Trump reveals that he was lying to his gullible supporters all along

Donald Trump and his friends, the Clintons
Donald Trump and his friends, the Clintons

Surprise, Trump cultists! You’ve been had by a con man.

Let’s get right to the details, thanks to this article from the Daily Wire:

So, you’re suckers.

Yes, you conservatives who keep waiting for Donald Trump to turn into Ronald Reagan, who hope to unify behind him thinking that he’ll surround himself with good people and that they will guide him to all the best decisions. Yes, you conservatives who bought into the Trumpian nonsense that he would blow up the system and change things in politics. In the last 24 hours Trump has indeed pivoted – directly against all of his supposedly conservative positions. Here are four examples:

[…]Trump Won’t Be Self-Funding. Remember that time Trump said he’d self-fund, unlike his rivals? Even as donors signal that they won’t be opening their pocketbooks for Trump, Trump announced that he won’t self-fund his campaign. “I’ll be putting up money,” he said, “but won’t be completely self-funding.” Instead, Trump said he would build a “world-class finance organization.” So all that talk about how people who take donations are being bribed to shill for donors – yeah, all that was patented Trump garbage.

Trump Hires A Former Goldman Sachs Fundraiser Who Managed Money For George Soros.Remember that time Donald Trump suggested that Ted Cruz was in the pocket of Goldman Sachs (“I know the guys at Goldman Sachs, they have total, total control over him”)? Remember Snaggletooth The Trumper™ who told Ted Cruz that Cruz should be wearing his “Goldman jacket”? Now Trump has hired Steve Mnuchin, chairman and CEO of Dune Capital Management LP and former Goldman Sachs partner, to head up his fundraising team. Mnuchin also worked at Soros Fund Management LLC. Yes, that Soros. George Soros. Mnuchin also donated thousands of dollars to Hillary Clinton, among other Democrats; since 1998, he’s donated twice as much money to Democrats as Republicans.

[…]So this is the new general election Trump. He looks just as dishonest and scheming as the old Trump, just with a fresh leftist taste sure to please the most ardent Bernie Sanders supporters. Conservative Trump voters – this is your Great Hope.

The article also mentions that Trump is open to raising the minimum wage, and that his tax plan and border security plan are just an opening statement, subject to negotiations. Two more minor things that don’t matter, right?

Elsewhere, at Conservative Review:

We’ve experienced this rodeo show for decades.

The media picks our nominee – whether it’s for president, Senate, or governor.  That lucky individual has never fought a single battle for conservatives on a single issue in his entire life and has even carried water for the other side on some critically important issues.  Yet, he ran as a conservative in the primary and railed against the Democrats.  The media, whether local or national, anointed this individual and helped him run a dehumanization campaign against his opponent.  Not surprisingly, that man wins the primary and the other man – irrespective of his lifelong reputation – is left with the image of a dirt bag in the minds of most voters by the end of the election.

[…]Just within the first 24 hours of becoming the presumptive nominee, Trump has floated Portman and Kasich as potential VP candidates, echoed the worst of the liberal talking points on minimum wage, and walked back his promise to self-fund his campaign – one of his most appealing taking points of the campaign.

Portman and Kasich are leftist establishment Republicans. You might remember that Portman embraced gay marriage and Kasich is opposed to protecting religious liberty from lawsuits and punishments by gay activists. Surprise! That’s who Trump is, too. A New York liberal pretending to be a Republican for his gullible TV-watching followers.

Trump supporters have never looked into Trump’s past positions, his political contributions, his bankruptcies, etc. They learned about Trump by watching him laugh and joke on their televisions. And their hatred for other candidates like Walker and Cruz isn’t based on any knowledge of Walker and Cruz – it’s just repeating the sound bites about Walker and Cruz uttered by Trump, and dutifully played over and over again by the mainstream media.

Here is what Trump would say if he were honest: “Believe me! I’m a liberal Democrat pretending to be a Republican! I can tell you that!” Just imagine that line spoken in Trump’s charismatic voice, over and over, Trump supporters. Maybe then you’ll realize what your laziness and ignorance cost us.

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3 thoughts on “Trump reveals that he was lying to his gullible supporters all along”

  1. Anyone with a few brain cells should have known what a phoney Trump is. He’s just a very sad reflection of our culture. There ought to be an IQ test for voter elligibility. I guess I blame government schools, which ensure that ours is the dumbest generation.


  2. Trump never said he was self funding the general election. Where did you get that? Can he never have a qualified non conservative work for him no matter how qualified? Yo fail to mention anything or anyone positive. Why?


  3. Self funding meant he was not beholding to rich donors, lobbyists, specials interest groups like the other candidates. Does this mean he will now be a puppet to these folks just like the rest? Sad, that was the one thing I liked about him.


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