to Muddling for sending me this surprising article!

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