Brown University students attack pro-marriage sign at demonstration

Story from Christian Newswire.


Volunteers from the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property (TFP) visited Brown University during their state-wide tour for traditional marriage in Rhode Island. While peacefully demonstrating on the Ivy League campus, their pro-family banner was vandalized and a volunteer was spat upon in the face.

“What we faced at Brown University, an Ivy League university, had the flavor of a religious persecution,” said TFP Student Action Director John Ritchie. “Dozens of pro-homosexual students screamed, spat, taunted, and even attempted to destroy our traditional marriage banner.”

“Suddenly, a loud thud-rip noise was heard. I looked up and saw a pro-homosexual student literally crashing through our traditional marriage banner, attempting to destroy it,” explained Ritchie. “Running at top speed, he flung himself into it and ripped one side loose. Some students watching from a distance approvingly cheered the act of violence,” he said.

“Brown University students recently held a protest against traditional marriage at the same location where we held ours and their signs included the word ‘equality,'” Ritchie said. “However, they clearly wanted to impede our right to equally assemble.”

“One of our youngest volunteers, age 17, was spat upon in the face,” explained Ritchie. During our peaceful demonstration for God’s marriage, he walked over and asked: ‘What do I do with this on my face?’ First, we told him to wipe the spittle off his face and then reported the incident to the police.”

“Seeing the violent attitude of the pro-homosexual students, the police wanted to escort us to our vans after the campaign was over to protect us,” stated Ritchie. “And thank God they did, because when we pulled away from the curb, many pro-homosexual students closed in to hit the sides of our vehicles with their fists or palms. A hard object, maybe a rock, was even thrown against one of the vans.”

I would link to the video, but Youtube has censored it. Youtube is not what you would call a pro-free speech web site.

Jennifer Roback Morse in Rhode Island

I found this video posted at the Alliance Defense Fund. (H/T Ruth Blog)

I admire anyone who is willing to stand up for the rights of children to have a mother and a father to grow up with.

6 thoughts on “Brown University students attack pro-marriage sign at demonstration”

  1. My children went to brown and would not have behaved that way,but why would this group go to a progressive liberal school to flaunt their philosophy? The apologetics are antagonistic. They cannot survive without confrontation because no one cares what they have to say. They carefully train all their faithful how to listen in on liberal posts before they make their pounce. Then they hit you with “research” and feigned politeness while they stab you over and over with their absolute truth crap. A very scary sect!


    1. Susan, I think that this sort of violence, by either side, is caused by a lack critical thinking and open-mindedness.

      You mentioned that the pro-marriage people have no case to make and and must resort to provocation. Have you looked to see whether anyone has any reasons or evidence for the pro-marriage view? Please, list for me an academic book published from the pro-marriage perspective and outline for me a case for the pro-marriage position. That will help me to know how much work you have done to form your views by listening to both sides. Also, tell me about a debate on the marriage issue that you have seen or listened to.

      As for your children, ask them as well. Ask them to name 3 scholars who have written on the pro-marriage perspective, and have them explain ONE argument used by pro-marriage scholars at an academic level, and name the scholar who makes that argument, and the book it is made in. Ask them if during their time at Brown University, they were ever exposed to a scholarly pro-marriage view in a debate situation – a formal academic debate situation at a major university. Give me the name of the pro-marriage scholar who participated.

      For example, here is one I did for the gun control issue:

      Academic books:

      A recent debate featuring both sides:

      And here’s another I did for the intelligent design issue:

      Academic books:

      A recent debate featuring both sides:

      And here’s another I did for the issue of God’s existence:

      Academic books:

      A recent debate featuring both sides:

      That’s how Christian conservatives form their views. Academic presses, academic debates. We hear both sides and then we choose the one that is the most reasonable. No name-calling, no screaming, no insults, no caricatures. Just the evidence. I think the problem with people who go to Brown and other universities is that they only hear one side of every debate. They learn to believe what their professors believe so that they can get a good grade. What is really happening is that money is being paid to the professors so that the professors can teach the students what to think, and then grade them on their ability to agree with what the professors think. The only way to be sure that you learned anything is to make sure that you can state both sides respectfully, appealing to the strongest arguments on both sides. When a person becomes shrill and insulting and violent when discussing the other side, one can be sure that they have only heard one side. Name-calling, personal attacks, etc. is a clear indicator of someone who has been indoctrinated. Sadly, I would think that many students who go to Brown and other universities are just like the students who attacked the display. (Note: I have the Bachelors and Masters degrees in computer science, and I have nothing against going to a top school to get these degrees, but one must be careful not to be indoctrinated)

      Here’s what pro-abortion students do, for example:

      And of course, similar things occur with pro-gay-marriage activists:

      So saying what university a person attended doesn’t mean anything. What matters is whether they have enough respect and tolerance for other views that they can express the case for those other views without lapsing into personal attacks, threats, coercion and even violence.

      Please make sure and address my challenge in your next comment EXACTLY or else your comment will not be approved. And if you have to do research to find the books and the names of the scholars and the debates (which you have not already listened to) then you will know yourself that you have not done a good job of gathering the knowledge on BOTH SIDES of these issues which is the FOUNDATION of liberal tolerance, open-mindedness and substantive, irenic discussion.


      1. I don’t know anyone who is pro abortion. We are pro choice. My question to you was why do your people go onto liberal campuses to confront students who have friends and family who are gay and who they love and want the same rights for and expect to be treated cordially? I can’t name any books I have read about pro or con marriage. I have no interest in the topic but I did spend many days talking on line to A**** H**** who tried to “show me the truth” according to A****. I did not find her open minded at all. I found her judgmental and self righteous and had to laugh when she gave you as one of her references!


  2. By the way, was it really brown univ? If so, the volunteers were also spat upon at a penn college as well . Why not mention that incident or does it have more impact that it was an elite university?


  3. Hmm, I’ve been reading about a lot of confrontations between this group and “pro homosexual activists” as you like to call them. It confirms my belief that these groups go out to cities, hurt people’s feelings, get confronted, and then are able to point out that these activists are out of control. When will you realize that Americans have family and friends who are gay whom they love and will fight for?


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