Radical feminists explain how feminism prepared them for dating and marriage

These women are very angry, is that why men avoid them?
These women are very angry, is that why men avoid them?

So, quick review. Radical feminism is the view that there are no differences whatsoever between men and women. And the reason why men do better at work is not due to a stronger desire to provide, it’s just caused by sexism in the workplace. Feminists don’t focus on marriage or choose men for marriage ability – that’s “sexist”. So, why don’t men want to date or marry feminists?

I like to read a web site called “Bolde” to find out what feminists are thinking. They have good articles, and even if I disagree with the authors, I do feel sorry for them.

Here’s an article called “I’m All For Feminism, But It’s Kinda Making It Harder To Date” that says:

It doesn’t take much for me to overanalyze a guy’s intentions nowadays. I used to see a guy opening a door for me as nice and polite, but lately, gestures like this have been making me angry. I know the guys offering these acts of chivalry have no intention to make me feel small or lesser than, but now that my eyes have been opened to feminist theory, it’s all I’m able to think about.

[…]When I’m out with a guy and he says one thing that’s even REMOTELY offensive towards women, I find it really hard to recover. I instantly write guys off if they aren’t “woke” to the current social mindset towards gender politics and can’t let it go. Let’s just say I’ve gone on A LOT of first dates that never go anywhere.

[…]All it takes is one quick scroll down my newsfeed and I have enough feminist rants to last me several winters. I think I’ve almost trained my brain to assume ALL men are here to try to put me down and dominate me when that’s far from the truth. I’ve made it kind of an automatic reflex at this point, though.

She actually says in her article that she’s been “brainwashed”. And that’s basically the case. Before feminism, women used to evaluate men for traditional male roles: protector, provider, moral and spiritual leader. They looked for evidence of moral convictions, mentoring, charity, kindness, etc. After feminism, women are more likely to get the tingles for a guy who is tall, pierced and tattooed. To look for husband qualities in a man is “sexist”. Early marriage is “boring”. Having lots of children is “wasting your education”.

It’s pretty clear from reading her article that she would not be a good partner. Men are looking for a woman who will listen to their life plan, and give up the pursuit of fun, thrills and travel in order to help them achieve it. Although it should be obvious, we aren’t going to commit to a woman who is seeking to grab the reins from us, and tear us down. Men tend to be more focused than women on reason and practicality. That’s good, but it’s a very cold existence. We want a woman to be caring and helpful, not a snarky competitor.

Here’s another one from Bolde entitled: “I Say I Want A Good Man But The Idea Of Dating A Mature Guy Scares Me“:

I’ve dated very few men in my life and a whole lot of boys.

[…]I think that I have a need to feel like I’m in charge of romantic situations. It dates back to my childhood issues, I guess. I want to keep the upper hand.

[…] I’m very honest, yes, but I’m emotionally closed-off. There is a definite distinction between the two. There are certain places that I simply don’t (or can’t) go with most people. When I’m confronted with a man who is open with his feelings, it freaks me out.

[…][M]ost of the men I’ve met who are emotionally developed also have the rest of their act together, and it makes me feel like maybe I don’t.

[…]I get paranoid because I hate being at a disadvantage.

[…]I’m not that different from the rest of my generation in some ways. I’m used to the ease of being single, and while ideally I’d like a deep and loving adult relationship, I also know that it takes time and energy that I’m not sure I’m willing to give up.

[…]I’m always falling for men who are unavailable in some way or another. I hate that I’m like this and I know that I operate this way because it feels safer than engaging in risky vulnerability with someone who truly wants to be with me.

[…]I’ve not had many mature relationships in my life. I’ve been in love and I’ve had serious boyfriends, but there was often an element of childishness to our interactions. We never really discussed our futures together or acted… adult. Now I feel like I don’t even know how to begin.

I’ve had experiences with women like this who smashed themselves up on the rocks of bad boys over and over. I think she really explains why it is that so many women are attracted to younger bad boys who don’t want to commit. The truth is that women are scared of commitment. They don’t want to give up their free and easy single lives in order to have to put effort into making a relationship work. They want husbands and homes, but without expectations, responsibilities, or obligations. And the better a man is at manly traits like protecting, providing, and leading on moral and spiritual issues, the less they like him. It’s even worse if he has a good STEM education, a good resume, and a good balance sheet. They deliberately bypass commitment-ready men because they don’t want to be led – even by a good leader.

By the way, in my experience, what she describes above is the natural outworking of being promiscuous with hot bad boys. Women who do that lose trust for men, and they lose their confidence dealing with good men who want to marry them. And naturally all that sex with attractive men makes the woman less content with the one she has to “settle” for – since she didn’t respect men who were good at commitment in the first place. Promiscuity trains people to pre-emptively nuke relationships rather than invest effort into making them work.

19 thoughts on “Radical feminists explain how feminism prepared them for dating and marriage”

  1. I’ve been reading lately that a lot of this rioting protesting etc we are experiencing is being fueled by

    Leftist Radical White Women

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      1. …and to think

        It all started with 2 little words

        “white privilege”

        Everyone should read the article it explains everything

        And the last paragraph sums it all up!!!

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  2. If you just read their own words, they’ve trained themselves to hate husband’s, and then they claim the want a husband. But what do they have that a husband would want? You can’t even ask that.

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    1. I have a husband. By definition, we are married and he is my husband. I looked for a man that had the same interests as me in order to make the relationship work. We like to have fun, travel, and occasionally have “thrills” (whatever that subjectively means to people). Isn’t that the point of finding a spouse? I feel like your time will be much easier when you look and find someone with the same interests as you. If you want a “traditional marriage” so you can be a “traditional husband”, look for a wife that wants the same. Why gripe about the women that don’t want that?

      Don’t mean to come off as snarky but I’m just trying to find a practical solution to this.


  3. You have to look at what each sex gets out of marriage (that they can’t get from members of their own sex) to determine what each sex loves in the other.
    Men get coitus and children out of marriage. Therefore, men are attracted to feminine physical beauty and feminine personality (kindness, softness). Different men place different emphasis on these two traits, with some men trading “niceness” for a higher level of physical beauty.

    Women get the man’s genes, protection and provisioning. Therefore, women like men that are “hot”/handsome, physically/personality imposing and socioeconomically successful. Like men, different women have different trade-spaces for the (often conflicting) qualities they want in men.

    Women’s physical attraction is simply more discriminating than men’s (for biological reasons-no reason to blame them for this). Their strong physical attraction tends to be reserved for the top males. This has been confirmed many times e.g. dating site data and the fact that women are quite generous with coitus when it comes to “hot guys.” And quite miserly with it towards their beta male husbands.

    So the only trait a majority of men have that is attractive to women is their provisioning/socioeconomic status. So when you are an average man you are depending on being a necessary provider to be attractive to her. You aren’t going to be very attractive if she also works and can support herself (or if the government can/will support her). She will probably be settling for you.

    What is all this getting at? Unless you are one of the top males (in terms of physical attractiveness) don’t marry a woman if she has a career. There’s little there for her to love in you. Yes, dependency is part of the cultivation of human love. So what? Children depend on their parents and their love develops (partly) from this dependency. This is what it is to be human. Her dependency on you will help her to love you (though it won’t guarantee it of course-your loving her back also helps).

    This is where I respectfully disagree with you about marring a STEM-educated woman. You should marry a woman who is dependent on you. If she is to be educated, it should help with her child-rearing e.g. she can do a better job homeschooling your children.

    This, I think, gives you the best odds for having a successful marriage if you are an average guy. Unfortunately, this eliminates most women from consideration.


    1. Women’s criteria for men have nothing to do with husband and father ability. That’s why about 70% of divorces are initiated by women. Also student loans (for non stem degrees) are an independent risk factor for divorce. You’re 100% wrong about everything.


      1. “Women’s criteria for men have nothing to do with husband and father ability. That’s why we have a 70% divorce rate.”

        Agreed -many (most?) women don’t select for husband and father ability -at least until after their various mistakes. The husband/father types are supposed to fix things.

        “Also student loans (for non stem degrees) are an independent risk factor for divorce.”

        I’d argue for marrying a woman with no college debt STEM or otherwise. I don’t think it’s best to marry a girl who majored in liberal arts and came out with debt. I think it’s best to marry a girl who didn’t go to college at all.


        1. Well, I want a nurse. Because I want someone with an analytical mind. And I want her to teach the children science, and I don’t want to pay for first-line health care.

          It really depends on what you’re trying to achieve. A blonde with nice cans may work for you, but I want four PhD-educated influential, effective Christians.


        1. LOL – good one, WK! I was wondering where his comment came from – you are a fast editor! :-)

          Of course women initiate most divorces. We have literally TRAINED them to do that, with no fault divorce, and they are already feelings-driven, so there you have it. Even my unsaved male relatives know to stay the Hell away from women.

          There was a time in this country when pastors were beside themselves over the “rampant” divorce rate of … 1%. Nowadays, you cannot get a pastor to preach on Hell, abortion, gay “marriage,” or divorce – the latter 3 abominations being a direct result of feminism – which did begin in the Garden after all.

          Good article, and BTW, you are VERY courageous to go to those sites. Some of us could not stomach them!

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  4. I don’t trust freakonomics. But I know the divorce rate for first time marriages is 40%ish, and that can be mitigated by controlling various factors, such as age of marriage, age gap, education, delaying premarital sex, not living together first, etc.


  5. Concerning the Lost Generation, did you ever think that incels might be single because Roe vs. Wade in America and China’s One Child Policy? Or maybe it goes back further than that.


  6. Radical feminism prepared women to be rebellious to God, their father (if he is in her life), and the unlucky man who happens to get married to them. Hence they choose to be promiscuous with broken men (I’m going to stop calling them ‘bad’ boys because men in rebellion with God are broken)…and that starts them on a cycle of bitterness and hard heartedness within themselves. Neither are very good traits for a wife and potential mother. Men who choose feminism would also make terrible husband and father material because they would be either a weak or rebellious head of the family.

    It’s not surprising many of these women would support things like abortion, no fault, and hook up culture…and quite often choose men who support the same thing. It’s birds of a rebellion flocking together.


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