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Associated Press: Obama’s health care plan would allow coverage for abortion

The story from the left-wing Associated Press is here.

Let’s be clear. The Democrat health care plan would spend taxpayer money collected from pro-life taxpayers on abortions that take the lives of innocent unborn persons.


Health care legislation before Congress would allow a new government-sponsored insurance plan to cover abortions, a decision that would affect millions of women and recast federal policy on the divisive issue.

It turns out that this is a CORRECTION of an earlier story by the AP printed a few days back that was NOT ACCURATE.

According to LifeNews.com: (H/T Gateway Pundit)

Two days after LifeNews.com exposed an Associated Press article that mislead its readers on the abortion funding contained in the government-run health care plans, AP has backtracked. The news service is now reporting that the bills Congress is considering will result in taxpayer-funded abortions.

AP features a new article today with the headline, “Gov’t insurance would allow coverage for abortion.”

This is what “Christians” who voted for Obama have accomplished – subsidies for abortions that will increase the number of abortions. Intentions don’t matter in life, only results matter. The results of electing Democrats will be more innocent lives lost. All for want of a little knowledge.

Rep. Mike Pence drafts amendment to defund Planned Parenthood

Article here from OneNewsNow.

Full text:

Pro-life Congressman Mike Pence (R-Indiana) has drafted an amendment to defund Planned Parenthood.

Pence’s amendment is attached to a Department of Health and Human Services funding bill that, in part, throws federal tax dollars Planned Parenthood’s way. Justin Aquila of the Susan B. Anthony List tells OneNewsNow the abortion provider receives a sizeable part of the appropriation.

“In the past two years, Planned Parenthood has received $350 million [in taxpayer funding],” he notes.

That taxpayer support goes to a non-profit organization that reports a sizeable profit each year, generates annual revenues in excess of one billion dollars (according to its most recent annual report), and performs many of the abortions done in the U.S. Aquila points to the abortion figures for last year.

“[They performed] 290,000 abortions, which is 25,000 more than the previous year — and approximately one in every five abortions occurs at a Planned Parenthood facility,” he adds.

People can encourage their elected representatives to vote for the amendment by going to the Susan B. Anthony website. “To flood the House all week would be great,” says the pro-life activist.

Otherwise, notes the pro-life group, Congress will continue to “pump millions of your tax dollars” into the abortion industry each year. Surveys have indicated the public does not want their taxes used to fund abortions.

I wonder how the Democrats will vote on this one.

Planned Parenthood conceals rape and breaks the law

Story is at Hot Air. (H/T The Pugnacious Irishman)

Ed Morrissey writes:

Lila Rose and Jackie Stollar have another of their series of exposés of Planned Parenthood clinics and their refusal to follow the law in reporting sexual abuses of underaged girls.  This time, Lila and Jackie went to Birmingham, Alabama to procure an abortion as a 14-year-old girl impregnated by a 31-year-old man.  According to Alabama law, that’s statutory rape, and the law requires any health-care provider to report it to law enforcement.  Does this PP clinic follow the law?

Click through to Hot Air and watch the video to find out what happens!

LaShawn Barber notes the pro-abortion response to being caught:

U.S. News and World Report blogger Bonnie Erbe wants to know why the pro-life crusader hasn’t been arrested for trespassing or fraud, and – get this – Planned Parenthood has posted Lila Rose’s picture so its disgraceful workers will be on the alert.

Pro-life spies kick butt!

Also see my previous post on how the “non-profit” Planned Parenthood makes millions in profits while still receiving taxpayer subsidies.

Round-up of stories on adult stem cell research and abortion

As you know, Obama is making scientific progress and patient care take a back-seat to feminist ideology. He appeases his pro-abortion special interest groups by wasting money on unproven embryonic stem cell research, while neglecting proven therapies based on adult stem cell research. Who cares about patient liberty and curing diseases?

Let’s take a look and see what adult stem cells can do.

UPI reports that adult stem cells can revert to an embryonic state.

U.S. scientists say they have, for the first time, returned adult mouse cells to their embryonic pluripotent state, meaning they can become any cell type.

The University of California-San Francisco researchers said they used tiny molecules called microRNAs to reprogram the cells.

The achievement suggests scientists will soon be able to replace retroviruses and even genes currently used in laboratory experiments to induce pluripotency in adult cells. The researchers said that would make potential stem cell-based therapies safer by eliminating risks posed to humans by these DNA-based methods, including alteration of the genome and risk of cancer.

Adult stem cells provide solutions for stroke victims.

The good news continues to flow about the first stroke patient successfully treated in Houston using the patient’s own adult stem cells. The patient, Roland Henrich, was originally admitted to the emergency room at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center on March 25, 2009 with signs of stroke–he could not speak and had significant weakness on his right side. Because it was beyond the few hours window for use of the clot-dissolving drug TPA, the adult stem cell trial was his only option. The next day some of his bone marrow was removed, the adult stem cells separated, and returned intravenously to the patient. In less than a week doctors noted that he was recovering remarkably well and had not shown any signs of paralysis. Within 11 days of the treatment Mr. Henrich was walking, climbing stairs unassisted, and said his first word after the stroke, captured on a local news video and surprising his own doctor and leader of the clinical trial, Dr. Sean Savitz. His wife says now he has spoken several single words and phrases and has fed the cows by himself.

Adult stem cells provide solutions for infertile women.

Chinese scientists have published a study in Nature Cell Biology that suggests even older females retain adult stem cells that can stimulate fertility, including the production of more eggs. The evidence is in contrast to the usual dogma that women have a finite number of immature eggs, some of which mature and are ovulated, and that the number of eggs becomes depleted with age. Tilly et al. recently reviewed the evidence for and against production of new eggs after birth. Tilly’s group was one of those recently to challenge the dogma with evidence that new egg production could occur in mammals.

What the Chinese group showed is that ovaries contain stem cells that can produce more eggs, similar to the stem cells in testes that produce sperm.

Adult stem cells provide solutions for healing bones.

Patients confined to wheelchairs have been able to walk or live independently again because their broken bones finally healed, thanks to a drug that stimulates their adult stem cells. Preliminary results presented at the Orthopaedic Research Society meeting found 93% of those with an unhealed bone fracture had significant healing and pain control after treatment for only 8 to 12 weeks. Half of the 145 patients studied had non-healing fractures for 6 months or longer. The drug, teriparatide (Forteo), was approved by the FDA in 2002 for treatment of osteoporosis. A team led by Dr. J. Edward Puzas at the University of Rochester Medical Center discovered that this drug can also boost the body’s bone adult stem cell production to the point that adults’ bones appear to heal at a rate typically seen for young kids.

Adult stem cells provide solutions for diabetes.

Another success for adult stem cells, again treating Type I (juvenile) diabetes patients. As reported in a study published today in the Journal of the American Medical Association, 20 of 23 patients became insulin-independent after treatment with their own bone marrow adult stem cells. This report is a follow-up to the previous report by Voltarelli & Burt in 2007, and includes new patients as well as a longer period to follow the patients. Some of the patients have gone for four years insulin-free. The authors note in the paper that this adult stem cell treatment “remains the only treatment capable of reversing type 1 diabetes in humans.”

Adult stem cells provide solutions for treating ligaments and tendons

Recent news from London that adult stem cells will be used to repair damaged tendons and ligaments in patients. This isn’t really a new technique, but the interesting thing is that the technique is now used routinely in horses and other animals. Finally, the realization has hit that this adult stem cell treatment might work for people, too. More than 1,500 race horses have been treated using the same process, and follow-up data suggest a 50 percent reduction in re-injury over a three year period, compared with conventional treatment.

We don’t need to kill innocent unborn humans in order to make medical progress. We don’t need an excess of 32 million males due to anti-female sex-selection abortions. And we don’t need to subsidize Planned Parenthood with 350 million dollars when they already have net assets of 1 billion dollars.

And lastly, some good news. In contrast to the Democrats anti-life stance, Republicans in the Oklahoma legislature voted to ban embryonic stem cell research. Now that’s progress.