Human Rights Campaign calls the Family Research Council “hate group”

From Red State, an e-mail from the Human Rights Campaign, the leading gay activist group in the nation. This e-mail is from after the shooting.

The e-mail says: (in full)

I have a great deal of admiration for you and like watching you on CNN. These Tweets are beneath you.

It’s really unseemly to insinuate — in any way — that HRC had anything to do with the violence that occurred today at FRC.

FRC IS a hate group. It’s not HRC that calls them that; it’s the Southern Poverty Law Center that has classified them as such – years ago. Have you seen the things that FRC says about gay people? I think if you did you wouldn’t be so quick to associate yourself with them:

I’m more than happy to have a dialogue with you on the issue but would ask that you not make irresponsible connections that are completely illogical.

And now we have a shooting by a far-left activist at the Family Research Council.

Should the Human Rights Campaign be charged, under the Obama administrations new hate speech laws, with inciting violence against the Family Research Council? Would the Obama administration make such a charge? What exactly does the rhetoric of the Human Rights Campaign about tolerance amount to, anyway?

My secular case against same-sex marriage offered three reasons why people should oppose gay marriage apart from any religion. One of those reasons was the danger that gay activism poses to religious liberty and freedom of speech. I never in my life thought that it would go as far as what happened at the Family Research Council.

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