Sex education for kindergarteners proposed in Helena, Montana

From the Family Research Council. (H/T Muddling)


Unfortunately, sex education that indoctrinates children into a liberal sexual ideology is no longer being found just in big cities and liberal “blue states.” It’s reaching even small cities in the heartland, like Helena, Montana–where Tuesday night, parents and other citizens will have their first chance to respond to an outrageous new K-12 health curriculum (pages 45-50) that’s been proposed there.

It would teach kindergarteners the names of male and female sex organs, first graders about homosexuality, and fifth graders about “oral or anal penetration.” It would also teach sixth graders about sex changes, and high schoolers would be taught to “understand erotic images in art.” These lessons aren’t age-appropriate, and may result in more confusion than understanding. For example, in elementary school virtually all children like their own sex better than the opposite sex–we should not be planting the idea that this might mean they are “gay.” In fourth grade they would learn that “taunting” and “teasing” may be illegal sexual harassment. Sadly, teasing and taunting are sometimes a fact of life for fourth graders, but they have nothing to do with sex. And here’s the kicker–the program’s implementation may be paid for with federal “stimulus” money.

You can kind of get an idea of what their goals are for your children. They want your children to oppose chastity and oppose traditional marriage, etc. and they think that these attitudes are healthy.They want your children to normalize behavior that you might think is unhealthy and immoral. And they don’t ask parents for permission to indoctrinate your children. They take your money, and change your children’s beliefs to match their worldview. And they tell the children not to tell their parents anything of what goes on in the classroom. In some places, there is no parental notification, and no opt out.

Here’s a video with a sex educator squaring off against an FRC scholar.

There are real people pushing this on children – your children – and they’re not sorry! And these are the people who decide how MY tax dollars will be spent, and the rules by which my kids and the neighbor’s kids will be educated. This is what you get when you vote for Democrats.

Remember Kevin Jennings, Obama’s safe schools czar. A vote for Obama was a vote to sexualize children.

2 thoughts on “Sex education for kindergarteners proposed in Helena, Montana”

  1. da b: “If parents are doing their job this should be supplementary…”

    da man: “my job as a parent has been to shelter my son from these kind of things”

    And a very good closing: the real question is whether this decision is for parent to make or for government to decide.

    Well, if someone wants to teach their 5 years old about oral/anal sex, then by all mean, do it in your own home with your own kids!


  2. I believe any and all “sex ed” to minors who cannot legally have sex (14-16 depending on state and circumstances) amounts to aiding and abetting a minor in a delinquent activity and I really wish a parent or group of parents would have the guts to sue the school and state one good time for this.

    Ever wonder why drug programs like DARE don’t teach responsible drinking or toking? BECAUSE ITS ILLEGAL!

    Let’s avoid the moral argument altogether here and approach this purely on existing legal grounds.


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