If you favor abortion rights, then you favor sex-selection abortions

Consider this article from LifeSiteNews about India’s alarming sex ratio.


India’s feminists and population control-pushing government are “stumped” by the dramatic drop of female births among the wealthier classes due to sex-selective abortions, reports the Globe and Mail’s Indian correspondent Stephanie Nolen.

Due to a ‘son preference’ in Indian culture, the use of new technologies to detect and abort baby girls has become widespread.

Technically it has been illegal in India to tell couples the sex of their unborn child or to abort based on sex since 1994.  This law, however, is rarely enforced.  Consequently, sex-selective abortion practices are rampant and the ratio of girls to boys is continuing to fall.  India’s 2001 census revealed that there were only 927 girls aged 0-6 per 1,000 boys, a marked drop from the 1991 census, which found 945 per 1000.  This means that in that decade there were 35 million fewer females registered in the country than males, according to Canada’s International Development Research Centre.

The statistics in certain areas are shocking.  The IDRC revealed last year that the wealthier urban families of the Indian Punjab have merely 300 girls for every 1,000 boys.  In South Delhi, the ratio is 832:1000, and in the state of Haryana it’s 822:1000.

If you are in favor of abortion, then you are in favor of murdering women just because they are women. Every person who voted for Barack Obama voted to murder women just because they are women. Abortion is the ultimate domestic violence against women.

11 thoughts on “If you favor abortion rights, then you favor sex-selection abortions”

  1. This is a liberal dream. Not only do they get more abortions this way but also this will force the acceptance of the gay lifestyle.

    After all every one is entitled to a romantic relationship, yet there won’t be enough girls to go around.


      1. I have been spending hours and hours lately talking to single Christian women face to face and by online chats, and I have to tell you, women really are delightful creatures to talk to. Why don’t pro-abortionists agree with me that women are valuable and worthy of life?


  2. China are heading down the same path after mandating their one-child policy in the early ’80s. As a result, parents have been aborting their unborn girls and trying to conceive again in favour of keeping their one-child allocation for a future son.

    This is forcing tens of millions of Chinese males to remain unmarried and childless.



  3. That bit about Punjab is so true! Heard they are marrying Taiwanese girls ’cause there are not enough Punjabi women. But ‘India’s feminist and population control pushing government’???? Uhm…well, yeah they are secular and secularism comes with some weird views but guess what the Indian Health Minister’s suggestion for population control in India is?? TV sets for all rural households so they would prefer watching late night TV over procreating!!! That’s hardly ‘population control pushing’. You can hardly have a forceful law like that in my country and am thankful India did not emulate China like what Sanjay Gandhi dreamed of doing!!

    “Technically it has been illegal in India to tell couples the sex of their unborn child or to abort based on sex since 1994. This law, however, is rarely enforced.”

    This bit isn’t completely true either. It’s practiced strictly in the 30 percent urban population (at least in south of India. I’d say south Indians are far better educated and have a better sense of morality than North Indians. No wonder there are more Christians in South India than in North) and the rural population don’t go about checking the sex of the babies to be born. They kill them AFTER they are born mostly! So its not really abortion we are talking about here. It’s absolutely heart-breaking, but at least it’s much better than it used to be decades ago! Anybody who kills girl children are just horrendous lazy misogynists. Horrendous and misogynist ’cause of the very act and lazy ’cause having girl children means having to work harder to give lot of money as dowry. It’s the whole culture and system that’s wrong out here!!! Why should anyone take money from girls to marry them!!

    And as for Matthew’s comments, now people would know how utterly deceiving, manipulative and ineffectual a Communist regime really is. They might be strong now, but most of their population belong to the 50+ category and with very less women that country has dug it’s own grave!


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