New study shows that children of working mothers live unhealthier lives

Story here from the Ottawa Citizen. (H/T Ben)


Children whose mothers work are less likely to eat healthily or exercise as often as children with stay-at-home mums, according to a British study that is likely to raise the hackles of working mothers.

The UK Millennium Cohort Study looked at the dietary habits and physical activity of more than 12,500 children from the age of nine months to the age of five.

It found that, regardless of ethnicity, maternal education or job level, children whose mothers worked part or fulltime were less likely to eat fruits or vegetables at meals or as snacks.

They would also sit in front of the television or the computer for more than two hours a day while children of non-working mums would watch TV or be on the computer less than two hours.

The study also said these children were more likely to drink sweetened beverages such as sodas in between meals, snack on crisps and be driven to school, compared to walking or cycling.

One more reason that we should be cutting taxes and encouraging women to stay home with children if they want to do it. Children really are far more important than work or money. Work and money have value for giving donations to charity, but every child has the potential to change the world for Christ and his Kingdom. As a result, we should be enacting policies that make it easier for Mom to stay home.

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3 thoughts on “New study shows that children of working mothers live unhealthier lives”

    1. You must be joking. All the studies we have show that the mother is absolutely vital to bond with the child over the first 2 years, at least. Women are absolutely essential to raising up children who will nbe mentally and physically healthy. There is no substitute. And the more education she brings to the table, the better she will be at homeschooling – which is far, far, far better than public schooling. (Except for maybe lab work – but I would use private schools for grade 9 and up). Children need mothers, and fathers too.


  1. I’m not joking actually. I am not surprised at the results of the British study – that children raised with a mother at home are better off than one’s without. But that research only looked at Mom versus No Mom. A more balanced study would have looked at Parent versus No Parent, which I imagine would have similar results.

    It seems likely that many families would choose for mom to stay at home, but surely there are some that would choose for dad to stay at home while mom works, and if we’re going to enact laws to encourage one, then we should include the other as well.


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