Horse Trampling Woman

Video: Trudeau’s mounted police charges protesters, tramples elderly, disabled woman

The trouble with people who are born into wealth is that they often have an inflated sense of their own ability out of all proportion to their actual skills and achievements. Justin Trudeau is a former snowboarding instructor and part-time drama teacher. He was raised by a Prime Minister, so he thinks he should have a turn. Now that he’s failed to perform, he’s using violence to silence dissent.

Trampling elderly, disabled woman

Here’s the video of Trudeau’s militarized mounted police charging the peaceful protesters in a cavalry charge, which tramples an elderly, disabled woman with a walker.

That’s the best I can do on Friday night when I’m writing this.

Assault rifles for me, but not for thee

Just to be clear, Trudeau has deployed militarized police with assault rifles to arrest peaceful protesters, and to perform illegal searches on vehicles:

Those are M-4 rifles they are carrying. They’re like our civilian AR-15 rifles, except M-4 rifles fire full automatic. One trigger pull, many bullets. Those are illegal in America. With 30 bullets per magazine, Trudeau’s militarized police could kill an awful lot of people in a short time.

One of the first things Trudeau did after he took office was enact a massive gun ban, to remove almost all firearms from civilians. That’s standard operating procedure for dictators. When you want to violate human rights, vandalize and steal property, arrest people for no reason, the first thing you do is take their guns. Everything is easy for a dictator if the dictator is the only one with guns.

As you can see, Trudeau has no problems deploying militarized police with armored vehicles, assault rifles, body armor, etc. It was also reported that he deployed snipers on the roofs. With a 50% tax rate for top earners, Canada collects a lot of tax money to spend on their militarized police force. All this battle rattle for a bunch of unarmed protesters honking their horns, and singing the national anthem. They must have been really afraid of the children jumping around in bouncy castles.

So will Trudeau be in trouble if it’s found that he ordered this cavalry charge? Not at all. The Ottawa Police will lie for him. They already are claiming that someone threw a “bicycle” at the horses, but the video is pretty clear. The “bicycle” is lying at her feet, and she is lying on the ground. They can say whatever Trudeau tells them to say, but we have video and photo evidence of what really happened.

Bicycle Lying At Her Feet

Trudeau can try to block the video in Canada, but it will survive on American web sites. Trudeau can order the blocking of those American websites in Canada, like China blocks websites with  the Ti4n4nmen Squ4re m4ss4cre videos, but Americans won’t comply. He doesn’t have a long enough reach to silence us with “publication bans”, the way that Canadian courts routinely silence Canadian journalists. And he won’t be able to run us down with soldiers on horses, either.

Several officers beat a woman with a rifle muzzle

I thought this video of several police dragging a woman behind a line of officers, and then beating her with a rifle muzzle, was interesting:

This is several very big, very strong men, beating a woman with a rifle loaded with bullets. Breaking every firearm safety rule. You NEVER point a weapon at someone like that, because of the possibility of accidental discharge. They are literally beating her with it, and the other officers in front form a line to prevent anyone from filming it.

The Ottawa Police denied that this event happened, even though it’s on film. And the Canadian mainstream news media (CBC, CTV, etc.) backed them up. More beating up of protesters here. The news media and police who are covering up this violence don’t think anyone will see these videos. Their victims are scum, they think, and deserve to be treated like this. There is nothing in the secular left worldview that would stop them from doing these things, and then lying about it. Nothing will happen to these police officers, because the secular left sees their victims as subhuman scum.

Pepper-spraying and arresting journalists

Trudeau’s militarized police are very hostile to independent journalists who report things that make him look bad.

Rebel News reports:

While covering the police action against the Freedom Convoy protesters in Ottawa, True North‘s Andrew Lawton was pepper sprayed by police.

Candice Malcolm, the editor-in-chief of True North has now hired a lawyer to take the police to court.

Trudeau bought off the big corporate journalists with taxpayer-funded subsidies, so they’re no threat to him. And he controls the government-run CBC. He pledged to give the CBC $675 million to save them from bankruptcy, because no Canadians would watch their propaganda. They won’t report anything against him. And they’re probably leading the propaganda charge to keep Canadians from finding out what really happened.

What’s interesting about the trampling of this woman is how the supporters of the dictatorship are responding on social media. She was a dangerous threat to the police. She asked for it. She deserved it. She was going to throw her walker at them, so they had to run her over. Just any kind of hypothetical they can come up with to justify violence against people they see as beneath them. It doesn’t matter if there’s no evidence for their claims, they don’t want to believe that they are on the side of intolerance and violence.

None of these videos were reported on any mainstream news media in America, except Fox News who posted this story on their front page:

Tucker Carlson covered it. And it was also on “The Five”. But Canadian progressives don’t watch these shows. They don’t see the videos. So they just mindlessly parrot whatever their politicians and journalists tell them. Most Canadians are horribly uninformed, just like most people in the Soviet Union were brainwashed.

For a Christian reflection on these events, check out Bill Muehlenbeg’s post.

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23 thoughts on “Video: Trudeau’s mounted police charges protesters, tramples elderly, disabled woman”

  1. You can vote your way into Communism, but you have to shoot your way out. And that is difficult with few guns. Which is why even many liberals in America are buying guns.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would never use firearms against law enforcement or the military. Mine are for defending my home from criminals. If the police or army ever came for mine, I would just hand them over, and then leave the country as quickly as possible.


  2. Even more scary is the speaker of the house suspended parliament Friday for possible safety concerns. The emergency act has to be debated in parliament and senate and face questions by the conservatives and bloc party that both oppose the act. So once against he tries to bypass parliamentary check and questions

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I shared that on twitter and facebook. Leslyn Lewis tweeted about it. They did that so there would be no criticism of their use of the War Measures Act. (Emergency Act)


      1. That woman is great. I would have loved to see her as conservative leader in the last election instead of otool the fake conservative getting the leadership. Plus as a bonus to see the cbc try figure out how to smear a black female lawyer from Toronto. I would assume trying to trap her on abortion is all they could do. Or just call her a white Supreme anyways

        Liked by 2 people

  3. Regarding the woman with the walker, her niece has said on social media that her aunt did NOT die. She was a sore shoulder (it was dislocated), but is otherwise all right. What I have not heard about is the guy who was also trampled. From different video angles, he appeared to be trying to shield her with his body when they were both dragged under the horses.

    The woman is Mohawk. This is not yet confirmed, but I just saw word that the Mohawk Nation has basically declared war on the federal government, and they are on their way to Ottawa.

    You might want to look up the Oka crisis to see what a bad move it is, to piss off the Mohawk.


    1. But as to misinformation they claim a protestor there a bike at a horse to startle it. No video shows this out of place bike in a city that just had a foot of snow. After the horse trampled the woman her walker hit the horse.

      That and Ottawa police denied using pepper spray even though tons of video shows the police release it. It is all information for their trusting friends that think they will never misinform

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        1. The CBC has a long reputation for false reporting, but never as bad as now!

          What’s crazy is when the Ottawa Police post about how the protesters were spraying gas at the cops, and they had to defend themselves – with a photo of a cop spraying protesters. It may not have been pepper spray (which is a different colour), but whatever it was, it wasn’t fairy dust.


          1. Either CBC or CTV called the horse trampling an “allegation”. It’s now being investigated by police internal affairs to see if the police committed a crime.


          2. The Ottawa police chief says he has no knowledge of the gas cannister being fired into the journalist’s leg:


          3. That’s why I posted the picture of the cannister. What we are talking about is the gas shooting gun and the gas cannister. Not pepper spray. They are tweeting out a picture that has nothing to do with the gas grenade.

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          4. In one of the videos I posted about yesterday, you see the police pushing people back and then you see some of them picking things up off the ground. I swear, one – or both – of the objects were hand guns. Given what had just transpired, that would mean their firearms were not holstered properly, and fell out while they were pushing people back.


      1. There actually was a guy with a bike. There is video of it, but he was not near the horses, and never lost control of his bike, which he had in front of him. Even when a cop pushed it against him like a battering ram, he did not lose his grip on it.

        And yeah, you’ll see Canadians biking in the snow. In the cities, for sure, but I’ve even passed cyclists on the highway in the middle of winter.

        Weather in Canada is weird. Especially in the cities, and especially in places like Ottawa. Between the lake effect and the milder climate, you can have a foot of snow in some places, and none at all in others. Particularly since the protesters have been so good about clearing the roads and sidewalks, and de-icing them. The roads warm up faster, and new snow will melt for quite a while, before it starts to accumulate again.


        1. He had both hands on his bike the whole time in the video. That’s why I posted the video of the horse running the woman over. They have to be talking about the elderly woman’s walker, that’s the only thing on the ground.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Yes. And the police published photo even pointed to the walker. I just added the detail because people were saying there were no bikes at all.


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