Donald Trump would expand Obamacare into single-payer health care system

Let’s take a look at how well a policy he supports – single payer health care – is working in Canada, where it’s been the law of the land for decades.

First, let’s see Trump explain his view on single payer health care in his own words:

When government pays for all the health care provisioning, we call that a single-payer system. And Trump is for it – that clip is from September 27, 2015. In the Fox News debate in August, he said that single payer health care “works in Canada“.

So, let’s go and see what the Canadians are saying about their single payer system, by looking a wide variety of stories from last month from a wide variety of Canadian news sources, covering a wide variety of Canadian provinces.

First, let’s start on the west coast, and then work our way east.

The Vancouver Sun reports on British Columbia wait times:

Median waiting times from referral by family doctor to treatment are 22.4 weeks, or almost six months in B.C., longer than all provinces except those in Atlantic Canada, according to the 25th annual survey of 2,382 medical specialists.

And waits between the first appointment with a specialist and getting treatment are 14 weeks in B.C., the highest since the survey began. The doctors who take the survey are asked to give their best estimates of waits for care.

The government-run CBC, reporting on Manitoba health care:

Manitoba has been given a failing and a near-failing grade for prostate and breast cancer treatment wait times by Canada’s Wait Times Alliance.

The group released their annual wait time report card on Tuesday, giving Manitoba an F for wait times for radiation and curative care treatment for prostate cancer and a D for the same treatments for breast cancer.

Manitoba has received an F for prostate cancer treatment wait times for more than five years, and a D in breast cancer treatment wait times for the past four years.

The Globe and Mail reports on the city of Winnipeg:

New data shows Winnipeg hospitals still have the longest emergency room wait times in Canada.

The Canadian Institute for Health Information says Winnipeg’s six emergency rooms all came in below average on the time it takes 90 per cent of patients to see a doctor after they check into an emergency room.

The average for the Winnipeg Health Region as a whole is 5.7 hours compared to the Canadian average of 3.1 hours.

And the Montreal Gazette reports on the province of Quebec:

Quebec reported the steepest increase this year of any province in wait times for medical imaging scans in Canada — a finding that suggests the public system is being stretched to the limit, a national survey reveals.

The 25th annual survey by the Fraser Institute found that the median wait time in hospital for a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan in Quebec jumped to 12 weeks this year from eight in 2014. By comparison, the median wait time for an MRI is five weeks in Ontario, unchanged from last year.

Wait times increased slightly for other medical imaging in Quebec, going up from four to five weeks for both ultrasounds and CT (computerized tomography) scans.

Investors Business Daily also wrote about this and had a helpful chart breaking down how long people are waiting for treatment:

Single-payer health care wait times in Canada
Single-payer health care wait times in Canada

Canada also has a well-known doctor shortage. Their way of controlling costs is to limit the number of people who can practice medicine, so less care can be billed to the government. Get in line, and if you die waiting for treatment, that’s great for them – less money to pay. After all, they get to keep all the taxes they took from you during your life, and now they don’t have to give you anything back since YOU’RE DEAD.

Trump says that single-payer “works in Canada”. Does this look like it is working to you? Would you be willing to have 45% of your income go to federal, provincial, municipal income and sales taxes so that you could get in line in a system like this? This is Trump’s ideal, is it your ideal?

If you want to see what Canadian health care is really like on the ground, check out this video of Steven Crowder trying to get health care in the province of Quebec:

That’s what Donald Trump thinks is working. His past statements about being “very pro-choice”, and about same-sex marriage being “the law of the land” and about single payer and amnesty make him out to be a Democrat. He has never put effort into any conservative initiative on any conservative issue since the day he was born. He has been a Democrat, has donated to Democrats, including many, many donations to the Clintons. Only a complete idiot could support a Democrat in the Republican primary, especially when there were so many conservatives who fought and suffered for conservative issues in the past, e.g. – Perry, Jindal, Walker and Cruz.

As for his experience with making money, he inherited all his money, and he is worth $10 billion less today than he would have been if he had just invested his silver spoon inheritance in index funds. He knows less about politics than you do. He has gone bankrupt more times than you have. He is less good at making money than you are. He was born wealthy. He has no idea what conservatives believe. He is not conservative now, never has been conservative, and never will be conservative. You cannot choose a candidate by listening to mere words, you have to look at evidence, you have to look at accomplishments.

12 thoughts on “Donald Trump would expand Obamacare into single-payer health care system”

  1. A family friend was a MD in Canada and immigrated to the USA because he didn’t want to continue practicing under the circumstances that existed in Canada.


  2. The candidates are all bad in their own way. Cruz and the rest will be selling you down river with more illegal and legal immigration and TPP in a heartbeat. I do like Trump’s stance on immigration and if his tax plan were in place I would be better off. At this point it really does not matter who wins, the USA is bankrupt. Other than past outstanding people like Ron Paul, I hate the Republican Party and hate Democrats even more.


  3. Having gone bankrupt several times, it is not accurate to say he inherited all his money. He inherited his starting position, but once he lost enough to be forced into bankruptcy he had to earn the increase. He’s a wealthy man now, so despite having lost large amounts of money he’s also been able to acquire (I won’t say earn) large amounts of money.

    I’d agree he’s no conservative, nor even a decent libertarian, but he’s also not an idiot. Even so, he’s not going to be very good for this country. At best I’d say he’s a somewhat successful con man playing on outrage – in other words a consummate politician.

    Personally, I don’t think that any one of the crop of current “presidential hopefuls” would be a good choice, They all want the job too much – and I don’t trust any of them.


    1. Not looking to be combative here, Perri, but can you list presidential candidates throughout American history, who didn’t want the job? What constitutes wanting it “too much”? I can only think of Washington who, from what I’ve read thus far, seemed somewhat less than eager to take on the job.

      I would hope that those who seek the nomination want it because they believe they have the ability for the job more so than those against whom they compete for the job. Each, I would think, do not find the other candidates good enough by comparison, and see their election as less than desired. Each, then, would or should want it badly enough to take the job because they don’t think the others good enough for it. Why else would they run in the first place?


    2. “Having gone bankrupt several times, it is not accurate to say he inherited all his money. He inherited his starting position, but once he lost enough to be forced into bankruptcy he had to earn the increase.”

      Actually, Trump has never gone bankrupt personally. The companies he has owned have gone bankrupt, but Trump’s personal money has never suffered from that. So it is accurate to say that Trump’s money is primarily from his father’s wealth, not his own ingenuity.


    1. Nice format, though a little cumbersome. Also, the boxes are full of the writers’ conclusions and expressed in doubtful, negative tones re the candidates that the writers do not support.

      Because of the biases, this resource cannot be trusted.


      1. “Because of the biases, this resource cannot be trusted.”

        If this is the case, then which resource do you think is trustworthy? Nearly all resources are biased, and sidestepping what is put before oneself by declaring “bias” without any further justification is, surely, a genetic fallacy.


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