If white Americans are racist, how come Asians do so well in America?

Asians marry before they have children, so the kids have two parents
Asians marry before they have children, so the kids have two parents

This article is written by the far-left radical Nicholas Kristof, writing in the radically-leftist New York Times. (A former newspaper)


THIS is an awkward question, but here goes: Why are Asian-Americans so successful in America?

It’s no secret that Asian-Americans are disproportionately stars in American schools, and even in American society as a whole. Census data show that Americans of Asian heritage earn more than other groups, including whites. Asian-Americans also have higher educational attainment than any other group.

[…]Does the success of Asian-Americans suggest that the age of discrimination is behind us?

A new scholarly book, “The Asian American Achievement Paradox,” by Jennifer Lee and Min Zhou, notes that Asian-American immigrants in recent decades have started with one advantage: They are highly educated, more so even than the average American. These immigrants are disproportionately doctors, research scientists and other highly educated professionals.

It’s not surprising that the children of Asian-American doctors would flourish in the United States. But Lee and Zhou note that kids of working-class Asian-Americans often also thrive, showing remarkable upward mobility.

Part of the problem is that non-Asian Americans take a passive view of life, believing that high grades come to those who are naturally smart – not to those who work harder:

There’s also evidence that Americans believe that A’s go to smart kids, while Asians are more likely to think that they go to hard workers… Asian-American kids are allowed no excuse for getting B’s — or even an A-. The joke is that an A- is an “Asian F.”

And, as the image I posted above shows, Asian girls are given boundaries on their sexuality, causing them to choose men who will be good husbands and fathers, and making those men marry before being given sex – factors proven to improve marital stability:

Strong two-parent families are a factor, too. Divorce rates are much lower for many Asian-American communities than for Americans as a whole, and there’s evidence that two-parent households are less likely to sink into poverty and also have better outcomes for boys in particular.

So, let’s be real – if white racial discrimination held non-white groups back, then Asians would be in the same situation as blacks and hispanics. But Asians are not being held back, because of their strong marriage culture and focus on hard work. Whites don’t hold anyone back. This is just a myth that Democrats use to make blacks (and hispanics) think that they need government to save them from the bogeyman. Asians don’t need saving, and neither should any other non-white groups.

We can start by shaming women of all races who choose to have sex with men who are not ready for marriage. There are lots of men out  there who are willing to marry, and that should be what women are looking for most if all in a man. That change alone will probably erase most of the achievement gap between different racial groups. Does anyone have the courage to tell young women (of all races) to be more responsible with their sexual decisions? The out-of-wedlock birth rate for blacks is over 70%. This causes massive poverty and crime in the black community. Does anyone have the courage to tell blacks that they are doing this to themselves?

17 thoughts on “If white Americans are racist, how come Asians do so well in America?”

  1. “THIS is an awkward question, but here goes: Why are Asian-Americans so successful in America?”

    Because Asians, by and large, tend to have the highest IQ levels of the general population. And I say that as one of those evil, no-good cis White males who’s responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs.

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    1. Well the article says it’s because they get married, stay married, and parent their children. The out of wedlock birth rate among blacks is 70% and no one seems to want to fix that.


      1. Because it’s easier to just say ‘racism’…than to say ‘don’t do the behaviors that cause poverty like being lazy and having kids out of wedlock’.

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  2. The fault of irresponsible sex should be addressed in churches in black communities. After all, that is one of the basic rules for God honoring living — is that addressed from the pulpit? Apparently not. Those rules teach a God-honoring life which also turns out to be a worldly successful life.

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    1. Because of my skin color it would be natural for me to prefer a non-white wife. Unfortunately, not only do we have this crisis of irresponsible recreational sex with hot bad boys, but black women vote 98% Democrat, i.e. for Infanticide, gay marriage, illegal immigration, higher taxes, etc.

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      1. White women are no prizes either, brother, but I’m sure you know that anyway. My skin is white, but I don’t see any reason to put my life as it is on the line in exchange for nothing but financial burdens and baggage of all kinds not of my making. That goes for women of any color in the western world.

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        1. I think Asian women are the best bet. I would love to have married some Asian tiger mom who produced four PhD children. My passion is apologetics, and I would have loved to have worked to raise some influential scholars. Unfortunately, talk like that was of no interest to women. They didn’t like me having a plan, it felt too structured and transactional. Having any sort of plan to produce a result was viewed with hostility, because it involved obligations and accountability.

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          1. Sad but true, and that is driven by the media that applauds and, thus, encourages such behavior. Media also encourages irresponsible acts on the male side as well. Both race down a path that, ultimately, leads to bad endings.


  3. “Does anyone have the courage to tell blacks that they are doing [bad stuff] to themselves?”
    Two names immediately come to mind: Thomas Sowell and Walter E. Williams.

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  4. Anthony,
    Don’t forget Cosby, and even Obama. It’s not because a lack of knowledge they make the choices they make.
    I know one party that is completely afraid to tell Christian blacks they are living wrongly – white pastors. They beat on us telling us we need to be less white of a congregation (my very conservative church pushes for diversity) but they say not a peep about the 70% figure. I am confident they would respond that they are not cowardly, but are being biblically respectful of pastor’s flocks.

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    1. It would be better for everyone if Christian pastors were color-blind, and just preached the good moral duties prescribed in the Bible. That doesn’t mean being mean or excluding others who fail, but we should on the standards, and not bend the standards for anyone’s feelings. Feelings are stupid, and they get people into trouble.

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  5. It would seem from the article that asians still accept the idea of wisdom and proverbs, respect and learning from elders.

    Along with no making excuses and blaming others for your failure. I doubt the successful Asian kids would have gotten away with an attempt to blame their failure on a teacher or friend or everyone else.

    Wisdom, morals and personal accountability are useful to succeed and if any group embraces those ideas they will succeed more than another group

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      1. Look forward to your update.

        There are some exceptions, however in the 2016 election, Asian-Americans were the category who voted most solidly for the D candidate.

        The affirmative-action case at Harvard, being one of the exceptions you might include.

        I am saddedned that on WordPress, most of the Asian bloggers still feel that they are “oppressed” by white America. Most of that is misguided college kids however.

        Check under the “Asian” tags for blogs on some of those perspectives. (Skip the porn and the cooking sites, though — ha.). You are going to see many posts about how much “racism” they face. It is an illusion, of course, but how will you change opinions?


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