Should men marry women who don’t want to be wives and mothers?

Consider this article by Suzanne Venker from National Review. (H/T Salvo Mag)


A new report by Pew Research Center shows that barely half — 51 percent — of adults in the United States are married. In place of marriage are nontraditional living arrangements — including cohabitation, single-person households, and single parenthood — that may likely continue. The share of adults who are currently married could drop to below half within several years.

While the report says it’s “beyond the scope of this analysis to explain why [emphasis mine] marriage has declined,” senior writer D’Vera Cohn adds this: “I’m struck by the fact that a large percentage of people who say that marriage is obsolete still want to get married. I think they may be having two ideas in their head at once: one about the institution of marriage and what its status is in society today, which is to say that it’s a lot less dominant, central, or important in society, [and another about] their own wishes for their future, in which they personally would very much like to be married.”

Indeed they do. But some major changes have to take place first.

[…][W]e must retract the message Boomers sent young women about female empowerment. Indeed, it isn’t a coincidence that marriage rates have plummeted alongside America’s fascination with the feminist movement. Empowerment for women, as defined by feminists, neither liberates women nor brings couples together. It separates them. It focuses on women as perpetual victims of the Big Bad Male. Why would any man want to get married when he’s been branded a sexist pig at “hello”? In the span of just a few decades, women have managed to demote men from respected providers and protectors to being unnecessary, irrelevant, and downright expendable.

[…]Women have also been raised by their feminist mothers to “never depend on a man.” As a result, couples no longer think of themselves as one unit but as separate entities sharing space. “The confusion over roles is there, as are the legacies of a self-absorbed, me-first, feminist-do-or-die, male-backlash society,” wrote Judith Wallerstein and Sandra Blakeslee in The Good Marriage: How and Why Love Lasts. Honestly, are we really surprised marriage is on the decline?

[…]There may be more than one reason Americans are delaying or eschewing marriage, but almost all of them can be attributed to feminism. Feminists assured women their efforts would result in more satisfying marriages, but that has not happened. Rather, women’s search for faux equality has damaged marriage considerably (some might say irrevocably, but I’m an optimist) by eradicating the complementary nature of marriage — in which men and women work together, as equals, toward the same goal but with an appreciation for the unique qualities each gender brings to the table. Today, men and women are locked in a battle. The roles have changed too drastically, and the anger runs deep.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t call that progress.

You know something? Women can’t neglect the roles of men in a marriage and then expect to get married to a man. That is going to come to a shock to a lot of feminists who think that they can act selfishly and men will still continue to woo them and marry them and love them faithfully for life. Men have noticed that feminists are no longer interested in being wives and mothers. And that feminsts are no longer respecting men for their traditional roles as protectors, providers and moral/spiritual leaders. Feminists don’t want men who earn and save – that’s bad because men who earn and save have authority to make decisions, unless the woman works too. They don’t want men who can use guns to defeat burglars and use reason and evidence to defeat lies – that’s bad because guns and truth are scary. They don’t want men who make moral judgments and exclusive theological statements – that’s bad because moral judgments and exclusive theological statements can hurt people’s feelings, and make women less popular with her friends.

According to feminists, men are supposed to be fun, funny and sexy! They should provide drama and turmoil – not stability. It’s the government’s job to provide, protect and lead. Men should be replaced by welfare checks, policemen and universal public school education for children – from birth to adulthood. But all of those views are completely opposed to marriage – so why do feminists think that are suitable for marriage? What man in his right mind would consider marriage to a feminist? Marriage isn’t when a woman does whatever she feels like all the time, and neglects her husband and children. Marriage means that women take care of their husbands and children, and in return husbands take care of their wives and children, too.

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5 thoughts on “Should men marry women who don’t want to be wives and mothers?”

  1. This article is extremely foolish and one-sided. I know many couples which both spouses work, treat each other as equals instead of the ‘man is the head of the house’ garbage, have well-adjusted children, ect that are quite happy and fulfilled in their marriages. Oh and this statement about now ‘men are expendible’, well guess what women have been even more expendible since the dawn of time. No wonder women these days reject Christianity, who wants to be a subservient slave? Newsflash: men are not leaders, providers, or protectors and never have been. women are not talented homemakers and mothers and never have been. This caveman ideology is ridiculous and was the cause of the feminist movement itself. Come on, women are humans demanding dignity and freedom just like men. Using religion to scare women into submission just doesnt fly anymore.

  2. Almost all women in the West and Western-influenced world, even when they think themselves opposed to feminism, are infected with and poisoned by feminism. Government is heavily infiltrated with feminists, who use their power to promote and to impose feminist thinking on people.
    Everywhere you go most government offices are staffed primarily by women – largely never-married and divorced.
    The woman who recognizes these things has a hard road ahead. Just identifying the various feminist microbes that she must constantly resist is difficult. Her women friends at church are infected. Words and phrases used in promoting feminist doctrines pop up in conversation. If there are divorced women there, they usually will criticize their “ex-” husbands (see Romans 7:2, 3). Hearing this presses the other married women to chime in with the deficiencies of their husbands.
    How is a Christian woman who really believes she is to be guided by the counsel of Scripture to resist and oppose this? She must never criticize her own husband to these women. She must never support their wicked – yes, wicked – attacks on men, even if she knows that some of what they say is true (all men are defective: there are none perfect). If she has need for counsel in some problem with her own husband, she should seek out a trusted elder in the church who has been married for a long time and who has a “Proverbs 31” wife and has raised faithful children for counsel.
    “Fascinating Woman” gives much worthwhile counsel mostly in harmony with the Bible.

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