Are two mommies as good for a child as a biological mother and father?

Cloning her would solve the marriage problem
She protects men and children

Another podcast featuring Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse. This one is a must-hear for men, especially men who feel threatened, unappreciated and fearful about the way that their importance is minimized by the culture.

The MP3 file is here. (11 minutes)


  • A new study claims that two women are better for a child than a opposite-sex parents
  • The author of the study thinks that mothers and fathers are interchangeable
  • She doesn’t think that a biological mom and dad are better for children
  • The headlines claimed that two moms are better
  • The research seems to argue that heterosexual fathers are worse for children than mothers
  • The study claims that children benefit when there are no heterosexual men in the home
  • The study claims that gay men are better parents than heterosexual men
  • The study argues that gender roles are a bad thing
  • The goal of these scholars is to abolish distinctions and roles based on sex
  • Th study implies that heterosexual men can be marginalized and excluded from the family
  • This is made worse when courts are able to declare who is a parent and who isn’t

A caller to the show talks about how damaging fatherlessness is for male and female children, too. She refers to what we can see today in the inner city where fathers in the home have been replaced by checks from the government. Dr. Morse mentions that this is also occurring across all races among the lower income classes in the UK. She is concerned about the damage that can result if men lose their traditional role in society, and in the family.

Dr. Morse also wrote an article with more details here (this is mentioned in the podcast).


Instead allow me a few quotes, from “How Does the Gender of Parents Matter?” to illustrate my point that fatherhood itself is at stake in the same sex parenting debate.

[…]“If contemporary mothering and fathering seem to be converging,… research shows that sizable average differences remain that consistently favor women, inside or outside of marriage.”

See what I mean? Men and women are identical, except women are better.

“Gender nonconformity” used to be considered a negative trait, something, which if found, provided an argument against same sex parenting. But listen to Stacey and Biblarz turn “gender flexibility” into a positive trait.

“12 year old boys in mother only families (whether lesbian or heterosexual) did not differ from sons raised by a mother and a father on masculinity scales but scored over a standard deviation higher on femininity scales. Thus growing up without a father did not impede masculine development but enabled boys to achieve greater gender flexibility.”

“If, as we expect, future research replicates the finding that fatherless parenting fosters greater gender flexibility in boys, this represents a potential benefit. Research implies that adults with androgynous gender traits may enjoy social psychological advantages over more gender traditional peers.”

[…]The bottom line is not really that mothers and fathers are interchangeable, but that masculinity is a bad thing.

Can you imagine if the left gained power and this “research” became the basis for laws? What if these views were pushed on impressionable children in the public schools? What if people who believed things like this were nominated to high positions (let’s call them czars, say)?

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4 thoughts on “Are two mommies as good for a child as a biological mother and father?”

  1. And I guess the leftists will focus on whatever this new study says and ignore the mountains of evidence about most criminals coming from fatherless homes and the huge increases in drug use and promiscuity that occur with children in fatherless homes.



  2. I’d like to add something else. I really think the main purpose of this research is to provide the left ammunition for homosexual couples marrying and adopting children.

    A few years ago I read about a study conducted by a conservative group in Europe that showed that children raised in those types of homes were at a disadvantage compared to children raised in heterosexual (i.e. NORMAL) family situations.



  3. Like “open marriage” this is another trendy idea that supports a trendy ideology that is doomed to fail.

    I am adopted. I was raised by an “imitative” adoptive set of parents — mother and father, for which I thank the Lord — “he shall put the childless in families”. Yet, there is a hole inside of me that has never been filled. I yearn, deeply, to know my birth mother and my birth father, to look into the faces of those who look like me, and I like them; to see my emotional and intellectual make-up mirrored in them, and I mirroring theirs. Any arrangement that sets out to deny a child the knowledge of, and love of, his or her natural father and mother is more than just misguided, it is wrong; it is going to produce a wounded person.

    God said, “honor thy father and thy mother”. Too many children today long for the opportunity to do just that — an opportunity that is denied them by a selfish generation.


  4. Hate to use the “L” word here (liberal) but I am one and this study sounds preposterous (kids need dads, no question about it).

    Who conducted it?


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