MUST-SEE: Michele Bachmann explains why the US dollar is in serious trouble

I am pleased as punch to present you with the first high-resolution video of Michele Bachmann!

You can click here for her video blog, where you’ll find more videos.

You can read the most recent post I wrote about her, which includes links to some of her best speeches, photos and interviews.

Please contribute to her 2010 campaign, if you can.

5 thoughts on “MUST-SEE: Michele Bachmann explains why the US dollar is in serious trouble”

    1. I like this new video, not only is it high quality and a lot more intimate, but the issue of inflation is hugely important to me. I did something in the spring of 2009 to act on this threat, before the dollar went down 20%! (I also sold my entire investment portfolio in the summer of 2007 ahead of the big dip)

      When a government spends this much money, they either have to raise taxes or print money. I am betting that they cannot make up the shortfall just by raising taxes, which they will do, (the Democrats are a party of silver spoon wastrels). So they’ve been printing money, while keeping up the spending.

      Anyway, in addition to the useful warning about inflation, you can see her hands in the video, and I also like the part where she leans forward to try to get you to agree with her. It’s just really really fun to see a woman who understands American ideals so well trying to convince me to agree with her!


    2. In my macroeconomics classes, they told us that inflation is just a tax on people who hold onto cash. I do think it’s destructive, though. The Bible talks about God desiring “honest weights and measures,” and that doesn’t exist if the government continually manipulates the dollar. We’ve been going downhill ever since that idiot Nixon abolished the gold standard.


  1. We need to go back to the gold standard. The spending of this Congress and the Obama administration is out of control and must be cut ASAP. But I’m not holding my breath on this government cutting spending


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