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Trudeau uses assault rifles, armored vehicles and snipers to ban peaceable assembly

On paper, Canada’s Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms offers Canadians many human rights. But those rights aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. If you challenge the dictatorship of the snowboarding instructor / substitute drama teacher, then you will face armored vehicles, assault rifles, snipers on rooftops, frozen bank accounts, arrest and criminal prosecution.

Trudeau announced Monday that he would be using dictatorial power to suppress peaceful protests by force. The Emergency Act, (formerly known as the War Powers Act), was previously used during wars and violent terrorist attacks, e.g. – kidnapping of a diplomat. In the photos, you can see heavily armed militarized police using force to arrest the peaceful protestors.


Breitbart reports:

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has invoked the Emergencies Act for the first time to squash the ongoing Freedom Convoy protests against Wuhan coronavirus restrictions, potentially giving the Canadian leader sweeping emergency powers.

[…]The Emergencies Act replaced the prior War Measures Act that was used by Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, the current prime minister’s father, during the October crisis of 1970 when members of the far-left terrorist Front de libération du Québec (FLQ) kidnapped and murdered Quebec Deputy Premier Pierre Laporte.

The act, which came into law in 1988, allows Trudeau to invoke various measures that could include banning people from gathering in certain areas as well as restricting their travel across the country.

Far-left Newsweek reported:

Police crackdowns against “Freedom Convoy” protests began on Saturday, with authorities working to clear anti-COVID-mandate demonstrators in Canada and France.

The enforcement in Canada focused on the Ambassador Bridge, which connects the city of Windsor, Ontario to Detroit. The bridge was one of the locations focused on by Canadian truckers, who formed a blockade preventing travel across the major economic thoroughfare.

On Saturday morning, reporter Sean O’Shea shared an on-the-ground look at the situation in Windsor on Twitter. At one point, he noted the presence of both “tactical teams” and “snipers on the roof.”

[…]On Friday, a judge in Canada ordered that the protestors on Ambassador Bridge to disperse. Police warned that anyone still defying the order would be arrested.

Canadian journalist Ezra Levant posted a 20-tweet thread explaining what’s happening in Canada.

What’s ironic is that the left-wing governments and police forces have declined to use such power against left-wing protesters, rioters and criminals. They stand by and watch crimes happen, and do nothing, when it’s their political allies committing crimes. But peaceful protesters get arrested by the militarized police. Their bank accounts get frozen, and they face criminal prosecution, just for standing around outside to protest government overreach.

What’s the lesson I take from this? Well, I have friends who do Christian apologetics speaking in Canada. So I already know from them that they are stopped at the borders and in the airports every time and grilled by the police about what they intend to say about abortion, same-sex marriage, Islam and other controversial topics. Canada doesn’t have a first amendment that protects freedom of speech and freedom of religion. They regularly slap publication bans on journalists who report on stories that damage the secular left elites. They lock up pastors. They shut down church services. And they violate the consciences of Christian business owners and professionals as a matter of course. They don’t respect freedom of association, or the right to peacefully protest, either.

This is not a country that I would ever visit. Who knows what would happen? If they found out that I favor natural marriage and the right to life, I could be arrested by Nazi SS and thrown into prison. Just for disagreeing with the Fuhrer Trudeau. Is it worth the risk? I’d prefer not to spend my life in prison in a frozen hellhole, thank you very much. It’s clearly not a civilized country. They don’t respect human rights, and they don’t have a stable legal system. Judges are just criminalizing behaviors from the bench, with no legislative process. You might as well vacation in Zimbabwe. This is not a developed Western nation. This is a communist dictatorship.

I’ll stay right out of there, thanks.

11 thoughts on “Trudeau uses assault rifles, armored vehicles and snipers to ban peaceable assembly”

  1. As a gov’t becomes fascist it also means it is acceptable to not trust gov’t or police. I tend to say assume the police in Canada may be dirty and trying to trap you the same with gov’t. Giving them them benefit of the doubt only goes to the advantage of wicked men.


      1. Where I live was too harsh under covid rules because money funnels from Ottawa. Taxation takes to federal and if premiers don’t partly play the game with Trudeau they get no federal funding to help with covd releaf.

        But my province was first to relax and move rules in Canada in all the main issues. And the media and federal government whined it would be catastrophic

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          1. I love my province. I used to admire Alberta too. But Jason Kenney is fake. He won’t break up govt leaders placed by a past ndp govt and they continue to use per to attack those they hate. That and attacking church pastors and placing them in jail. Alberta deserves a better premier as it has great peopke


  2. I don’t mind Trudeau refusing to even talk to truckers and being heavy handed and the media lies. More and more Canadians and realizing how bad the federal government has always been and how much the media always lied.

    The ones that blindly trust always will.

    But some premiers and major people have said this is a gov’t over reach the gov’t already had laws to deal with things and did not need extraordinary powers.

    I see it no different as some in the use needed to see Biden and Harris in power to believe how bad the far left really is.

    Sadly many only learn through bad experiences and it is why history does repeat

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      1. And now the media expose themselves as the hyenas they are going after peaceful people and lying. But in reality to make a claim that racism is deep into Canada takes a great ability to lie.


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