GoFundMe seizes nearly $10 million of donations intended for Canadian truckers

oFundMe is a far-left company that supposedly allows people to raise money for causes. At the request of the far-left Ottawa police and the far-left Trudeau government, they decided to confiscate donations for the Canadian trucker. GoFundMe says they’ll distribute it to causes they like. Previously, GoFundMe employees have donated to Antifa and other far-left groups. This is theft.

Here’s the story from Breitbart News:

In an unprecedented step, far-left funding platform GoFundMe has announced it will “redirect” donations intended for the Canadian Freedom Convoy to “credible and established charities” that are chosen by Freedom Convoy organizers and “verified by GoFundMe.”

In what is likely to go down in history as one of the most brazen actions ever taken by a Big Tech platform, money sent by small donors to the Freedom Convoy will be redirected to causes that the donors never intended to support, unless they request a refund before February 19.

[…]The Freedom Convoy, which was created by Canadian truckers to protest draconian coronavirus restrictions in the country, has captured attention around the world.

Galvanized by their effective, peaceful resistance against two years of government restrictions on everyday activities, people around the world pledged over $10 million in small donations to the Canadian truckers through GoFundMe.

But, because the fundraiser was held on a far-left platform known for shutting down fundraisers and even freezing funds destined for causes popular with conservatives, a large portion of that money (maybe even most of it, if donors aren’t alerted to the situation, and the refund deadline) is likely to be redirected to causes and charities that are vetted by GoFundMe.

The same platform that allows users to solicit donations for violent BLM-supporting felons who assaulted police officers says it took the decision because of “police reports of violence and other unlawful activity.”

GoFundMe’s decision to effectively steal the funds was welcomed by the Ottawa police and by the city’s left-wing mayor, Jim Watson.

This is not the first time GoFundMe has targeted people to the right of Antifa:

GoFundMe has a long history of bias, including banning a legal fundraiser for Kyle Rittenhouse before the teenager, now cleared of all charges, was ever convicted of a crime.

The platform also banned a fundraiser for a Texas nurse seeking to overturn an employee vaccine mandate, an election integrity project launched shortly after the 2020 election, and a fundraiser launched by conservative commentator Candace Owens for a café owner who criticized George Floyd and BLM protesters during the 2020 summer riots.

Previously, GoFundMe had promoted donations for the far-left occupation of Seattle:GoFundMe Antifa

And according to this tweet by AntifaWatch, GoFundMe employees had previously donated to an Antifa / BLM arsonist. So if they are making the decision about where the $10 million that they confiscated will go, it’s very likely going to go to far-left domestic terrorists. This would be theft, pure and simple.

Some good news

There is some good news for the truckers in Ottawa. Just as in Alberta, tow truck companies have decided not to help the fascist Ottawa mayor and the Ottawa police to tow away the trucks.

Left-leaning CTV News reports:

Local towing companies are rejecting Ottawa police requests for help towing ‘Freedom Convoy’ trucks out of the downtown core, according to a senior police source.

[…]The source said police are considering launching a criminal investigation into whether intimidation of the tow truck companies is leading to their lack of cooperation with police.

Will the truckers’ protest work? Well, it’s already worked in the province of Alberta:

As people protesting public health measures related to COVID-19 continued to impede traffic in southern Alberta on Thursday night, Premier Jason Kenney announced his government would be announcing a path forward for the lifting of public health measures next week, acknowledging many Albertans are sick of having limitations on their lives.

Let’s hope that the Canadian federal government in Ottawa comes to their senses.

10 thoughts on “GoFundMe seizes nearly $10 million of donations intended for Canadian truckers”

  1. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:
    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Never donate thru the tech companies – call and find out what the direct route is to the people whose cause you want to support.

    That is why they are so rich.


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  2. Things are changing so fast.

    The backlash was so severe, GFM (as pointed out above) is now automatically refunding donations.

    Another crowdfunding platform – a Christian on – has stepped in.


    It has difficulty loading, as they are being overwhelmed with donations coming in so quickly. It was started last night and when I first got it to load, it had over $300,000 donated. Ten minutes later, it was over $311,000. By early this morning, it was over $600,000, and people were saying it was going up by about $100,000 per hour.

    As of this writing, they’ve already broken $1,000,000.

    Meanwhile, last night peaceful protesters on the side of the road in Winnipeg, Manitoba, were rammed by a car. I believe 4 people are in hospital. The police have already arrested the driver. As far as I’m concerned, our Prime Dictator and the legacy media are directly responsible for this violence, due to their divisive and slanderous rhetoric.

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