Is Donald Trump a Christian? Is Donald Trump a moral person?

I found this article on the Matt Walsh blog.

It says:

Some people are having fun at Trump’s expense because of how he pronounced the verses — “two” instead of “second” — but that’s an unfair criticism. Obviously Trump can’t be expected to know the correct pronunciations. The guy can’t even name a book in the Bible, for goodness sake. And that’s because Trump is not a Christian by any stretch of the imagination.

[…]His behavior doesn’t appear to be any more “Christian” than his theology. We won’t talk about the fact that he’s a serial adulterer who abandoned his family (twice) to shack up with younger women. We won’t get into how his ex-wife once alleged that he ripped out chunks of her hair and violated her. We won’t delve into how the great Christian Trump sent his lawyer to intimidate and censor journalists who write about those accusations, and how his attorney recently told The Daily Beast, “I’m warning you, tread very f**king lightly, because what I’m going to do to you is going to be f**king disgusting. You understand me?” (Is that what you call “servant leadership,” Mr. Falwell?)

We don’t even need to get into alleged ties to the mob or financial scams or his confession that he bribes politicians. We won’t harp any longer on the fact that he spent most of his adult life espousing views and funding politicians who enact legislation directly contradictory to Christian teaching. We won’t talk about his support for a woman’s legal right to murder a fully developed infant all the way into the ninth month of pregnancy.

To be clear — but, like I said, I’m not harping on it — Trump believed that it should be legal to stab a child in the skull as it is in the process of being birthed, cut a hole in its head, and suck its brain out through a tube. Trump thought such atrocities should be legally protected, and he thought that up until the moment when he developed an ambition to run for president as a Republican. Even after this miraculous conversion, he still says abortion isn’t murder, that he’s only pro-life “with caveats,” and that Planned Parenthood “serves a good function.” Worst of all, he’s made it clear that he wouldn’t mind putting radical pro-abortion zealots on the Supreme Court.

I don’t believe that a person can dismiss their past with a few words during an election campaign. If there is sincere repentance about things like divorce, adultery, partial-birth abortion, etc., then I want to see some evidence in public actions – not just words. Show me repentance like I see in former atheists like J. Warner Wallace, where there is a real change in priorities and allegiances. Show me the evidence that the heart has changed because the mind has been informed through study. I want to see the conservative actions and conservative achievements that flow from a change of mind. I want to see him “bring forth fruit in keeping with repentance”, as John the Baptist says.

Trump holds up Bible he "received from his mother" to evangelicals
Trump holds up Bible: does holding up a Bible to a camera make him a Christian?

Meanwhile, back on the subject of Christian faith, there is this article from Business Insider.


After months of reflection, Donald Trump says he still doesn’t regret his decision not to ask God for forgiveness for his sins.

In an interview on Sunday with CNN, the Republican presidential frontrunner said that he does not regret never asking God for forgiveness, partially because he says he doesn’t have much to apologize for.

[…]”I like to be good. I don’t like to have to ask for forgiveness. And I am good. I don’t do a lot of things that are bad. I try to do nothing that is bad.”

[…]Late last year, Trump told Republican pollster and focus-group guru Frank Luntz that when the real-estate mogul has done something wrong, he tries to correct his error without getting God involved.

“I am not sure I have,” Trump said when asked if he’d ever asked God for forgiveness.

Christianity, if it means anything at all, means accepting the forgiveness for sins based entirely on the work and person of Jesus Christ. One does not claim to be a Christian and then denounce asking God for forgiveness for sins, based on Christ’s atoning death as a sacrifice for one’s sins. And unless you have stopped sinning, you have to keep asking – it’s in the Lord’s Prayer for goodness’ sake. Look, I am committing more and more sins every day, and I would hate to think that I had grown so proud that I stopped asking God for forgiveness. And not in a flippant way, but seriously – I need to be forgiven for my sins against God.

I also expect to see some evidence of repentance and sanctification, but when I look at the adultery and the multiple divorces, I don’t see that. I don’t see any awareness that these things he has done are even wrong. There is no forgiveness from God without bringing Jesus into the picture. And settling that is more important than all the money, fame and poll numbers in the world. Does Trump believe that?

Here he is joking about how he might like to date his daughter Ivanka, because she is so young and hot:

It seems to me that we have to look at Trump’s actions: namely, pre-marital sex, promiscuity, adultery, divorce, casinos, strip clubs, and other filth. Is it possible that Trump’s evangelical Christian supporters are not evangelical Christians at all? All the ones I spoke to seem to think that Trump’s immoral lifestyle was nothing to be concerned about. And they also had not taken the time to inform themselves about the records of the candidates, preferring to make the decision based on who entertained them the most.  Some people who claim to be Christians don’t believe that sin is real, or that it matters.

Is Trump a Christian? Trump can’t name a favorite Bible verse from his supposed “favorite book”:

Look at what he says about women and sex – does this sound like premarital chastity and marital fidelity to you?

“You know, it doesn’t really matter what they write as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of *ss.”

“You have to treat [women] like sh*t.”

“A person who is very flat-chested is very hard to be a 10. Oftentimes when I was sleeping with one of the top women in the world, I would say to myself, thinking about me as a boy from Queens, ‘Can you believe what I am getting?’”

Look, I am fine with voting for a non-theist or non-Christian for President. The important thing is whether they can do the job and defend the Constitution, including American values like the right to life, natural marriage, free enterprise, peace through strength and most importantly – religious liberty. It’s not Trump’s lack of Christian faith that bothers me, it’s his false profession of faith. He’s not a Christian, and anyone looking at the pattern of unrepented sin in his life can see that, unless they are not Christian enough to understand what to look for. Not to mention all of the liberal political views and liberal actions in his past.

Does the Bible not warn us about people who do not have actions to match their words? Where is Trump’s record of activism on issues like pro-life, pro-marriage, limited government, religious liberty? He has none. We need to be very careful that we are not taken in by a charming sociopath and con man who had the fortune to be born rich, but has very little else to offer in the way of knowledge, wisdom of character.

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5 thoughts on “Is Donald Trump a Christian? Is Donald Trump a moral person?”

  1. I am in the never Trump camp, and he is clearly ignorant of the content of the bible. That said, I saw him mention that while two versus second Corinthians quirk as a hand me down Scottish cultural thing. You know what, I think he is right, at least if you listen to Alistair Begg on his podcast Truth for Life – he says two rather than second and he is a Scottish fellow.


  2. Honestly, it scares me. Why is he doing so well? How are other people actually for him? How can he call himself a Christian when he is anything but. In my own life, I have noticed that a lot of people call themselves Christian, mostly because they were born into it, but don’t follow any of the scriptures. I know I shouldn’t be judgmental, I’m just a bit shocked.


  3. I agree with the vast majority of this article. If anything he’s professing that he’s Christian with no actions. As my religious teacher at school once said what is faith without action? He claims to be Christian just to pander to evangelicals but is by no means living the Christian life the way the books of Luke and Ephesians describe for example. Certainly as an adulterer multiple times for a start and him saying he doesn’t seek forgiveness I cannot feasibly see him to be Christian. He might claim to be but actions speak louder than words!


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