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Andrew Klavan signed to write the script for the Gosnell movie

They got an experienced screenwriter – Life News reports.


The producers of the Gosnell movie raised the $2.1 million they needed to make the Hollywood-style film that will tell the story of the gruesome abortion practitioner. Now, they’ve hired a screenwriter to produce the script to tell the story.

“We have some great news that we are excited to share with you,” the producers Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer told LifeNews today in an email. “We’ve just signed up the best-selling author and screenwriter Andrew Klavan to write the script for the Gosnell Movie.”

Klavan, whose books have been made into movies directed and starring Clint Eastwood and Michael Douglas, said he had wanted to write the Gosnell screenplay “from the moment I heard it was underway.” He said the Gosnell project was “a great story” but also an important tale to tell.

Klavan said: “This is so much more than a job of work for me. As I’ve begun to get into the research materials, it’s started to come home to me that we’ve all taken on a huge responsibility. The women who were brutalized by this Gosnell monster — they can tell their stories.  But all his victims, all those babies — we’ve got to figure out a way to speak for them somehow.”

[…]In a lengthy writing career Klavan has been nominated for the Mystery Writers of America’s Edgar Award five times and has won twice. He has recently published a bestselling series of thriller novels for young adults, The Homelanders, and his YA novel If We Survive was nominated for an International Thriller Writers Award. His latest novel for adults, Werewolf Cop, is due out next spring.

His essays and op-eds on politics, religion, movies and literature have appeared in theWall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The LA Times, and elsewhere. His 2008 WSJ op-ed “What Bush and Batman Have in Common,” topped the Technorati list as the most-read online piece of the day. He has also produced several popular political satire video series, including “Klavan on the Culture,” for PJTV.com, “A Very Serious Commentary,” for Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze.com and his current series “The Revolting Truth,” for TruthRevolt.org.

I’ve featured some of Andrew Klavan’s videos on this blog before, so I already know who he is. If you don’t know who he is, then trust me when I say this is a home run for the movie. They chose well!

MUST-SEE: Does the entertainment industry tell us the truth about reality?

ECM sent me this amazing video from Andrew Klavan.

The video contains three examples of how the leftists in the entertainment industry lie to their gullible audience about the way the world really is.

  • John F. Kennedy as portrayed in the movie JFK
  • Terri Schiavo as portrayed in the TV show Law and Order
  • Primitive societies as portrayed in the movie Avatar

This is how the left makes us stupid. They put secular leftist lies on the bottom shelf, and people pick their worldview off the bottom shelf. I have people in my office who get their entire worldview from video games like Fallout, television shows like Jon Stewart, and movies like Inherit the Wind. And they stack up their worldview against the Big Bang and the Resurrection. Things that actually happened in the actual world. It’s very frustrating. And they vote against Western Civilization on the basis of this worldview. Still more frustrating.