This suprises no one: Trump won Indiana with votes from fake Christians

Trump does well with registered Democrats, and in Democrat states
Trump does best with registered Democrats, and in states run by Democrats

Here is an interesting article from The Stream.


Last night’s Indiana primary was the final showdown for the GOP nomination, and unfortunately for #NeverTrump, Ted Cruz lost to Donald Trump. Trump won half the self-identified evangelical vote (though he did better with those who weren’t evangelicals).

A CBS exit poll shows how the votes played out and brings one striking feature of this race to light: the less frequently a Republican voter went to church, the more likely he or she was to vote for Trump, and vice versa.

Cruz won those who attend church weekly (which includes more than once a week), while Trump won occasional churchgoers. As Ross Douthat has explained, active Christians aren’t going for Trump — but cultural Christians are.

Trump also does well with registered Democrats, and he outperformed in blue states like New York – where his favored policies have been in effect for some time.

One woman who supports Trump is divorced from an adulterous ex-husband, with several fatherless children and is currently sexually involved with a non-Christian man. The non-Christian man has no college degree and is unemployed, so it’s no surprise that he is a Trump supporter. The woman also has no college degree, but she fancies herself a serious Catholic. If you actually ask her questions about her faith, you’ll find that her Catholicism is just “cosmic butler” Catholicism. Her “faith” is all non-cognitive spirituality and mysticism. She hopes that God will give her goodies in this life and imagines that her poor life choices result in “unexpected” disasters because the Devil is after her. Do what you feel like, act surprised when it all explodes and you go on welfare, and pray that God will help you to win the lottery, so that all the craziness works out in the end.

I think a lot of people who make poor judgments about others based on appearances and emotions, like this divorced woman, are very impressed with Trump. He looks good, he’s confident, he says entertaining things. Who needs to look for past achievements? If he says he everything will be great, then his words are better than actual demonstrated ability. Confidence and inherited wealth matters more to them than achievements. His sinfulness is not a problem to them – they’re embroiled in the same sin themselves. Christianity is just a label they thrown on an otherwise non-Christian life. If they are willing to slap the label on themselves, then what’s wrong with slapping the “Christian” label on Trump? Or the “conservative” label? They have no ability to make judgments about someone else’s fruits, since they aren’t Christian or conservative themselves. It’s not a surprise to me that fake Christians and fake conservative voters cannot spot a fake Christian and a fake conservative like Trump. If they could, they would be impugning their own selves.

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4 thoughts on “This suprises no one: Trump won Indiana with votes from fake Christians”

  1. This fits in with God’s judgment on the United States, especially on fake Christians. These so-called Christians will deny the Christian faith when the great persecution comes upon the church in the U.S. It won’t be very long before it does!


  2. Are you serious! To be a Christian you have to vote for Cruz. Wow where did that come from. I am a life long Republican a conservative and above all by far a Christian and not a supporter of Cruz. What next for RINOs?


    1. The links below the post explain the things that made trump off limits to Christians. There were a hald dozen candidates running who did jot have problema like serial philandering and adultery, etc. Not to mention that Trumps policies are Democrat. Lots f people can say they are lifelong anything, but that doesn’t mean that they are.


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