AT LAST! Michele Bachmann is officially running for President in 2012

Full text of the announcement is here.


This election is about big issues, not petty ones. When all is said and done, we cannot be about big government as usual. Then America will lose.

In Washington I am bringing a voice to the halls of congress that has been missing for a long time. It is the voice of the people I love and learned from growing up in Waterloo. It is the voice of reasonable, fair-minded people who love this country, who are patriotic, and who see the United States as the indispensable nation of the world.

My voice is part of a movement to take back our country, and now I want to take that voice to the White House. It is the voice of constitutional conservatives who want our government to do its job and not ours and who want our government to live within its means and not our children’s and grandchildren’s.

I am here in Waterloo, Iowa to announce today: We can win in 2012 and we will. Our voice has been growing louder and stronger. And it is made up of Americans from all walks of life like a three-legged stool. It’s the peace through strength Republicans, and I’m one of them, it’s fiscal conservatives, and I’m one of them, and it’s social conservatives, and I’m one of them. It’s the Tea Party movement and I’m one of them.


I stole those pictures from the UK Telegraph. Canada’s Sun News Network had this segment on Michele Bachmann as well.

Campaign speeches, interviews and debates


Reactions from her recent debate performance:

Profiles of Michele Bachmann:

Michele Bachmann on television news

Let Americans spend their own money

Time to prioritize spending

Obama’s plan is to raise your taxes

Michele Bachmann in the legislature

Against socialism:

For economic growth:

Against ACORN funding:

5 thoughts on “AT LAST! Michele Bachmann is officially running for President in 2012”

  1. just posted an article based on AP story about how Bachmann’s early misstatements are causing concern about her candidacy:

    According to the article in Forbes (not a liberal pub, I might add), “Examining 24 of her statements,, the Pulitzer Prize-winning fact-checking service of the St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times, found just one to be fully true and 17 to be false (seven of them “pants on fire” false). No other Republican candidate whose statements have been vigorously vetted matched that record of inaccuracy.”

    Sorry WK! I know how much you like her!


  2. The Pulitzer Prize is administered by Columbia University, Wintery. And yes, there is a high correlation between high standards of journalism and the winners of these awards. The New York Times has won 101 since 1917, more than any other news organization. It won 5 in 2009 alone, the second-most in its history, for work on subjects as varied as America’s wars in Asia, the sudden downfall of a political titan, art from ancient to modern and a history-making presidential campaign.

    As to Ms. Bachmann’s false statements alleged by Politifact, if you want to discredit them, why not simply prove that they’re true? But you can’t, because they aren’t.


    1. This reminds me of the interview with the Dean of the Columbia University graduate school of journalism that I posted a while back:

      People who are interested in finding out about Columbia University and the critical thinking ability on display there can listen to that.

      I think the main thing we need to discuss though is whether Obama is a good President, and whether Michele would be a better one. We already know that Obama has lost 7 million jobs, and we know that since the Democrats took over the House in 2007, the national debt has gone up 5.34 trillion, and we know that Obama has run deficits TEN TIMES the size of George Bush’s final deficit in 2007 (160 billion). So we have to ask ourselves whether we want to talk about gaffes and grammatical errors in speeches, or whether we want 10% unemployment for 3 years and a 15 trillion dollar debt. Those are the stakes. This is not about Saturday Night Live, The Daily Show and the Colbert Report. This is about solvency and jobs.


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