Sex-education video prompts mother to transfer out 7-year old daughter

Story (and pictures) from UK Daily Mail. (H/T Andrew)


A mother has taken her seven-year-old daughter out of school after she was made to watch a cartoon showing a couple chasing each other around a bed and having sex.

Seven and eight-year-old pupils watched the controversial Channel 4 sex education DVD, Living and Growing, at their village primary school.

A voice-over on the DVD describes the sex as ‘exciting’.

Mrs Bullivant said: ‘The cartoon was very graphic. My daughter was frightened and children have unfortunately been copying what they have seen. Parents should have been given the decision of whether the video should have been shown or not.

I think that the cause of this push for sex education is feminism. Feminists want women to learn to desire commitment-free sex, (c.f. – the sexual revolution), because they think that women should be identical to men. That is also why feminists support taxpayer-funded contraception and abortion – which reduces the costs and risks of premarital sex. Single-payer health care is also great for lowering the costs of risky sexual behavior by passing them on to taxpayers.

And there are other lessons to be learned from this story for left-of-center “Christians” who think that teachers have the best interests of the children at heart.

  • Sex education causes young people to have sex earlier, to get pregnant out-of-wedlock and to abort innocent children
  • Having your children or your neighbor’s children engage in sex before they are married is not pleasing to Jesus
  • The more money is taxed away for public schools, the less each family has for homeschooling and private schools
  • Even if YOU can afford homeschooling or private education, your neighbors can’t, and their behaviors drive up social costs
  • The goal of teacher unions is to outlaw school choice, so that this indoctrination of children becomes unavoidable

You can read about the results of the Labour Party’s aggressive push for sex education for young children here: Most children of British mothers born out of wedlock – UK Telegraph.

Here’s an editorial in the UK Daily Mail that agrees with me that sex education is causing the teen pregnancy epidemic. (H/T Betsy at RuthBlog)

7 thoughts on “Sex-education video prompts mother to transfer out 7-year old daughter”

  1. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and state that I don’t think left-of-center ‘Christians’ much care about babies being aborted.

    (Yeah, yeah, start screaming all you Bible-flouting heretics!)


    1. maybe you think that us “left-of-center Christians” don’t really care about abortion, but I’ll tell you one thing, we do care about murder! and so should you! and as for Bible-flouting heretics, do you even know what that means? You think we’re heretics, so are you going to burn us at the stake or something? Heretics, we are not, hypocrites, we can be. But we are NOT heretics!


  2. Wintery: you are falling into the trap that progressive women want you to fall right into: thinking of feminism as a liberal movement, complete with abortion, sex ed for kindergarten kids, and grievance-mongering. They want anyone who supports women to support those policies.

    A majority of pro-life women in America self-identify as feminists. Let’s start there.

    Feminism is about erasing horrible inequalities of the past (women as property and as subordinate to men) and ensuring that the evil that goes on in other parts of the world (the Taliban, female genital mutilation, breast ironing – heard about that one recently) are seen as the abominations that they are.

    The roots of the American feminist movement are unbelievably amazing: pro-life, pro-family, and pro-woman. There’s nothing wrong with feminism; the problem is that the “Me Generation” of the 1960s hijacked it to further their own political ends.


  3. I don’t think that the problem is “feminism” – what does that even mean these days? There are people who self-identify as feminists all over the political and ideological spectra. Sure, some people want women to “act like men,” but I think more often the issue is that many people don’t want to believe that consensual sex outside of marriage can be harmful. More and more people don’t have the religious motivation for chastity. The media, of course, accelerates the push for a casual attitude toward sex by including fantasy sex scenes between gorgeous actors in almost every movie that is not a cartoon, even movies that are aimed toward youth. Since sex is fun, and feels good, and is not physically harmful (except for potential STD’s), people want to do it – without strong cultural or religious prohibition, why not? Some people go so far as to say that it is unhealthy NOT to have sex. They can’t understand why anyone should resist their biological desires, so some folks believe that chaste adults must have a screw loose. With all these attitudes floating around, people become uncomfortable with the suggestion that limiting sex is desirable – and that bleeds into sex education for children and minors. If there is no concept of the dangers of nonmarital sex, they can’t intellectually justify telling kids that they shouldn’t do it. Instead, our policymakers are drifting toward just telling kids they shouldn’t have sex “until they are ready” – and what kid doesn’t think he/she is grown up and ready for anything at 13? Sad.


  4. In the middle-east (Yemen specifically) they marry tiny children to old farts–claim that they are ready for marriage/sex at age 8, though some like them younger. They do have sex–ask the mother of the child who bled to death because her creep husband kept assaulting her even though she was already damaged. Why don’t schools teach kids to read, write and do math? Or lets get radical and teach something about being law-abiding–like don’t mug old ladies and don’t kill…oh sorry, my bad…


  5. I don’t know if feminism is the problem in this particular case, but if it is, it’s ridiculous! Women are made to have babies! just because there’s a new form of murder, so that you don’t have to have a baby if you don’t want to, doesn’t mean that women were not meant to carry babies. And trying to make us equal to men in the respect that we don’t always have the danger of getting pregnant is pointless. Men cannot get naturally pregnant! It is natural for women to get pregnant. and saying that we are equal when women are not in “danger” of getting pregnant equal. That’s like trying to make a zebra equal to a cheetah, by giving it spots. If women don’t want to get pregnant, than they should stop sleeping around. as for sex ed, the parent should be the one to decide how the child finds out. if the parent blows it, then whatever, no one is perfect, but the parent should have a say if there kids are watching cartoons in school that show graphic sex. That stuff isn’t good to see for the very reason that there are VERY young pregnancies! I know a girl who had a baby at 11 years old. That is young! so, yes, sex ed should be cleared with the parent first. and, women should be happy with where we are now, instead of trying to change our nature to make us “equal” with men.


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