Did Justin Trudeau’s hateful rhetoric incite an Antifa member to commit domestic terrorism?

In this post, I want to take a look at some of the rhetoric coming from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He’s been saying some very intolerant things about his fellow Canadians. After that, we’ll take a look at a recent violent crime that was committed by a radical far-left Antifa activist. It’s another in the long, long line of domestic terrorist hate crimes committed by the secular left.

First, Trudeau’s comments, reported by Life Site News:

Prime Minister Trudeau maligned Canadians who are opposed to receiving the experimental C0VID-19 gene-therapy injections as “extremists,” “racists,” and “misogynists” who deny science.

The September interview went viral on social media only late last month and has since attracted strong criticism from politicians and citizens alike.

[…]Further, Trudeau’s assertion that those opposed to v4ccination are “racist” is at odds with the fact that many of the most v4ccine-hesitant people are members of minority communities who have a strong distrust of government due to mistreatment in past generations.

In Canada, indigenous groups like the Six Nations community in Ontario have a v4ccination rate of only 46 percent as of mid-December, compared to a rate of over 85 percent for the province’s population as a whole.

In America, the group to report the highest levels of hesitancy is black Americans, with a whopping 50 percent reporting a distrust in the procedure.

Trudeau explained that people who are skeptical about the effectiveness of cloth masks and about the need for v4ccinating children under 5 “do not believe in science, who are often misogynists, often racists, too”.

Watch it here:

Did Canada know what they were doing when they elected this man? What was the point of making a skiing instructor and part-time substitute drama teacher the head of your country? He has never achieved anything on his own. When people like that fail – as they surely must – they always resort finger pointing. In the worst cases, they just pick some group of people to be the scapegoats for their own failure to achieve what they set out to achieve. I know he is handsome, and has nice hair, but you don’t want to have someone who blames all his failures on some minority’s “treachery”.

I thought this speech by Conservative MP Raquel Dancho really explained how bad things have gotten in Canada:

Moving on. Trudeau talks about his opponents being anti-science. Trudeau doesn’t have a STEM degree, and knows nothing at all about science. He is anti-science, in his actions. His sole credential is having a famous rich father, who was also Prime Minister. That’s it. He has no achievements in the competitive private sector that would qualify him to set the policy of a developed nation.

He’s also considering the use of the Canadian military to crack down on protestors.

Post Millennial reports:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responded to questions regarding the possibility of military being called into Ottawa to remove the truckers’ Freedom Convoy that has taken over and gridlocked the capital’s downtown core for nearly a week now.

Trudeau said that the military option was “not in the cards right now,” though the federal government would be there to support police of the jurisdiction and to review any formal requests sent by the city or the government of Ontario.

The protestors have not been charged with one single, solitary act of violence. You don’t even consider calling out the military to deal with non-violent protests. But do you know who has committed violence? The people who agree with Trudeau’s view of the protestors.

Canada’s Rebel News reports:

The man charged in Winnipeg for an attack on a convoy protest is a radical far-left anarchist. Police, however, are still treating the incident as a hit-and-run, rather than a hate crime.

Four people taking part in a convoy protest in Manitoba’s capital city were injured and rushed to hospital after a car plowed into the crowd. The man alleged to be the driver of the vehicle, Dave Zegarac, was taken into custody an hour later after a brief struggle with police. A white jeep can be seen hitting one person, before accelerating and hitting three more.

The crowd had gathered in Winnipeg in support of the ongoing peaceful protest by truckers and their allies in Ottawa, where they are demanding an end to C0VID restrictions and v4ccine mandates.

[…]A feature on Zegarac in the now defunct alternative online publication The Scope published in April 2008 noted Zegarac’s radical left-wing activism…

When you are in the public eye, you have to be careful with your words. You don’t want to incite some crazy extremist to violence. But Trudeau has been behaving irresponsibly. His divisive rhetoric could easily have set this Antifa lunatic off. Trudeau needs to be more careful. Or, maybe the Canadian people should be more careful about who they elect to high office.

By the way, if anyone is looking for a new prime minister, I hear that Pierre Poilievre is available. Just saying. Voted Best Constituency MP.

15 thoughts on “Did Justin Trudeau’s hateful rhetoric incite an Antifa member to commit domestic terrorism?”

    1. He’s not intellectually capable of discussing the pros and cons of different policies. He’s never had a job where he had to build something collaboratively, and leverage best practices. This is not an engineer, this is a privileged rich kid. His entire time in office is spending the money of future generations not yet born to buy voters and media companies off. Just like he bought friends with daddy’s money when he was young.

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  1. In Canada the election is won by almost fifty percent of the votes being in a region around Toronto through Montreal.

    The election is often decided before a vote comes in past the border or Manitoba West.

    Plus our system has no adjustment to votes based on census data. Albertan should gain seats and Quebec and Maritimes should lose some which would realign things but even Conservatives never took up that fight to get all votes equal.

    It is how trudea for two elections in a row can have the second most actual votes for a party yet still have a minority government.

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  2. Our actual voting system in most places are much more secure that the US. Each vote is accounted for whether used or not. No one leaves a polling station till it is counted. The Pennsylvania needing sleep would not occur.

    Most illegal influence is though media narrative that get spun. Paid influencers on social media paid by the gov’t also exist to tell young voters how great trudea is.

    Where is live the f Trudeau flags and decals have been common for years and you dont pay attention to them

    Trudeau has been divisive since he first one as western separation keeps growing in popularity as people want to control their own province and community and not have a group from Ottawa decide if their profession and job is acceptable this week

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  3. I think Trudeau wants to discredit those who protest to make people hate. He is a negative person. He did not understand the desire for freedom and the courage of these people. I respect those who protest and I do not respect this heartless prime minister. Here in Italy the government is doing the same thing. He tells lies about those who demonstrate to fuel hatred among us. Politicians are all corrupt, remember that.

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    1. In America, we have state level governments. 50 of them. So you can move to the one that suits you best. I live in a state where my state government makes me happy every day. I drive down the streets and look at the roads and just think God to be here. Not all politicians are corrupt, but you have to find the ones that aren’t and move to where they are. The mayor of my county is famous in our state for fighting the mandates.

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  4. Hi, not to be a conspiracy theorist, but, could voice of God technology have been used on the man driving the white car. I watched it happen. The protesters were exceptional and protected the Police.


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