Canadian parents jailed and fined for spanking child

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Story from Life Site News. (H/T Mary)


The parents of a 14-year-old girl were sentenced each to 10 days in jail plus a $500 fine on December 9 for using a belt to spank their daughter. They had been found guilty of assault in June of this year, but sentencing was put off until a later date.

The jail time was remitted due to the five days the couple spent locked up after being arrested, according to Quebec Media Inc.

Lawrence Zachow, 60, and his wife Aida Calagui-Zachow, 54, were originally charged with assault with a weapon for the Jan. 15, 2008 spanking. However, Judge Michael Stevens-Guille found them guilty of the lesser offense of assault, saying he understood the parents were disciplining the girl according to their religious beliefs, and not just reacting in anger.

“Whatever one’s belief in higher authority, if you live in Canada you are subject to the laws of Canada as interpreted by the courts, in this case the Supreme Court of Canada,” Stevens-Guille said in the ruling. “Spare the rod and spoil the child is not the byword of the discipline of children in this country in 2010,” he added.

According to QMI, the court was told that the spanking was the result of a confrontation between the parents and the daughter, in ninth grade at the time, over the girl’s admission that she was having sex with her boyfriend. She refused her parents’ request to break off the relationship.

Following the spanking, which the girl told the court did not hurt, she reported her parents to a school official who called the police.

[…]In 2004, the Supreme Court of Canada banned spanking of children under 2 and over 12 and criminalized it at any age with an implement such as the common wooden spoon.

I do not agree  with spanking a 14-year old. My point in posting this is to show how social engineers in Canada’s most liberal province do not really believe that parents are the authority over their own children. And I think they are especially annoyed by the idea that fathers should be able to push their morality on children because of their authority as provider and moral leader. What incentives does this create for fathers who want their daughters to not act immorally? Does being overridden by the state make men more likely to marry? Does it make men more likely to want to have children? What man takes on a marriage and children when he can be overruled and regulated by the feminist state at any time? Why bother to have children at all, if the state decides what vision of morality the children will be raised with?

Don’t forget the previous story of the daughter who took her father to court for grounding her – and won! She was sending naked pictures of herself on her father’s computer. Is that what fathers can look forward to? And with government approval, no less? Why should a man sign up for that? What is the point? Why bother? Why not just stay single, stop working so hard, and enjoy the freely available sex that is available as the number of fatherless women increases as feminism dominates society more and completely destroys the institution of marriage?

Women think men want to marry as much as they do and for the same reasons, but it’s false. Men marry for respect, and to be recognized as essential, and as the moral and spiritual leader of the home. ALL THESE THINGS are taken away by the feminist state’s regulation of the family. Men today get no respect, no special role as provider, and no authority as leader. They have been replaced and marginalized from their traditional roles, by design. There is really no reason for men to MARRY any more, and no reason for them to take on the burden of parenting. There is nothing in it for men. Women don’t value men, and women vote for social policies that discriminate against men and marginalize them for their traditional roles – substituting government social programs and welfare for husbands and fathers. Imagine – courts overruling the judgment of parents about a 14-year old having sex! Unbelievable! What man wants this? NONE.

This is a question that women today never ask: What is the value proposition for men to marry and raise children?

And there even more to it than that. Presumably, these parents worked for 30 years each paying 40% of their income to the government. That would involve scholarships for these judges and lawyers to got the school. And funding for the courts and the prisons. And funding for public schools to teach their daughter sex education. And funding for public school teachers to call the police on them. Police that are funded by their taxpayer dollars. They literally paid the state to incarcerate them for the crime of disciplining (in an excessive way, granted) their own daughter, who had been indoctrinated by the state’s sex education programs to think that pre-marital sex was normal.

There is something deeply, deeply disturbing about paying for your own execution. And it brings to mind that old sick pre-occupation of the secular left to avoid being judged morally at all costs – the same sickness that causes them to reject the objective moral law. In fact, they would probably find everything that I am saying to be quite odd. Morality? What is morality? These people don’t understand what morality even is. The purpose of life, on their view, is to be happy in whatever way feels right to you. And anyone who tries to form your character to any end should be arrested and put in jail.

Previous story on Sweden fining and jailing parents for spanking their child.

10 thoughts on “Canadian parents jailed and fined for spanking child”

  1. I do not agree with spanking a 14-year old.

    I agree: at that point you need to start punching them in the stomach, because they’re too big for a spanking.


  2. “Why not just stay single, stop working so hard, and enjoy the freely available sex that is available as the number of fatherless women increases as feminism dominates society more and completely destroys the institution of marriage?”

    Hopefully that was sarcasm in your writing, since you claim to value morality thru the remainder of your post.

    But women do value men, ever hear of LOVE? My husband did not marry me out of a desire for respect and recognition. He married me out of love and commitment and in hopes of making good memories while raising a family unto God.


    1. Yes, I am chaste and I am saving my first kiss for my engagement, and I will not have sex before marriage.

      Feminism killed love and commitment. There is no love and commitment left – just drunken hook-ups with people you barely know. That’s what is going on in college every day. Alcohol and sex with people on the basis of physical appearance. Feminism did not like the “unequal gender roles” in traditional courtship, traditional chivalry, and traditional marriage. Feminism also does not giving fathers any role of being moral authorities that parent sons and daughters. Now we are seeing the results of feminism. And all the feminists can offer women now are free condoms, free abortions, and careers.

      Everyone else isn’t like you and your husband, and that is sad.


      1. I’d say feminism didn’t kill love and committment, and that love and committment is not dead. Individuals each have an opportunity to make the right or wrong choices in their own lives. And even from the lowest of low, they can still be raised thru Christ and decide to then love and commit.

        Interestingly, most people that I know are not interested in having abortions or extramarital sexual behavior, using drugs, alchohol… Most people I see are really trying to be good. You may be in a very different place with very different people. But every person in an individual.

        I don’t know why I feel like commenting again on this post. I feel like maybe it’s a waste of time, but I guess I just hope some men (including you) will see how they may be wrong in some ways, and if any hearts are changed for better in any way then it will at least bless those lives and those relationships.

        I don’t know a whole lot about the history of the so-called feminist movement. All I know is that more individuals were making bad choices. And no one should try to blame “the females” or “the males”. We’re only accountable for ourselves.

        I notice that on your blog posts you often use absolutes. Such as: “Everyone else isn’t like you and your husband” “There is no love and committment left” “Women don’t value men, and women vote for social policies that discriminate against men” “Men today get no respect” “Women think men want to marry as much as they do and for the same reasons, but it’s false” This style of writing in absolutes is offensive toward women. It would be wise to phrase things more carefully, such as “Many people are not like you and your husband” “There isn’t as much love and committment as there should be” “Some women don’t value men” etc… You get my drift.

        The use of absolutes has been a trial in my own marriage at times, (“You always…” “You never…”) If you continue to use absolutes on your blog and in your relationships then there will likely be bad results from that. Now I know that SOME things in life are absolutes. I sure don’t claim to know everything, but I know the attitude of using absolutes can be very destructive. Perhaps thats one thing you could improve on that may widen your hopes of having a good marriage someday, which seems to be your goal.


          1. You should only use absolutes when the statements are absolutely true. In the examples given, they aren’t.

            I think that gal makes a very good point about your overuse of absolutes. It undermines your argument and puts people off hearing what you have to say. And really, you do have a lot of helpful things to say in these areas, which could be conveyed more accurately using expressions such as “many” and “most”.

            This blog seeks to communicate ideas and persuade others of them. That communication would be enhanced by accuracy. And the persuasiveness of what you communicate would be enhanced by an absence of inflammatory exaggeration.

            I have mentioned this to you before… Ahem. :-P


        1. Thanks, gal.
          You nailed it so much better than me.

          I’ve met people, male and female, who were so good and Christlike, being around them just about made me want to cry.

          I’ve also been around people, male and female, who were so evil it made me want to get away from as fast as I could.

          And I’ve met people, male and female, that fell all along the spectrum in between.

          Laying all the sins at the feet of one gender over the other is just plain wrong.
          That’s why I bristle every time Wintery tries to make the claim that feminists are the worst scourge of man to ever walk the earth.

          We need to remember, we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers.

          Feminist thought that encourages drunken-hook-up, abortion, and the belittlement of fathers is wrong and needs to be opposed.
          Feminists, and women in general, are not to be held up as the source of all problems, called names, and accused far beyond what they are guilty of.

          Because a few innocent men have been abused in courts is a stupid reason to tell men to never marry.
          It’s like saying that because a few women have been raped, no woman anywhere should ever allow a man to touch her.

          These absolutes drive me crazy over here.


  3. Wintery: “Feminism killed love and commitment.”

    Hate to tell ya, but love and commitment was in deep trouble long before feminism came along.

    Why do you think Jesus was so hard on the men, (yes, men. because women couldn’t divorce as easily as the men back then, nor could they ever until recently) in the Bible?

    Women were at the mercy of their men back then and clear up until recently.

    Some women got lucky.
    Many women were not. And they had NO recourse. NONE.

    Wintery. I wish you’d get past your blinders and realize that feminism, for the most part, is a reaction against failed love and commitment on the part of some men.

    I’m not excusing the stupidity of feminism that wants to encourage women to act like irresponsible men. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    But I am calling you on the misguided view that all was peachy for women before feminism.
    It wasn’t.
    And in some cases, it was down right brutal with no escape and no legal protection.

    If all men had behaved with chivalry and decency towards their women, then feminism wouldn’t be the power that it is today.

    I am very sorry for all the good men who have been hurt by the tables turning in favor of women. There are many decent men out there who have been hurt and never deserved it. And I wish no further ill on any man.

    But, if you were able to lay it all on balancing scales and see which gender has been hurt the most by the other, I really wonder what you would come up with.

    I think it’s something you would not like to see.

    I don’t think bashing feminism is the answer you think it is. There is so much more involved. Dragging out the woman to be stoned while ignoring what the man did is not justice. It is a perversion of justice.

    Jesus knew it back in the day.

    Hosea spoke of it as well when the men in his day bemoaned the moral decay of their women.

    Hosea 4:13 They offer sacrifices on the tops of mountains and burn incense on the hill, Under oak, poplar, and terebinth Because the shade is pleasant.
    Therefore your daughters play the harlot, And your brides commit adultery.
    Vs 14 I will not punish your daughters when they play the harlot or your brides when they commit adultery,
    For the men themselves go aprart with harlots and offer sacrifices with temple prostitutes;
    So the people without understanding are ruined.

    Why are you obsessed with going after women and their morals. They are only doing what they are encouraged to do by the men in their culture. They are only following the leader.

    Go to the root of the problem rather than to the flower or fruit of it.
    Deal with the root.
    Cutting off the heads of dandylions won’t get rid of them. You have to dig up the root.

    Feminism is not the root. It is one of the flowers of failed love and commitment. And radical feminism that looks upon men as sperm doners and upon children as expendable is a very ugly flower, indeed.
    But cut it off and two or more will take it’s place shortly.
    Your flower cutting stategy is doomed, ruined, because you lack understanding of the root.


    1. A very interesting comment. I think Mara makes a good point that feminism is not the only cause of our woes. And blaming women exclusively is also simplistic. Men and women are equally fallen.

      Moreover, while I dislike modern feminism intensely, I also see that it has its male equivalent in the philosophers of the post-modernist movement. For every Simone de Beauvoir there is a Jean-Paul Sartre.


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