Guest post: Christians Should Oppose Black Lives Matter

The following is a guest post by a friend of mine who is also a software engineer, but a different one than last time.

The Problems with Black Lives Matter

All over Facebook I’ve seen naïve Christians posting Black Lives Matter (BLM) material, hashtags, and even donation links. According to their official statements BLM aims to:

  1. Disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure”
  2. Foster a “queer‐affirming network” and “freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking,” instead of helping people escape LGBT lifestyles and live as God intended.
  3. “A national defunding of police,” BLM is a member of M4BL which also calls for abolishing prisons.
  4. BLM parent group M4BL is pro-abortion: “we demand reproductive justice that gives us autonomy over our bodies and our identities.”
  5. BLM parent group M4BL is anti-capitalist. The alternative to capitalism is removing the freedom to buy and sell and putting the government in charge of resources. When government power is absolute, all checks and balances against evil disappear and atrocities become inevitable. I know of 100 million people who didn’t have a good time in anti-capitalist countries, especially minorities.
  6. BLM finds racism in everything with no concept of forgiveness. While masking the much larger and real causes of black inequality in the US. More on that below.

These goals don’t seem very Christian.

Some Christians say they only support the slogan “black lives matter” but not the organization. They’re probably friends with people who call themselves “National Socialists” and enjoy re-explaining to everyone they meet how it’s not actually the German kind. To each their own. Yet better slogans could be used to support black people.

Avoid the slackidasical “all lives matter” retort. That distracts from the real issues:

Black Inequality

Black inequality in the US is real. But BLM promotes a false narrative, blaming it entirely on modern systemic racism. If that’s true, why are blacks 3 times more likely to receive government assistance than whites? Why are police are about twice as likely to use lethal force against whites under arrest than blacks (although more likely to use non-lethal force against blacks)?

Before getting to the real reasons let’s first dig into that last source. It comes from the left-leaning Center for Policing Equity. The wording in their report focuses on specific localities where the police are harsher on blacks. But the overall data tells a different story. In tables 6 and 7 on page 20, police are 1.73 times more likely to use lethal force against whites under arrest than blacks, and 2.41 times more likely to use lethal force against whites under arrest for violent offences. Black Lives Matter and the left-leaning media would never tell you this.

Don’t police just arrest blacks way more than whites? Yes, absolutely. You can even find stats showing unarmed blacks are 5 times more likely to be killed by police than unarmed whites, a product of being arrested much more frequently. But unfortunately (trigger warning) it’s because in the US, blacks commit significantly more crime:

I looked up the FBI data this meme links to, converted it to rates per million and got the same result. Non-lethal crimes have a similar proportion by race.

What are the Real Causes of Black Inequality?

Perhaps the court systems are racist and blacks are convicted of murder more often? One could speculate so, but murders involve more investigation than most crimes, and you’d have to argue the system is so biased it only makes it appear as if blacks are 12.8 times more likely to kill whites than whites kill blacks. Quite a stretch.

Use careful grace in sharing these stats, as they’re easily abused by the small number of people wishing to paint blacks as an unredeemable, inferior race. Instead consider the better explanations for black inequality:

  1. 2.7 times more black children (65%) grow up in single parent homes than white children (24%). 17% of blacks were born out of wedlock in 1940 but that number is >70% today. Other races also increased but not nearly as much. We know broken families are strongly correlated with poverty, poor education, crime, and many other ills.
  2. As noted, blacks are three times more likely to receive government assistance than whites, a number that’s changed very little in 40 years. If welfare programs lifted people out of poverty, by now shouldn’t we see more than a slight decrease in blacks on welfare? Rather I suspect welfare increases rates of fatherlessness: women don’t need a man when the government pays the bills.
  3. Universities, employers, the government, and the media use “soft racism,” giving special treatment to blacks, sometimes causing an unhealthy and unnecessary inferiority complex.
  4. Due to this persecution narrative, and fear of being called racist, poor behavior among blacks isn’t called out, worsening the broken family cycle. Even being used as an excuse for the poor behavior of the recent rioters. Black CNN journalist Don Lemon received a “firestorm of criticism” for pointing to out-of-wedlock births as a problem among blacks.

I’m curious. Will you argue that fatherlessness leads to negative outcomes among whites, but a 2.7x greater rate among blacks doesn’t significantly increase their negative outcomes? Really?

Perhaps it’s even possible that police target blacks more frequently because these issues actually do lead them to commit more crimes, causing some police to subconsciously be more suspect of blacks? I don’t know if that’s true, but if so who is at fault?

Is Racism Still a Major Issue?

Before continuing please read this piece by conservative commenter David French (white), who adopted his black daughter from Ethiopia. He describes how through many incidents it made him realize racism is still alive and well in America.

Meanwhile, the black economist Thomas Sowell offers a contrary view:

Who’s right? David French says he used to think there were almost no racists. I’m still in that place. I don’t know anyone who is racist other than one or two people I met on strange corners of the internet. After adopting his daughter French discovered that yes, of course racism still exists, outlining several real incidents of bias against her. For example his daughter’s friend said, “My dad says it’s dangerous to go black people’s neighborhoods.” Alt-right trolls even made a cruel meme of his young daughter in a gas chamber.

Such memes are of course reprehensible. But French uses the wrong benchmark. The real question is not if racism exists, but if blacks face greater external hardship than other groups? People who are too smart, dumb, fat, thin, short, tall, attractive, ugly, rich, poor, Christian, or amoral. Or any other category. Almost everyone belongs to at least one. French doesn’t address that question.

Compared to Christian Persecution in the US (Yes, Really)

I can’t answer for most of those groups. But I am a Christian. I’m very glad to live in the US with its many Christian freedoms. I don’t even feel comfortable talking about Christian “persecution” in the US because other parts of the world have it so much worse. Yet there are still examples of anti-Christian discrimination here:

  1. I know a Christian friend who was kicked out of her PhD biology program for being a creationist. An intelligent, articulate, and polite one at that. I used to think people like her must’ve just been belligerent, but I hear similar stories from nearly every creationist or intelligent design proponent I speak to. Many keep their beliefs hidden. Books and documentaries are filled with such stories. Well known professor and textbook author Larry Moran has even called for universities to flunk by default any students who believe in intelligent design: “Flunk the IDiots.” Forbes later wrote a glowing bio of Moran for his stance. Imagine the outrage if Moran called to flunk all black students!
  2. In 2016, hapless Chinese scientists published a paper in the journal PLOS One, stating that the human hand shows “proper design by the Creator.” The remark was in passing and the rest of their paper had nothing to do with the evolution or design. As soon as this was realized, I watched as the backlash unfolded in the comments section. Five editors of PLOS One requested the whole article to be retracted (rather than the wording removed), two of those editors said they’d resign if it wasn’t retracted. Two others said the editor who approved the paper should be fired. And five scientists commented, saying they’d boycott PLOS One. Then the paper was retracted. Even though the Chinese researches explained they only meant to say “mother nature,” and English wasn’t their first language. No other issue with their research was found. That backlash was only for a translation issue. Imagine if they’d been Christians who actually believed God designed life.
  3. Practicing Christians are no longer allowed to hold certain jobs in the United States. A county clerk like Kim Davis cannot in good conscious abet two people into a lifelong commitment to live in sin, yet was jailed for refusing. California once banned all judges who volunteered with the Boy Scouts because the group previously required heterosexual scout leaders.
  4. Many friends often tell me they can’t publicly speak out against homosexual behavior in fear of losing their jobs. I doubt their employers have issue with vegetarians saying meat is murder.
  5. And of course secularists make memes, sometimes violent, mocking Christians all the time. So what.

Imagine if I took the crime stats above and marched around with signs about “white genocide” or “systemic racism” because blacks are more likely to get welfare or whites more likely to be shot while under arrest. That’d make me a complete narcissistic jerk. Or worse if I used it to justify arson, looting, and violence. Yet I’d still be more correct than Black Lives Matter because at least the data supports me.

I don’t think there’s anything special about hardships faced by US Christians. You could make a similarly troublesome list for hardships of unattractive and overweight people, probably worse. I’m not planning any protests for them or for US anti-Christian discrimination. That’s too minor compared to many greater injustices in the world. And please don’t take this and claim I’ve said racism no longer exists. The experiences of David French’s daughter are bad things that need to stop. But unlike in decades past, I’m not convinced it’s currently any worse than hardships faced by any number of other classes of people for a wide variety of reasons.

The Media Amplifies Racism for Profit

A couple weeks ago I posted to Facebook about Israel planning to ban their only Christian news station for proselytizing. Two friends commented that it was a great idea, because Christians indoctrinate people. I get similar comments often. Oh woe is me! But imagine if they’d instead called for banning black history? Call CNN! We found another Amy Cooper!

Although sometimes doing well, George Floyd had a long and sometimes violent criminal record. Nobody thinks he deserved to die. I’m glad the officers involved are being investigated. But put his case in perspective. People do awful things for many reasons. In the United States each year we have:

  • 600,000+ abortions
  • 250,000 deaths from negligent medical errors
  • 15,000 murders
  • 1,500 dead from child abuse.
  • 1,000 suspects killed by police (with 90 to 95% attacking police or another person). Among a total police force of more than 800,000.
  • 85 police officers killed.

Despite all that, the deceptive media amplifies any incident with a white perpetrator and black victim. Everyone knows about George Floyd, but few have heard of Tony Timpa (white), who in 2016 also begged for his life as police suffocated and made fun of him. The media gets away with this bias because almost everyone actually does hate racism, leading to collective outrage. So much that it brings riots, looting, and buildings on fire. Plus news media profit from increased news viewership of these riots. While the media ignores many greater injustices in the previous list.

The leftist media then uses Black Lives Matter as a front to push ridiculous leftist policies like defunding the police. Oh you’re against BLM? Racist.

Black inequality in America is real. If you love people of all races as Christ commands, then you should want to solve this problem. That can only be done if we tackle the real causes, and not the left-leaning media’s exaggerated racism narrative that masks them.

11 thoughts on “Guest post: Christians Should Oppose Black Lives Matter”

  1. Thanks so much Wintery for this guest post.
    Ever since the death of George Floyd and the resulting riots I’ve been struggling with how I should respond to all these things. I cannot stand for one moment to jump on the Leftist self-loathing band wagon that is mostly composed to virtue signaling, violence and damage to property. On the other hand something needs to change to AT LEAST address the issue of police kneeling on someone’s neck. I’m glad that has been universally condemned from all sectors of society except for the real white supremacists. I’m not surprised with all the other things BLM supports. If one’s moral and philosophical outlook on life starts with atheism and the government as the solution of all ills that list is ultimately what you end up with.
    I’ve seen it said, “conservatives should be leading change on this issue.” I agree. But if our approach is data driven instead of emotion driven and the issue is largely seen through the later I struggle to see how we can be leaders for change for society at large. For every reasonable conservative there are legion of emo leftists.

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  2. The pathetic churches and fake “christians” are peeing all over themselves to virtue signal for George Floyd.

    Meanwhile, down the street from these “churches,” 1200 innocent defenseless Black babies were aborted today. And yesterday. And tomorrow. Ad infinitum. With nearly ZERO opposition from the churches and absolutely zero opposition from BLM – support instead.

    The only honest conclusion from this level of hypocrisy, and rampant unopposed evil, is that Christianity is very nearly dead in this nation, and especially inside of the churches. Most estimates put the number of authentic born again followers of Jesus Christ at 2-5% of Americans, at most.

    Revival is needed.

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  3. I don’t agree with the ideological and political interests of the founders of the “Black Lives Matter” movement and as you’ve said Bro. WK different better slogans can be adopted.

    Otherwise it’s “universally-understood” that all human lives matter equally and for Christians our focus is always on obeying and living by God’s Standards in His Holy Word (King James Version Holy Bible [KJV]) and that Christians are to always be opposed to *ALL SIN* in any human society at all times. So that’s the focus.

    Yes politicians will always be trying to “exploit racial strife and differences” but the Black American Community condition is it’s own separate situation.

    Christians are just to obey and fulfill God’s Commands the best we can living by His Holy Spirit. Amen.

    ~ Bro. Jed


    1. Thank you for your street preaching, Bro. Jed!

      More Christians need to be out there, being salt and light.

      God bless and protect you.

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  4. The public in general doesn’t want to hear about the fact that blacks commit about half the violent crime in the US despite making up about 12% of the US population.

    But it wasn’t always this way.

    As an anecdote, my old home town has a historically black community. Old timers talk about how it used to have a higher percentage of married people than the white communities there, and crime was a tiny fraction of what it is today.

    And this was at a time when racism was truly institutionalized and black people were truly held back.

    What’s the difference?

    For one, out of wedlock births were roughly 1/100 of what they are today. There’s a direct link between single mother homes and crime, and the dysfunction that comes with no father at home, especially for boys.

    It seems the “war on poverty” has created more poverty and with it a host of other issues, which have their beginnings in easy divorce, out of wedlock births, single mother homes, and the churches watering down their teaching.

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  5. Good write up. Pretty much anytime I see someone try to reduce racism in America to a slogan, you can be pretty sure they are wrong.

    The primary problem actually seems to be a culture problem, not a race problem. Any culture that values living in the now over preparing for the long term is going to have issues at large in a country like America. Living in the now, means not valuing education which limits your income potential, and thus contributes to income inequality. It means turning to crime to make money because going to jail is a problem for tomorrow. Once you get involved in crime, you have to be distrustful of the police, and have to resolve disputes yourself, generally with violence. None of these behaviors are inherent to skin color, but they are very prevalent in some American sub-cultures.

    The core problem is that often culture and race are intertwined. These toxic behaviors are learned in inner city(and other) culture. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people who grow up in these cultures are not white. This creates a situation where there is a high correlation between those toxic behaviors and race even though the behavior has nothing to do with race. This creates 2 problems.

    1. It gives fuel to people who want to believe that X race is inferior/superior. I am well aware that blacks are committing crime vastly out of proportion to their population size(last I read blacks are 12% of the population and account for over 50% of the crime by FBI reports). Unfortunately, this and the data you posted can be twisted to prove and reinforce existing racial biases.
    2. It makes it difficult to address the real issues. I cannot speak about the real issues in public without someone else trying to twist my words into proving I am a closet racist. Even if you are not white, you just get labeled as an Uncle Tom.

    It also doesn’t help that there are political interests that don’t want these problems fixed because they would rather have a reliable voting block in their pocket that actually, truly help those people.

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  6. The BLM organization is definitely not one I support although I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree that racial issues and inequalities need to be addressed. Just looking at how Brock Turner was dealt with vs how an African American would’ve been dealt with shows there’s a long way to go.

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