Even after Family Research Council shooting, leftists continue “hate” rhetoric

Here’s an excellent post from Sooper Mexican, one of my new favorite blogs – he looks at what the Daily Kos and leftists on Twitter are saying about social conservatives in the wake of the shooting. (H/T Bad Blue)


If we applied the same principle they apply to shootings to the left, we’d no doubt find plenty to blame, including the headline above at Daily Kos, the leftwing hate group that calls the Tea Party the “American Taliban” on a regular basis, even though, they probably believe Christians and Tea Partiers are much worse than the Taliban.

Here are some inflammatory sections from the article [emphasis added]:

Well, it’s a radical country where a guy can put his head on another guy’s shoulder on a trolley for two seconds and not face public execution for it, which sounds pretty good to me. I understand some people are working to change that, though.

Accusing the FRC of wanting gays to be publicly executed.

All of those people, though, are people whose mere presence pisses Tony Perkins off. His branding would be more like “America: We won’t stone you for having different beliefs,but trust me, we’re working on it.” And trust me, they’re working on it.

They refer to Muslims and Hindus, so they accuse the FRC of wanting Muslims and Hindus to be stoned. Amazingly, they don’t have much anger over people in the Middle East who are actually doing such things. Only those they imagine to be advocating such when they’re not.

[…]Doesn’t take much to think someone could read this kind of rhetoric and believe the FRC so evil that they need to be taught a lesson. But that would be jumping to conclusions, and that only works when it’s against Christians and the Tea Party.

Don’t believe me? Newsbusters documents how Huffington Post continued to smear the Family Research Council by calling it a hate group 3 hours after the shooting.

If you can stomach it, click on through and read some of the tweets on Twitter from people on the left.

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