Stuart Schneiderman: what do radical feminists want women to want?

Stuart Schneiderman on the message sent to young women by radical third-wave feminists.


If you yourself are wondering what women want, feminist author Hanna Rosin has the answer: women want to hook up.

Rosin believes that hookups advance the cause of feminism. Women who hook up are more likely to be immune to the siren song of husband, home and family.

If we ask what feminists want women to want, the answer is clear: feminists want women to repress their feminine mystique, the better to be good feminists.

They do not just want women to adhere to feminist ideology, but they want women to live their lives as feminists want them to live their lives.

Women’s liberation seems merely to be a way for feminists to run women’s lives. Having thrown off the shackles of the feminine mystique women are supposed to do what their feminist masters tell them to do.

Young women are more willing to submit to random sexual encounters with men they barely know because feminism told them to do so.

If these women are exposing themselves to repeated sexual traumas, then clearly the hookup culture is throwing women off of the family track and putting them squarely on the career track.

Rosin states it clearly:

To put it crudely, feminist progress right now largely depends on the existence of the hookup culture. And to a surprising degree, it is women—not men—who are perpetuating the culture, especially in school, cannily manipulating it to make space for their success, always keeping their own ends in mind. For college girls these days, an overly serious suitor fills the same role an accidental pregnancy did in the 19th century: a danger to be avoided at all costs, lest it get in the way of a promising future.

Rosin would have been more accurate if she said that it is feminists like her who are perpetuating this culture.

By warning women against serious suitors feminism is telling them to choose between hooking up or dating bad boys who will never cut it as husband material.

Like most of the Pied Pipers of feminism Rosin sees a “promising future” only in career. She is not against eventual marriage but she is fantasizing when she claims that women who have spent their twenties in a relationship daze will wake up one day and jump right into a wonderful relationship with a wonderful man.

In so saying, she is lying to young women.

If a woman has developed the skills necessary to navigate the hook up culture she will not be developing the skills necessary to conduct a relationship, no less a marriage. Better yet, if she had learned that suitable suitors are toxic she will not suddenly decide that she wants one of them to ravish her.

The psychic malformation she has suffered by living the feminist nightmare will preclude that kind of happy ending.

Read the second half of the post to see how young women who are taking this advice feel about it. They are doing it, but is it satisfying them?

Here is an article written by an academic feminist in the New York Times. (H/T Stuart Schneiderman)

Stuart exegetes the article:

In Bauer’s words: “If there’s anything that feminism has bequeathed to young women of means, it’s that power is their birthright. Visit an American college campus on a Monday morning and you’ll find any number of amazingly ambitious and talented young women wielding their brain power, determined not to let anything– including a relationship with some needy, dependent man– get in their way. Come back on party night, and you’ll find many of these same girls… wielding their sexual power, dressed as provocatively as they dare, matching guys drink for drink– and then hook up for hook up.”

Given the relatively lesser body mass of women compared with that of men, matching men drink for drink is a fool’s errand. Anyone who glorifies such behavior has completely lost touch with reality.

And why should Bauer be in awe of the fact that these girls can match men, hook up for hook up? If these women are so desirous of becoming unique individual self-creations, why should they be trying to emulate male behavior?

And let’s not overlook the piece of undisguised contempt for “some needy, dependent man” with whom these women might have relationships. The latest wave of feminism prefers hooking up to relationships.

According to Bauer, the party ends with said liberated empowered inebriated woman down on her knees. As Bauer so nicely expresses it: “When they’re on their knees in front of a worked-up guy they just met at a party, they genuinely feel powerful– sadistic even.”

Sometimes we get commenters who question whether feminism has anything to do with the behavior of women that we see today in college campuses. And to find out the truth, you have to read the elite feminists at the modern universities who have been grading the papers of women for the last 40 years. Was this alcohol-drenched hook-up culture unexpected by these elite academic feminists? On the contrary. It was their goal.

Feminists wanted to abolish the distinctions between men and women. They decided to achieve this by encouraging women to act like men. And the men they chose to emulate were alpha-male bad boys, since these are the men that women who don’t like marriage seem to really admire. Academic feminists like Bauer believe that women are happier now than they ever have been, with all this hooking up and being raised without fathers. They think they’ve won.

I think that women should go to college and work a couple of years before marrying and having children. I think that mothers should stay home with children younger than 6, at least, and maybe even stay home until the children are working. I am curious to know if any of my female readers were ever told by older women not to focus on finding a man in their 20s. Are young women really being told by older women to play the field and to have a good time and to not marry too soon? Because that’s bad advice. Men are most interested in marriage in their 20s once they get a marketable degree and a good-paying job that they’ve been in a few years straight.

7 thoughts on “Stuart Schneiderman: what do radical feminists want women to want?”

  1. I can tell you that in my ministry a lot of young men have told me that women they thought they had a serious and marriage-leading relationship with dropped them because they (the women) didn’t want to sacrifice their intended career to get married.

    When both the man and the woman have professional qualifications and one’s job offer is in Iowa and the other is in Georgia, either someone or something has got to give. And almost always these days, it’s the “something” (the possibility of marriage) rather than the someone.

    The idea that there is no fulfillment as an adult except through career has always been harmful to men, and now it’s killing women, too.


  2. (Sorry to clutter up your comment feed): What I noticed when I read this article was the total disconnect between the women in their twenties and the women in their thirties. (Rosen profiled women at a prominent business school who were in their thirties, raunchy as the men, with no marriage prospects in sight; she also interviewed promiscuous college women who basically said, “As long as I can get married by thirty, it’s okay.”)

    All evidence would suggest that these young women are only setting themselves up for more of the same into their thirties, but Rosen either did not make that connection or ignored it. Likewise, left unanswered is how she expects long-held habits to change so quickly.


  3. Bit o/t but I came across this documentary you might be interested in, WT (assuming you’ve not seen it yet):


  4. I attended a very private, liberal-arts based Methodist college in the early 1990’s. I saw this behavior that is mentioned in this post way back then.

    It was glorified and the attitude to women was “If you DARE stray the feminist line you are betraying every woman who ever lived before you.”

    Most guys didn’t mind the very easy access to women. The IRONIC and FUNNY thing was back then…for me was this:

    The women who were behaving like this, which was just about all of them ALL tended to hook-up with guys who were not the least “concerned” about the plight of women in the USA. Not the tiniest worried about the “gender gap” in the workplace. Had no care for the plight of single-parent minority women who who were working for minimum wage. Could care less about native American women and how their ways were actually sustainable and worth emulating.

    I always found that funny. They would rant and rave about “the undeclared war on women that Bush was waging against them” and scream “lookism” at moment’s notice

    Yet, sleep around and do the exact same things they were all “mad” about. I just always found that funny. It’s too bad, a lot of them were cute, but mean. I wasn’t going to involve myself with that…which probably made them “hate” me more.

    They never liked me because I was a supporter of “racism and hatred” according to them. I wonder where are these women are today?


    1. Well, basically no one would ever pay attention to them except for their appearances and willingness to hook up. Their appeal on those grounds fades with age. So, many of them will end up with abortions and/or STDs and/or fatherless children from divorces or single motherhood by choice.

      What I find so shocking is how almost no one is willing to call women out for this massive shift away from morality and marriage. Certainly pastors won’t do it. I don’t think that people realize that the majority single women want to drink and hook-up with “bad boys”. They do the whole binge-drinking, hook-up, STD, divorce, single-motherhood, welfare thing because they want to do it. I think that men go along with it and refuse to condemn it for what it is because they like the free sex. Single women despise marriage-minded men like us who are immune to the appeal of hook-up sex, because they know that the only way to get attention from us is to be feminine, not feminist. And they are not going to do that. The binge-drinking, hooking-up and abortions will continue till they are in their thirties and then they will look around for some fool of a man to marry them who imagines that women can be good wives and mothers after a lifestyle like that. Thankfully, the number of men who fall for that is dwindling fast, especially with the threat of no-fault divorce, so these women just end up alone in their old age.


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