Frank Turek shows why every Christian should learn apologetics

A series of 5 video clips delivered in a standard evangelical church.

About Frank Turek:

An eight-year veteran of the United States Navy, Frank served as a Naval Aviator in the Pacific, Indian Ocean, and Persian Gulf. He has a Doctorate in Apologetics, a Masters Degree in Public Administration, and has taught courses in Leadership and Management at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C.. Frank and his wife Stephanie reside near Charlotte, North Carolina and are blessed with three incredible sons.

Wishing vs. knowing: which is Biblical?

Did the universe come into being out of nothing?

Is the universe designed?

Is there evidence for an intelligent cause of living systems?

Why should we trust the Bible?

I would say that the quickest way for us to stop the decline in church attendance is to embrace what you see Frank doing in these videos. We need a lot more naval aviators with PhDs speaking about WHY Christianity is true in the churches. We have enough emotivism, postmodernism, relativism, universalism, fideism, mysticism, anti-intellectualism and hedonism in the church – now let’s have some truth for a change. Let’s have some evidence. Let’s hear some alternative views. Let’s see some arguments. Let’s see some debates.

Frank’s web site is here.


Apologetics advocacy

2 thoughts on “Frank Turek shows why every Christian should learn apologetics”

  1. Amen! Honestly, you are a machine! How do you find all this great material and still hold a job or have a life! Thanks for all you do. I love passing on much of what you find! ps I’m a huge fan of Turek. I recommend his book, I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist, all the time.


    1. I have an evil twin, but he is crazy. He wants to be evil, and he acts on that desire to be evil, but because he is crazy, he actually goes good. That’s where all my night time posts come from. (He sleeps all day and blogs all night) So that helps a lot.

      (I am kidding – I do this all myself)

      I also spend a lot of time on friendships, especially with single Christian damsels in distress.


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