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Sarah Palin to campaign for Michele Bachmann in 2010 Senate race

Michele Bachmann

Story here from the Hill.


Sarah Palin announced today that she plans to campaign for her former running mate John McCain in his 2010 re-election fight, as well as Gov. Rick Perry (R-Texas) and Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.).

“I look forward to helping Governors like Rick Perry in Texas, Representatives like Michele Bachmann in Minnesota, and heroes and statesmen like Senator John McCain. We will support these candidates and others so that they can continue to fight for our American values,” Palin wrote in a Facebook note.

[…]Bachmann, though not facing a primary, has become a lightning rod at the political level and is a likely Democratic target in 2010.

I already sent Michele a donation, which is probably about the most chivalrous thing a knight can do!

I notice that Caffeinated Thoughts has crowned Sarah Palin as the 2009 Caffeinated Conservative of the Year. (I voted for Michele Bachmann, of course! She is my favorite member of Congress, and I wish she were President).

Sarah Palin

In this post, Shane lists some of the reasons why people like Sarah Palin.

Here are a few of the reasons:

I am happy that Sarah is campaigning on behalf of Michele.

Videos of Michele Bachmann

Defending capitalism, the Constitution and contracts:

And arguing against corruption and bailouts:

Arguing against government spending and inflation:

She is also an extremely articulate defender of traditional marriage and the pro-life position.

Please send her a contribution here, and bookmark her blog and her youtube channel.

You can read more about her in World Net Daily, Atlas Shrugs, and World Magazine.

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New Bible software takes Bible study to a whole new level

This story about a new Bible software called “GLO” was sent to me by one of my ex-co-workers from 13 years ago!

Check out these videos:

Cool. One thing I would add to this software is resources for allowing people to explain the Bible to their neighbors. Probably the most useful thing would be to evaluate major passages to see when they were written, how closely the passage is based on eyewitness testimony, whether it appears in other New Testament sources, whether it passes criteria like embarrassment and dissimilarity, and whether it is confirmed by archaeology or even non-Biblical sources.

Additionally, commenter Matthew has some concerns:

Translations? Only NIV, which is OK but far from exemplary. For $90 this needs every translation known to man, in most languages. And full text of all historic bibles as well.
Scholarship? An article found through google critiques Glo for not having a panel of scholars advise on the extra-biblical resources offered.

I don’t think this thing is meant as a scholarly resource – they are aiming for a different market.

Debates about the Bible

If you think that talking about the Bible with non-Christians is fun, you might want to take a look at these debates:

If you like seeing fringe historical skeptics of Christianity go down in flames, check out this post for some historical debates with evangelicals and radical skeptics.

MUST-SEE: Michele Bachmann explains why the US dollar is in serious trouble

I am pleased as punch to present you with the first high-resolution video of Michele Bachmann!

You can click here for her video blog, where you’ll find more videos.

You can read the most recent post I wrote about her, which includes links to some of her best speeches, photos and interviews.

Please contribute to her 2010 campaign, if you can.