Can blacks and Hispanics blame their troubles on racism by whites?

Does government provide incentives for people to get married?
The success of children is due to their parents’ choices, not from outside racism

If the underperformance of blacks and Hispanics in America were caused by racism by whites, then it follows that Asian-Americans would be underperforming as well. But Asian-Americans are outperforming whites. Let’s look at three reasons why, and see if blacks and Hispanics can learn how to succeed by looking at the Asian example.

Here is the summary of this post:

  1. Asian Americans marry before they have children
  2. Asian Americans save more of what they earn
  3. Asian Americans monitor their children’s educational progress

Now let’s take a look at each of these in order.

Asians marry before they have children, so the kids have two parents
Asians marry before they have children, so the kids have two parents

1. Asian Americans marry before they have children

This article is from Family Studies.

It says:

Eight in ten Asian-American kids live with married birth parents, compared with about seven in ten European-American kids, five in ten Hispanic-American kids, and only about three in ten African-American kids. Half of black children live with their mothers only, compared to three in ten Hispanic children, less than two in ten white children and less than one in ten Asian children.

Naturally, children who have two parents to look after them do better, because one parent alone cannot work and do household chores and monitor the children as easily as two parents can. The decision about whether to have sex before marriage is entirely under the control of the grown-ups. It cannot be blamed on racism, poverty and other non-moral pre-occupations of the secular left. Marriage is a moral issue, and Asian-Americans do the moral thing, and marry before they have children.

Asian household wealth set to surpass whites
Asian household wealth set to surpass whites

2. Asian Americans save more of what they earn

This article from CNN Money explains:

Asians have had higher median incomes than their white counterparts, according to a new study by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. The typical Asian family has brought home more money for most of the past two decades.

[…][Asians] will surpass whites in net worth in the next decade or two, Fed researchers said.

[…]In 1989, the median Asian family had about half the net worth of its white peer. By 2013, they had more than two-thirds.

The gap between whites and blacks and Hispanics, meanwhile, remained little changed over that time period.

Asians have similar financial habits to whites, in terms of investing and borrowing. Both groups are more likely than blacks and Hispanics to invest in stocks and privately-owned businesses and to have more liquid assets, which serves as a buffer against financial shocks. And, on average, the former have about half as much debt as the later.

As a result, Asians and whites have more financial stability than blacks and Hispanics, which also allows the former to build more wealth.

Everyone has to earn and save money, but in some cultures, it becomes normal to not save part of what you earn. That needs to stop. But it has nothing to do with discrimination due to skin color. In Asian culture, there is no glorification of consumer spending on sparkles, bling and other ostentatious wealth. Asians don’t want to appear to be wealthy, they want to actually be wealthy – by saving money.

Composite SAT scores by race and income levels
Composite SAT scores by race and income levels: Asians outperform at every income level

3. Asian Americans monitor their children’s educational progress

This article from Investors Business Daily explains how Asian parents don’t just make demands on their kids to learn, they actively monitor their progress and talk to their kids’ teachers:

Asian-American parents tend to oversee their children’s homework, hold them accountable for grades and demand hard work as the ticket to a better life. And it pays off: Their children are soaring academically.

[…]As a group, Americans need to take a page from the Asian parents’ playbook. American teens rank a dismal 28th in math and science knowledge, compared with teens in other countries, even poor countries.

Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan are at the top. We’ve slumped. For the first time in 25 years, U.S. scores on the main test for elementary and middle school education (NAEP) fell. And SAT scores for college-bound students dropped significantly.

[…]Many [Asian students]from poor or immigrant families, but they outscore all other students by large margins on both tests, and their lead keeps widening.

In New York City, where Asian-Americans make up 13% of overall students, they win more than 50% of the coveted places each year at the city’s eight selective public high schools, such as Bronx Science and Stuyvesant.

What’s at work here? It’s not a difference in IQ. It’s parenting. That’s confirmed by sociologists from City University of New York and the University of Michigan. Their study showed that parental oversight enabled Asian-American students to far outperform the others.

No wonder many successful charter schools require parents to sign a contract that they will supervise their children’s homework and inculcate a work ethic.

You can see an updated image with the latest scores here.

It’s not enough to just outsource the education of your children to a bunch of non-STEM education-degree-holding teachers. Teachers can be good, and some work very hard. But the Democrat teacher unions prevent the firing of teachers who underperform. This is especially true in non-right-to-work states (Democrat states). So, you cannot depend on teachers to educate your children, and Asian parents don’t. That’s why their kids learn. Performance of children in school is not affected by discrimination against skin color, it’s affected by the level of involvement of parents.


We have learned that the success of Asian-Americans in America is all earned. And this proves that there is no such thing as “racism” that holds back non-whites. If blacks and Hispanics imitated the behaviors of Asians (not whites, but Asians), then they would achieve just as well as Asians do. It’s not a race problem, it’s a behavior problem. It’s not a “racism” problem, it’s a behavior problem. It’s an us problem, it’s not a them problem.

4 thoughts on “Can blacks and Hispanics blame their troubles on racism by whites?”

  1. the fact that you cannot see that racism plays a huge part in the lives of blacks and hispanics is very troubling.


  2. The narrative is changing, rather than to look at these things, to Asians are racist and can’t be considered “minorities”. After all, there are nearly 2 billion of them, all enjoying their Asian privilege, right?

    Saving money is portrayed as racist because if you point out saving money is something that people should do you are ignoring that only whites, and Asians, are privileged enough to have money to save, because other ethnicities are denied the jobs that would allow them to earn enough and keeping them as modern wage slaves. Just as STEM subjects are sexist because fewer women study them. ( Being in the technology field, the leaders in the field would absolutely love more women in the field so if you are looking at who steers females away the answer looks suspiciously like teachers, who seem to lean Dem. Unless one is uncouth enough to claim there are gender differences that aren’t socialized.)

    The problem comes down to emotion vs logic. The left knows that you can’t get people fires up by throwing facts at them. You can get them fired up if you show people injustice ( even if they have to make it up or create it) because no matter what your views are in the actual facts, most people want to fight the good fight and get rid of it and are willing to sacrifice to do it. You can throw all the facts you want, but rhetorically all they have to do is bring a poor child on camera and say “Little Sally did’t eat today because her father was shot by a racist cop, her mother is getting paid less than her male coworkers, and her future doesn’t look better because the government is more interest in attacking teachers for outcomes than giving them the money to properly teach her. Why do people on the right hate her so much, that they refuse to help her? The answer is simple. She’s not white enough.”

    Little Sally, unfortunately, will learn that this is how one reasons and become a barista with a Masters in Social and Gender Studies complaining how she isn’t getting paid as much as the Petro-Chemical engineers who she is serving coffee to, while the media makes the claim that she is still being treated unfairly because Petro-Chemical engineers are more than 50% male. She has no interest in becoming a Petro-Chemical engineer, because she thinks it sounds boring and requires a lot of hard work, but her profs ( and the media) have made it clear to her that if society had been less racist and misogynistic she would be getting the same pay.


    1. So true; if the facts aren’t corresponding with the leftist/socialist/Marxist media narrative, then facts are irrelevant — it’s ALWAYS ‘racism’.
      The general public is mostly aware that any charge of ‘racism’ nowadays is usually just a smokescreen for the speaker’s own intolerance.
      Remember what the one TeaParty sign holder put on his sign (undoubtedly for the benefit of the aforesaid media): “It doesn’t matter WHAT this sign says, you’ll call it ‘RACIST’ “.


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