Gay activist group tells Obama administration to bully religious schools

Hillary Clinton and the Human Rights Campaign
Hillary Clinton and the Human Rights Campaign

This is from the Daily Signal.


The largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender activist group in the country is calling on the Department of Education to address what it calls a “disturbing trend” on college campuses.

Specifically, the Human Rights Campaign is calling for more transparency towards what it sees as a trend of schools citing religious reasons for not adhering to Title IX.

The Human Rights Campaign believes that in granting such exemptions, schools are given  a “license to discriminate.”

Title IX prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in educational programs that receive federal funding. If schools are found in violation of the statute, their federal dollars could be at risk.

To address these concerns, the Human Rights Campaign wants the Department of Education to issue public reports stating which institutions request or receive religious exemptions, and to detail the scope of those exemptions.

Conservatives reacted to this news so:

Hunter Baker, a fellow for religious liberty at Union, told The Daily Signal that the erosion of religious liberty exemptions, would make it “illegal” for schools to operate in accordance to their religious beliefs.

“If we were unable to choose faculty members who both live out and have a traditional view of Christian sexual morality, then that really damages our ability to pursue our mission as an institution,” Baker said. “You’re making it illegal for us to insist on a Christian life and worldview.”

Baker said it would be a “major intrusion” on the school’s standards of conduct for its student body. Union University, a Baptist college in Jackson, Tenn., follows a traditional Christian view of marriage and sexuality, for example.

“Any kind of activity that would occur between two same-sex individuals would be unacceptable by our standards of conduct,” he said.

Roger Severino, director of the DeVos Center for Religion and Civil Society at The Heritage Foundation, calls the Human Right Campaign’s requests an attempt to “blacklist religiously-affiliated schools.”

You might remember that the Human Rights Campaign previously denounced the socially conservative Family Research Council as a “hate group” after they were attacked by a gay activist who was later convicted of domestic terrorism. The Human Rights Campaign was never charged with hate speech by the Obama administration.

The Human Rights Campaign was also connected to the leaking of the names of pro-marriage donors by a gay activist inside the IRS. The IRS was able to settle that case, receiving only a slap on the wrist.

Unfortunately, the Human Rights Campaign enjoys broad support from many American companies, as well as prominent Democrats like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. It’s difficult for me to see how religious liberty can survive if we keep electing Democrats who want to give gay activists what they want: an end to religious liberty and freedom of conscience.

5 thoughts on “Gay activist group tells Obama administration to bully religious schools”

  1. Your last sentence summarizes something I have been wondering: is the upcoming election really winnable by Republicans? The Democrats are so sure they’re right and we’re wrong, so willing to lie to win, so willing to make their agendas law, that I really don’t think a “silly little thing” like freedom to vote and elect our own leader would stand in the way of their selecting their own leader and making sure he appeared to win the election. They are immoral in every sense of the word, but since they see their immorality as a means to removing God from everything (which is impossible), they think what they are doing is “moral” according to their own self-made morality, and protect each other from consequences. So in their minds, imposing a leader upon us who would continue to battle against God and His people, would be a very moral act and certainly for the greater good.


    1. It seems as though the Democrats have played on the “compassion” of the right to win the votes of center-rightists and even young evangelicals on such nonsense as amnesty, minimum wage hikes, global warming alarmism and the nationalization of health care. As if big government “compassion” is the only solution to these made-up problems. We have no one to blame but ourselves for limiting the scope of our Christian worldviews to feelings instead of policies. If the topic is compassion, then the Democrats win. We were too busy with other things to tell our kids or to monitor what they were being told in the schools and by the culture.

      So, to answer your question, I am not optimistic, because the younger generation is deluded with nonsense.But we have to play the hand we are dealt and go down fighting, I guess. I am not willing to face God unless I do my part to play the watchman.

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      1. I agree with your answer, but I was referring to “stuffing the ballot box” – essentially winning an election by illegal means. For our own good, of course. Ha.


  2. Not being sufficently left wing, or <> actually believing Christianity, seems to be a modern equivalent of Caput lupinum ( English Common Law) or possibly Homo Sacer (Roman law). Once judged guilty, one is outside the protection of society and subject to any action anyone wants to take against you.

    ie. Robin Hood was declared Caput lupinum ( a Wolf’s Head) and could be hunted with impunity like a wild animal, back when one could hunt a wild animal.


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