How should parents respond to teachers pressuring children to transition?

Catholic teachers march in favor of gay rights and perverted sex education
Catholic teachers march in favor of gay rights and perverted sex education

My plan for marriage was to have 4 children with my wife, then homeschool them right through to doctoral degrees. But one thing I knew for sure, I was never going to put my kids into public schools. My impression of public school teachers is that they are the source of moral relativism and cultural relativism. They break down morality and patriotism in children and call it compassion.

Abigal Shrier has noticed that the teachers in public schools are pushing transgenderism pretty hard, because they don’t want anyone making judgments about what is right or wrong, wise or foolish.

The far-left UK Daily Mail reported:

‘I often get parents telling me they’re not able to take binders (a cloth which flattens breasts by the use of constrictive materials) away from their children, and I say to them, “Would you give your children cigarettes?”.

‘Because we know binders are really harmful, they can deform breast tissue, cause rib cracking and shortness of breath. They’re quite dangerous for your 14-year-old to be going around with.’

Sharing her experience of parents’ concerns, she said: ‘Parents often say to me “I don’t want to be seen as a transphobe”, and it’s very clear to me that sometimes these parents feel like they can’t speak the truth or go against their own children’s wishes.

[…]’I’ve never seen parents so beaten down and undermined. They send them to school in good faith and now schools are helping them fill out forms with new names as different sexes and hide it from their parents. They turn their kids against their parents.

‘Medicine has become so politicised that parents can’t even rely on honesty from medical professionals even when it comes to transition.’

You might remember that I blogged about a particularly scary case of this from socialist Canada, which doesn’t respect parents’ rights at all. There, the teachers, administrators, counsellors, doctors, layers and judges, all conspired to transition a child from female to male against the parents’ wishes. If you haven’t read that post from March of this year, you should definitely go read it, to find out where our own public schools are trying to go with students.

Anyway, in another article from The College Fix I found an excerpt of her new book, where she offers advice to parents. She talks about not giving them smartphones, not abdicating the leadership role, monitoring the schools for gender ideology, keeping family business private, being open to pulling the children out of their communities, etc.

And there is some pushback against the transgender agenda being promoted by teachers. Some people are regretting their transitions, and blaming the adults who affirmed them on their way to self-harm.

Here’s an article from Sky News:

A woman who was treated with hormone blockers to reassign her gender as a teenager is taking the NHS to court, saying she “should have been told to wait”.

Keira Bell said the care she received for gender dysphoria, a condition where a person experiences distress due to a mismatch between their biological sex and their gender identity, steered her towards medical treatment.

Ms Bell, who used to identify as a boy, was 15 when she went to the Tavistock Centre in London. She said after “roughly three sessions” she started receiving hormone blockers.

Eight years later, and after undergoing surgery, Ms Bell is de-transitioning to return to a woman.

[…]She said: “I am angry about the whole situation because of how things have turned out for me based on the medical pathway that I was put on, but I’m now just trying to focus on changing the system for the better and making it better for minors and children.

“I should have been told to wait and not affirmed in my gender identity I was claiming to have and given intensive therapy basically to make sure that I was on the right track for things and investigate the feelings I was having to figure out how I got to that stage.”

Ms Bell said she felt “trapped and alone”, and the Tavistock Centre should have taken into account the “confusion” teenagers experience before offering her treatment.

What I’d like to see is conservative lawmakers craft legislation to allow victims like this to charge the teachers, administrators, doctors, lawyers and judges with criminal negligence. Because I really feel that it is criminal to lie to young people so that you will feel good, and people will like you. That’s all that this focus on feelings and compassion is. The secular leftist adults aren’t capable of moral reasoning. They don’t want to do good for the children, they want to feel good and be popular, even if it harms the children’s long-term well-being and happiness. The adults should be punished.

7 thoughts on “How should parents respond to teachers pressuring children to transition?”

  1. Throughout time, colleges have enabled elitist thought to grow; in the early 1900’s, that mindset took over the college education department and passed it on to its education-major graduates who, then, taught children in schools. So, public education (which grew so much because the general population leaned more on government to guide than parents or the church) trained children to believe and trust government more than others. So, we have a non-Christian, statist population that must learn the values that made the West great (black, white, yellow, and red Westerners), Christian values.

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  2. Smh… Now this some *BULL CRAP*.

    No *SANE* mentally healthy parent should be “accepting this mess”.

    Parents need to take their kids out of these wicked schools and homeschool their children and/or put them in different schools in addition to advocating for the creation of schools without all the influence of “sexual identity politics”…

    All those wicked, nasty and *EVIL* adults pushing “transgenderism” need to be sentenced to jail and/or prison time for “child abuse and endangerment” for what it truly is!

    ~ Bro. Jed

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    1. I think guys like you and I are thinking “what education must I have so that I can find a job that pays. So I can eat, have a roof over my head, and give to charity?” Isn’t it amazing what these other people consider to be priorities? I don’t understand why their happiness and peer approval is so important.

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  3. I can tell you how they “should” respond, but alas, they did nothing when it was revealed there was a war against boys. Parents should have been storming the school board meetings and principal’s offices demanding a fair go for their sons. But…..silence.

    It says a lot that even mothers won’t take up for their own sons.

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  4. ‘Because we know binders are really harmful, they can deform breast tissue, cause rib cracking and shortness of breath. They’re quite dangerous for your 14-year-old to be going around with.’

    Years ago, when working a job that required a lot of physical labour, my daughter wore both a bra and a tank top chest binder at the same time, because that was the only way she could get enough support. She did her research first, and was well aware of the potential dangers. Her primary source for how to use binders was the blog of a transman who was very open and educational about the risks of wearing such garments.

    She was constantly attacked in the comments of her blog from people accusing her – a women who identified as a man and wore these binders regularly – of being transphobic and hating trans people, because she was telling them NOT to wear binders for too long, and how to wear them safely.

    Those pushing trans ideology will attack anyone who doesn’t behave the way they want them to, including people who identify as trans. There are actually a remarkable number of people who identify as trans who are *against* trans ideology and the pro-trans bullying tactics, including school indoctrination.

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  5. Sex is not a toy. It’s time to grow up. And it’s time to do everything we can to protect our children. “It is confusion.” This is biblically true, and it’s true according to virtually every Psychological Association. It’s not enough to tolerate this and debate the semantics of civil rights, the civil thing to do is to return to the days of helping people with psychological illness and giving them treatment instead of advocating for their right to do what they want with reality. No, I don’t know how. But that’s my belief as a Christian and as a humanist.


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