Less than half of 7 to 21 year old women think marriage precedes child-bearing

The UK Telegraph reports on a survey of 1,109 British females. (H/T Andrew)

As I reported earlier, women today really do prefer big government to husbands!


A ground-breaking series of studies, published next month, show liberal attitudes towards the make-up of the family, religion and cultural integration among the modern generation of girls and young women.

The survey, which questioned a representative sample of 1,109 seven to 21 year-olds across the UK, found that a third of girls in the younger age group thought they would be “grown up” by the age of 15, while 90 per cent of 16 to 21-year-olds regarded themselves as “grown up”.

Girls were generally positive about marriage but less than half thought it should come before parenthood. One in four thought it was “OK to get married several times”, rising to a third in the 16 to 21 age range.

One finding suggested that some teenagers actively plan to become single mothers. Of the girls questioned who had left schools and were unemployed, almost half (45 per cent) expected to have a baby before they were 21.

Try to keep in mind that what is best for children is a stable union of two opposite-sex, biologically-related parents that lasts from conception until they are grown up. What young women in the UK are saying is that the needs of their future children, or of society as a whole, don’t matter. Society as a whole will have to pay the social costs of out-of-wedlock children through higher taxes. I would guess that most of these women are fatherless themselves. What a tragedy!

Meanwhile, the results of the feminist plan of for anti-abstinence sex education are in: 1 in 4 teenage girls has an STD. This is another reason why I think my decisions to remain chaste and not to marry are warranted. It’s a different world tpday. My values are not the values of today’s young unmarried women. My goals are not the goals of today’s young unmarried women. And feminists are running the show now with huge amounts of taxpayer money, including a bunch from me that I needed to fund my marriage. Even if the right girl came along, how could we escape the high taxes needed to support the welfare state? Someone has to pay for all these broken homes.

3 thoughts on “Less than half of 7 to 21 year old women think marriage precedes child-bearing”

  1. Wow…. I’d be interested to know if the views of the same focus groups here in the US are of the same thought process.. if so, we have some BIG challenges ahead of us! I have to say, this article was eye-opening if not shocking..


    1. We’re not doing a good job of raising children to appreciate the needs of other people, or also giving them the evidence that shows the effects of certain decisions on the children. I would say there is also a moral component – in order to tell a young woman that her need for happiness does not allow her to do actions that would harm innocent children.


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