New study finds that gays can change their sexual orientation

From Life Site News.


Researchers at Fordham University in New York have publisheda study in the March edition of the Journal of Men’s Studies, showing that positive results can be gained by homosexual men seeking to change their “orientation” by developing healthy non-sexual relationships with other men.

According to the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homoseuxality (NARTH), the study rovides “valuable empirical evidence” from the mainstream of psychological research supporting environmental factors as the cause of homosexuality.

The study, by Dr. Elan Y. Karten and Dr. Jay C. Wade, examined the “social and psychological characteristics” of men who experience unwanted homosexual attractions and who seek “sexual orientation change efforts” (SOCE).

Investigating these characteristics in cases of “self-reported change,” Karten and Wade found that clients reported that they experienced “a decrease in homosexual feelings and behavior, an increase in heterosexual feelings and behavior, and a positive change in psychological functioning” with SOCE.

The researchers discovered that the most significant factors correlating to successful orientation change were “reduced conflict in expressing nonsexual affection with other men, being married, and feeling disconnected with men prior to treatment.”

NARTH commented that the factors like “reduced conflict in expressing nonsexual affection with men,” provide “valuable empirical evidence” that homosexual thoughts and feelings are greatly influenced by social and psychological factors,” instead of being biologically pre-determined.

NARTH also noted that the study demonstrated that there is a growing body of mainstream literature that is “beginning to give voice” to the value of SOCE.

You won’t hear this reported in the mainstream media… or in the speeches of Democrat politicians.

Previously I wrote a post entitled “What causes homosexuality? Is there a gay gene?” which is also useful.

5 thoughts on “New study finds that gays can change their sexual orientation”

    1. Well, less than half of the APA membership voted that it should be normal, after pressure from activists within its ranks, but I’ve never seen any scientific study that supported that position. Now, all enablers feel they’re required to do is to state that the APA says it’s normal.


  1. The article you linked to was posted in 2010. Is there a new development in regards to this study that I’m not seeing? While 2010 is certainly recent, I wouldn’t exactly call it “new”.


  2. In observation of this article “NO” suggestion of Homosexuality being normal or abnormal either psychologically or by Sexual Orientation is made. the above article merely states that studies are shown by the NY University that certain individuals by their own choice who personally sought to change their Sexual orientation have been in some way successful. Comparatively the same way Transgender individuals seek to reorient their sexual gender or equally the same way Homosexual people seek to identify with their sexuality, it would be public discrimination and humiliation to the individuals stated in the University study to publicly deny them the right to seek personal change the same way Homosexual people have been denied human rights and in many ways still are..


  3. I am second author on this article and mentored the dissertation that later became this publication. Those who want to say that change in sexual orientation is possible have used this study to support their position. However, the study is not saying that change in sexual orientation is possible, nor is it saying that anyone should even try to do so. This study examined people who report that they have made a change, that the change was positive, and what characteristics are associated with this report of positive change. People need to read the study itself, and not read interpretations of the study in the media.


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