Should college students be allowed to opt out of graphic sex education?

Life News reports.


When 18-year-old twins Bella and Angelica Ayala found out that the sexual harassment session in their freshman orientation program included a graphic sex-ed presentation, they decided to opt out. The pro-life Catholic students respectfully voiced their desire to not partake in the program prior to its start.

Bella told the pro-life group Survivors, “My sister actually contacted the orientation program beforehand to request that we be exempt from attending this part of orientation, but was given an ambiguous answer.”

A week after Angelica called the orientation program, a mass e-mail was sent out from the New Student & Transition Programs citing UCLA’s policy codes and federal/state laws saying the presentation was mandated. Regardless, the Ayalas later received permission from their counselors to leave the program. The option to not partake in the sex-ed part of the program was not given to any other students.

Angelica was told she wouldn’t have to be present during the sex ed portion, but after she walked out, she was later reprimanded and told she’d have to make up the session. If she refused to make up the session, she was informed that the university would put a hold on her academic records.

Before the session, the twins distributed literature to their peers that discussed STDs and risks of having sex prior to marriage. A counselor seeing the students reading the literature said, “This is not the message we want to communicate.” The counselor told Angelica she knew she was responsible for passing out the literature and it wasn’t allowed because the talk was a private event and she’d need permission from the dean’s office to hand out information. A counselor took the pamphlets from the students by demanding they pass back the materials.

Jewish radio show host Dennis Prager often calls universities and colleges “left-wing seminaries”, and stories like this help us to see why. More examples can be found in Prager’s story on Florida Atlantic University and Prager’s story on the University of Southern California.

If you are going to college, I really recommend that you try to focus on STEM areas (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). You do not want left-wing radicals taking your money and using the power of grading to indoctrinate you in false views. University is not the place for you to critically examine the views of leftists. There is no critical thinking in a left-wing seminary. It’s better to get your degree in computer science, get a job, and then work on the big questions on your own without having to face coercion and narrow-mindedness.

5 thoughts on “Should college students be allowed to opt out of graphic sex education?”

  1. The question isn’t whether to teach sex education, but how.

    As you describe the program, it sounds like indoctrination, but real education teaches students to think for themselves. So the Ayala twins should find a better school, one that will present the facts and promote critical thinking without trying to teach morality.

    You wrote, “University is not the place for you to critically examine the views of leftists.” But why not? Why do you give up so easily? Where can we have critical examination if not in a university?

    Christians can’t win by taking an anti-education stance, and they can’t win by setting up their own universities to spread Christian indoctrination. The way to win is to join with fair-minded secularists to oppose indoctrination and insist on critical thinking.


  2. Clear abuse of institutional power to indoctrinate and push a controversial agenda involving morally questionable activities.

    That bit that locks students from expressing alternative views on controversial subjects on excuse that the session is “private” but at the same time, the institution insists that in effect one must attend under threat of penalty is especially revealing.

    Either reform or replace. And, obviously this is entrenched abuse. KF


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